Orange Clove Corporate Night: Around The World In One Night

I had the privilege of attending Orange Clove’s corporate night – – and was bedazzled by the outstanding set-up. Live stations line the borders of the mighty event space at Scape, with a strikingly massive buffet spread smacked right in the middle.

Live stations are a visual treat and add to the lively atmosphere at parties, making it stunningly memorable.

To transform a regular buffet line into the focal point of your party, Orange Clove’s creative logistic team will specially design thematic set-ups and buffet presentations, at an additional fee of just $1 to $3 per guest.

Orange Clove Catering by Neo Group Limited offers an international menu of restaurant-quality fare, catering to the middle to high-end market, with each menu carefully designed, involving multiple rounds of R&D before they are finally being introduced to the market.

Buffet Packages include Indian Buffet Packages ($15-$25/guest), Cocktail Packages ($20-$45/guest), Seminar Packages ($19-$33/guest), High Tea ($3.50-$11.50/guest), and Mini Buffet Packages ($13-$19/guest).

The versatile cocktail packages encompass an assortment of light bites to cater to intimate gatherings and large parties of hundreds of guests. Prices range from $20 to $45 per guest.

My personal top pick is the Cocktail Indulgence ($25/guest, min 40 guests), which includes a Festive Fruit Punch beverage, Premium Canapés, the Antipasti Platter, Spring Sushi Platter, Hot Entrées such as Oven Baked Queen Scallop, Lime Marinated Prawns with Coriander Pesto, Yakitori Chicken in Skewer, Baked Mushroom Lasagne and Fried Rice with Silver Fish, and Desserts such as Macarons and Mini Cheese Cake.

For a small party, my top pick goes to the Mini International Buffet ($19/guest, min 10 guests). The menu includes Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Sautéed Mushroom Broccoli, Fish Fillet w Orange Sauce, Baked Chicken w Teriyaki Sauce, Baked N.Z Mussel w Cheese, Tempura Prawn w Tar Tar Sauce, Deep Fried Crab Pincer, Mini Cheese Cake and Ice Jelly w Cocktail. It comprises items that both my other half and I enjoy; hence this package is most ideal to celebrate a special occasion together with our family members.

Worth mentioning is the “Buffet Express” service that acts like a “SOS” for last minute events or faux pas in orders. To save your day, Orange Clove can provide a buffet spread for 500 guests within 3 hours upon confirmation.

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