Enjoy ‘Buy One Get One Free’ Main Courses the Entertainer App; Hummerstons at Robertson Walk

I came to know about the Entertainer app from HungryGoWhere and reckon it’s too good a deal to miss. The smartphone app – available on iPhones, Blackberry and Android devices – teams up with restaurants, wellness and entertainment establishments, to provide users with ‘buy one get one free’ offers.

Pining for a laid-back setting to spend a relaxing evening after a hectic day at work, we decided on Hummerstons that’s tucked away in a corner on the second storey of Robertson Walk.

This chic and casual enclave makes a great outlet for an intimate dinner or a chill-out evening with friends. I can totally imagine having brunch here on a weekend.

Being completely clueless on how the app works, the staff enlightens me that once we’ve informed the restaurant that we’re utilising the ‘buy one get one free’ offer on the Entertainer app, all we need to do is to key in the PINs on the smartphone app upon paying the bill.

California Fish Taco ($22)
Tempura battered fish, corn tortilla, cabbage, tomato, cucumber and lime chipotle cream

The menu comprises an eclectic mix of curated mains, sandwiches and burgers, pastas and salads. The Spanish Duroc Pork ($30) and the Smoked Duck & Mushroom Risotto ($26) sounds promising.

Cold Soba & Grilled Salmon ($25)

The Cold Soba & Grilled Salmon comes with aubergine (eggplant) that’s grilled till soft and nicely charred, which they could’ve been more generous with because I couldn’t get enough of it. The cold soba outshines the decently grilled salmon; it is tossed with arugula, mango, chilli, herbs and sesame-lime vinaigrette. Fragrant and refreshing to unaccustomed palates, I just wish there was a higher ratio of soba to greens, but I know the health-conscious would love it the way it is.

BBQ Pork Ribs ($25)

It was merely after a brief discussion of the menu over the phone that my partner decided on the BBQ Pork Ribs. Not even a sore throat or a potential fever could deter his decision. Ravaging it all the way down to the bone, the verdict was outright positive. Slow braised till tender and succulent, the sweet and tangy BBQ sauce had the right amount of zing to complement the meat. The chunks of roasted potato are so good – crisp and fluffy – I can never refuse that.

Vanilla Milkshake ($6.50)

The drinks menu includes coffees, fresh juices, smoothies and milkshakes.

Ice Blended Lychee & Strawberry ($7.80)

The Ice Blended Lychee & Strawberry pleases my palate the most –sweet, refreshing and thirst quenching.

Box of Hummerstons Fries ($14)

The Box of Hummerstons Fries is an absolute must-have; it is possibly one of the best ‘truffle fries’ around. Lots of thoughts have been put into this recipe; the house-cut fries are sprinkled with rosemary-sea salt, and coated in truffle-infused Parmesan flakes, served with spiced tomato chilli aioli and chimichurri. Gosh I want a box of Hummerstons fries right now.

When it was time for the bill, both parties (diner and restaurant staff) have to key in their four-digit pin for a successful redemption.

Hummerstons’ ‘buy one get one free’ offer with the Entertainer is available for free from now till 30 November 2013. Enjoy one complimentary main course when another main course of equal or greater value is purchased.

Download the application here: http://www.theentertainerme.com/singapore/

11 Unity Street #02-14
Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995

Website: Hummerstons.com