Sumire Yakitori House

Sumire first started out in Tokyo back in 2009, and till date there are 15 outlets in Japan. Its first overseas venture, managed by Dining Innovation Group, was launched in September 2013 in Singapore, at the enclaves of Bugis Junction.

This 85-seater restaurant encompasses a theatrical open-plan grilling station where diners can watch the cooking process of each skewer.

Unlike most typical yakitori bars, Sumire Yakitori House aims to target not only men who enjoy yakitori with beer or sake but also families, office ladies, couples and more.

Apart from a wide variety of skewers, the extensive menu comprises salads, appetisers, rice/noodle options, dessert, and a range of Japanese alcoholic beverages.

Cabbage Shiodare ($1.90)

A portion of Cabbage Shiodare is served complimentary to all dine-in guests, while subsequent orders cost $1.90 each.

Browse through the menu and place your orders conveniently on the iPad that’s placed on every table.

Tamagoyaki (Homemade Omelette) with Mentai Cheese ($7.90)

In the appetiser section, the Homemade Omelette with Mentai Cheese comes highly recommended. The soft and fluffy omelette is a result of layers cooked beaten egg rolled together; it comes with an epicentre of melty cheese that makes it even more so highly irresistible.

Chawan Mushi (Steam Egg Custard) ($2.90)

Homemade Potato Salad ($3.90)

The potato salad arrives on a bed of crispy strips of deep-fried dough sheets that I couldn’t stop crunching on. This dish clearly indicates that not all salads are made to be healthy, which equals not all salads are insipid and tasteless.

Tofu Salad with Sesame Dressing ($4.90)

The tofu salad comes partially immersed in sesame sauce and accented with ginger slices. The rich and creamy sesame sauce is what seals the deal.

Chicken Shoulder ($4.90)

Skewers are served on small plates and are best consumed alongside alcoholic beverages. The Chicken Shoulder is one of their recommended items; it comes either with teriyaki sauce or plainly with salt.

Chicken Thigh Meat with Teriyaki Sauce ($2.90)

I much prefer the Chicken Thigh Meat as compared to the Chicken Shoulder, for it is much juicier and tender.

Chicken Liver

Other chicken parts available are Chicken Tail, Chicken Skin, King Liver, Mid Joint Wing, Chicken Soft Bone and Inner Breast.

Chicken Heart ($2.90)

Chicken heart is commonly seen on bar grub menus. My first encounter was at 1128, which won me over and radically changed my stand of consuming it.

Here, the chicken heart yakitori is served either with sesame oil dressing or plainly with salt. I would recommend the heavier dressing for first-timers.

Meatball with Teriyaki Sauce & Mayo ($4.90)

Meatballs are a highlight for me at Sumire Yakitori House. Juicy, moist and tender, they are served either with just teriyaki sauce ($3.90), with teriyaki sauce and mayo ($4.90), or with teriyaki sauce, mayo and cheese ($4.90).

Meatball with Teriyaki Sauce, Mayo & Cheese ($4.90)

I say go all out for the trio of toppings for maximum gratification. Meatballs warrant repeat orders.

Pork Belly ($2.90)

Pork belly deserves special attention. You can have them with your choice of Horse Radish & Soya Sauce, Grated Radish & Ponzu Sauce or just simply with salt.

Japanese Green Pepper & Cheese wrapped with Bacon ($5.90)

Notable unique options include the Japanese Green Pepper & Cheese wrapped with Bacon. The green pepper helps balance out the richness of the meat, and the cheese that melts superbly.

Pork Belly rolled with Mint Leaf ($3.90)

The Pork Belly rolled with Mint Leaf is a novel yakitori item that could possibly inspire home cooks to include mint leaves in savoury dishes.

Cheese Beancurd with Bonito Flakes, Spring Onion & Soya Sauce ($2.90)

Oyster Mushroom with Garlic Butter ($3.90)

Avocado with Salt ($2.90)

Eggplant with Chicken Miso Paste ($3.90)

The Eggplant with Chicken Miso Paste is another personal favourite. Love the textural contrasts and flavours that merge beautifully together. Add $0.30 for cheese topping for additional richness.

Fried Sesame Chicken Wing ($4.90)

The idea of crispy and juicy fried chicken wings is too good to miss.

Crispy Seasoned Chicken ($5.90)

Homemade Potato Croquette ($6.90)

The winning dish for me at Sumire Yakitori House is the Homemade Potato Croquette.

For someone who loves potato croquette and egg (especially poached egg with molten yolk), this remarkable creation takes on an instant appeal. It comprises so so so much pleasure.

Chicken Minced Rice with Poached Egg & Miso Soup ($7.90)

Enticing-sounding carbohydrate options include the Chicken Minced Rice with Scrambled Egg & Miso Soup ($8.90), Japanese Rice Porridge Flavoured with Daisen Chicken broth ($7.90), Fluffy Egg Udon ($8.90) and the Daisen Chicken Ramen ($12.90).

Udon with Homemade Cod Fish Cream ($8.90)

I absolutely adore the Udon with Homemade Cod Fish Cream, but the creamy base may be a tad rich for most palates.

Mini Taiyaki ($4.90)

For the menu and more information, visit

Sumire Yakitori House
80 Middle Road
Singapore 188966

Opening hours:
PH, Sun – Thurs: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Eve of PH, Fri – Sat: 11.30am – 11.30pm