The Escape Hunt game experience at Concorde Hotel and Shopping Mall

The Escape Hunt Singapore – Would this be a locked room mystery from Sir Author Conon Dolye adaptation? And for the fans of crime mystery, would you expect an inspiration by Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot? Tracing its origins to real life games in Japan, the well popular and widely received “escape the room” game is now embracing local youth and even the youths at heart. Players range from early youth to working adults, drawn to the alluring idea of escaping. Whether it is to escape studies, deadlines or from certain reality, Escape Hunt is an engrossing game to test the player’s wits, utilise their smarts and compel their fears.

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Singapore Food Festival (SFF) 2014 themed “A Walk Down Memory Lane”

Take “A Walk Down Memory Lane” this Singapore Food Festival (SFF) from 11 to 20 July 2014, and get to know more about Singapore’s rich food legacy while indulging in nostalgic favourites. This year, the festival will feature diverse dining experiences and cuisines at various locations.

The launch of SFF at Chinatown Food Street on 11 July will spotlight iconic Chinatown characters from the past, such as samsui women and coolies.

Each year, culinary talents raise creative standards with novel renditions. This year, foodies can too look forward to groundbreaking interpretations of familiar local dishes. Continue reading

Surviving the World Cup with BRAND’S Essence of Chicken

Admit it. With the World Cup season now on, all of us are affected in one way or another –even the non-football fans. Spouses and colleagues of football fans do suffer –mildly or severely. The former suffering from disrupted sleep, the latter suffering from a heftier workload. Football fans, this is the season when dark circles form, eye bags emerge, beer bellies expand and there are noticeably more frequent trips to the clinic for MCs. You feel grumpy and lethargic, especially after staying up all night to watch a match. All that junk food bingeing are undoubtedly detrimental to health.

Here’s the magic potion to surviving the World Cup: BRAND’s Essence of Chicken.

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Manhattan Bar at Regent Singapore

Manhattan Bar at Regent Singapore opened its doors on 24 April 2014, and has since become one of the top bars in Singapore, drawing a constant flow of the sophisticated and cosmopolitan crowd.

Main Salon (Photo provided by Regent Singapore)

The concept of this grand hotel bar gets its inspiration from the 19th century’s Golden Age of cocktails and fine dining. Sporting a glamorous and modern space reminiscent of old New York, Manhattan Bar is where craft bartending meets artisanal spirits, and where the classic and forgotten cocktails that leap from the pages of history are given deserved glory and honour. Continue reading

Ah Boys to Men: The Musical

I would like to start by expressing my thanks to Ayam Brand for sponsoring the tickets to the musical “Ah Boys to Men” by Jack Neo. Working for the military, the first thing I noticed as I entered the auditorium was tin of sardines by Ayam Brand in the gift pack. The packaging for Ayam Brand’s products has changed over time, its compactness now making it so much easier to carry around especially in a lunch box, just like how the ration packs have been made more accessible and portable compared to the past.

Having watched both Ah Boys to Men (I) and (II) in the movies, I did not come with high expectations of the musical, thinking it could possibly be tacky and just a repeat of the film. Being a fan of musicals and having watched a few, I had high expectations of musicals, which I did not initially believe would be met this time. I thoroughly enjoyed the two movies, but was dubious about this musical. However, my opinion was changed right at the start of the musical.

From the start of the musical, there was a local flair which made it very uniquely Singaporean, yet not in a crude manner which might deter some. There were explanations for all the Singaporean lingoes used during the musical, which made it easy even for foreigners to follow. Sitting next to me was a Caucasian couple, and I heard many laughs coming from them.

The entire musical was quite professionally carried out in my opinion, in terms of choreography, lighting, props, acting, dancing and even the singing. Some of the actors on stage were not professionally-trained singers, so one must not expect excellent vocals. However, the singers kept in tune most of the time, and it was not unpleasant to the ears.

The storyline follows that of the movies quite closely. Anyone who has watched both the movies can expect minimal surprises in the plot. Having already watched both the movies, the musical still did not fail to bring some tears to my eyes in some of the scenes. For obvious reasons, not all details for the movies could be squeezed into the musical that was perhaps just over two and a half hours long. However, I believe the main gist of the plot was still captured despite some details being left out.

Overall, it was a surprisingly enjoyable experience, and I would recommend friends and family to go see this. It was highly entertaining, and touching at some moments. Would I pay to see this musical? Yes, I believe I would. Jack Neo can give himself another pat on the back for another successful endeavour.

- Written by Gracelina, photo by Melissa.

Fantasìa by Escribà, a theatrical confectionery showcase, will be held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore from 27 to 29 June 2014

Something to look forward to this June: world’s first-ever experiential confectionery extravaganza, Fantasìa by Escribà, will be held in Singapore from 27 to 29 June 2014. This 3-day exhibition will span across 8,000 square metres at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, transforming the space into a life-sized candy wonderland, made almost entirely of chocolate, sugar and pastries. Continue reading

One-Ninety Bar by Javier De Las Muelas opens at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

The opening of One-Ninety Bar by Javier De Las Muelas at the soothing enclave of Four Seasons Hotel Singapore is one of the most noteworthy events to happen in the Singapore bar scene in recent times, offering excellent service, dynamite cocktails and delectable bites, under the watchful eye of their creative partner Javier de las Muelas, master of the award-winning Dry Martini Bar in Barcelona.

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Romeo & Juliet: A Fresh Take On The Forbidden Romance (13-23 February 2014)

Following the success of Glass Anatomy The Musical in May 2013, Toy proudly presents its interpretation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. The movie Romeo and Juliet, brought to the cinema screens in 1996, has impacted internationally with its heart-wrenching tragedy of star-crossed lovers who are determined to be together, even in death.

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(Christmas Feature 2013) Resorts World Sentosa; “Snow Chocolate” Log Cake; Universal Studios Singapore

Resorts World Sentosa brings a myriad of festive deals and activities across the resort at its numerous F&B outlets and attractions.

“Snow Chocolate” Mango and Candied Lemon, Ivory Cheese Cream, Coconut Hazelnut Crunch ($70 for 1kg)

A slew of celebratory treats have been lined up at Resorts World Sentosa’s dining outlets, including festive pastries from Universal Studios Singapore and Christmas menus from Joel Robuchon Restaurant, Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora, Feng Shui Inn, Osia, Forest and Palio. Continue reading

Screen Bar at Rendezvous Gallery

Screen Bar is the latest and most mention-worthy Food, Beverage and Entertainment concept in town. A hangout spot where you can not only bond over food and drinks, but also over your favourite shows and games.

A dedicated projection or TV screen is installed at every table, enabling guests to use it to watch movies, live sports broadcasts, surf the net or play console games, whichever content they like without having to accommodate to other guests’ preferences. Continue reading

Enjoy ‘Buy One Get One Free’ Main Courses the Entertainer App; Hummerstons at Robertson Walk

I came to know about the Entertainer app from HungryGoWhere and reckon it’s too good a deal to miss. The smartphone app – available on iPhones, Blackberry and Android devices – teams up with restaurants, wellness and entertainment establishments, to provide users with ‘buy one get one free’ offers.

Pining for a laid-back setting to spend a relaxing evening after a hectic day at work, we decided on Hummerstons that’s tucked away in a corner on the second storey of Robertson Walk.

This chic and casual enclave makes a great outlet for an intimate dinner or a chill-out evening with friends. I can totally imagine having brunch here on a weekend.

Being completely clueless on how the app works, the staff enlightens me that once we’ve informed the restaurant that we’re utilising the ‘buy one get one free’ offer on the Entertainer app, all we need to do is to key in the PINs on the smartphone app upon paying the bill.

California Fish Taco ($22)
Tempura battered fish, corn tortilla, cabbage, tomato, cucumber and lime chipotle cream

The menu comprises an eclectic mix of curated mains, sandwiches and burgers, pastas and salads. The Spanish Duroc Pork ($30) and the Smoked Duck & Mushroom Risotto ($26) sounds promising. Continue reading

Gain access to Concerts and Events (in Singapore and abroad)

Idolised any singer so badly you’d be prepared to take off on a plane just to be mesmerised by their voices amongst the crowd of likeminded fangirls/fanboys, but meet an obstacle –getting the tickets to see the show? You can get your tickets here.

This site is great for those who are interested in buying and selling tickets to concerts in Singapore including Girls Generation’s, S.H.E’s, Matchbox Twenty’s, JJ Lin’s and Retrolicious Reunion’s, and also to international events including Rihanna’s, Justin Bieber’s and the World Cup Brazil 2014.

Apart from concerts, they also buy and sell tickets for shows, musical concerts, sports events and cultural activities.

Fans of live music can relate to the appeal of easily obtainable concert tickets. Purchasing tickets online cannot be any more convenient. The distance between you and your dream concert is just a click away.

Being a huge fan of Rihanna’s music, I’ve been following the news of her World Tour. One of Rihanna’s most exciting concerts of 2013 is going to be held at Cape Town Stadium. Tickets have already been sold out!

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Casino Restaurants

Casinos around the world have become a holiday destination for many people due to how fun it is to spend time in a real casino enjoying the atmosphere and excitement that everybody produces. If you are planning a holiday in a casino destination but would like to get ready before you go, find the best online casinos in Australia at to learn the game. What happens once you’ve finished your casino session and do not fancy playing for a little while? You should always be able to find more entertainment outside the casino, otherwise wherever you went is not a good holiday destination. While on holiday sampling the local food and going to the best restaurants is something that is incredibly fun as well as satisfying to your taste buds. One place that is different from everyone else in the world is Las Vegas as not only does it offer some of the best casinos in the world but also some of the best restaurants to go with it as well.

Take for example the Top of The World stratosphere, this is a restaurant 800 feet above the Las Vegas strip that revolves 360° while you enjoy the fantastic food that is on offer there. This means that your view is constantly changing while you try whichever type of food tickles your fancy be it steak or seafood. Just to visit this restaurant for the food would be a travesty as it is one of the only vantage points in Las Vegas where you can see the entire city and understand just how much it has grown of the past few decades.

If you are looking for a place that solely devotes itself to the food then Valentino at the Venetian is a great place to check out. This Italian with an award-winning wine cellar and authentic Italian food is sure to please your pallet with fantastic flavours and great quality food that you will never forget.

Singapore River One unveils Weekly Campaign “Tuesdays by the River”

“Tuesdays by the River” is a 6-month weekly campaign organised by Singapore River One (SRO) and its partners, which aims to hype up and enhance the appeal of the Singapore River with a whole new nightlife experience.

Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay are three bustling spots that line the fringe of the Singapore River, which is popularly known as the nightlife mecca of Singapore teeming with a diverse range of food and beverage options. Currently the Singapore River and its three quays include 500 property owners, 700 business owners and 10,000 residents.

In a nutshell, Boat Quay comprises conserved shophouses that provide a diverse range of F&B options; Clarke Quay is a vibrant entertainment, shopping and hospitality destination; and Robertson Quay is a welcoming mixed-used area that offers riverfront living alongside dining and leisure offerings.

This promotional campaign marks the start of SRO’s one-year partnership with Visa as the official card for the Singapore River, where Visa cardholders can enjoy exclusive offers, discounts and promotions, including having access to exclusive 1-for-1 deals every Tuesdays from 17 September 2013 to 18 March 2014.

A highlight for “Tuesdays by the River” is the first-ever ‘river taxi pub crawl’ –a collaboration between SRO, Singapore Pub Crawl and River Explorer. Participants get to barhop via a scenic ride on board the river taxis, enjoy the breeze, meet fellow party lovers, and bask in Singapore River’s vibrant lights.

Highlights of the River Boat Pub Crawl include visiting 4 bars and 1 mega club via a River Boat, free shots at every bar, free club entry (VIP Treatment), and exclusive drinks specials (Special prices just for all pub crawlers). Continue reading

Singapore-born Contestant of MasterChef Australia Season 4, Audra Morrice, shares her Nonya Chicken Curry Recipe

MasterChef Australia Season 4 draws on the success of the past series, adding a few new twists and turns along the way while delivering exciting challenges.

Lifetime, a leading channel for women in the U.S featuring high quality dramas, movies and reality series that are inspirational and empowering, is finally lunched in Asia (Channel 514 on Starhub TV).

Lifetime Asia brings the highly anticipated MasterChef Australia Season 4 to our television screens, along with other reality hits including My Life is a Lifetime Movie, The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, Be The Boss, Dance Moms, and The Week The Women Went.

I had the privilege of meeting up with Audra Morrice, a Singapore-born contestant of MasterChef Australia Season 4, who shared with us her background story and her cooking influences –which revolves hugely around Indian spices and fresh Asian ingredients.

We took a stroll along the streets of Little India, where we discovered new ingredients, and also bagged home ingredients to cook Nonya Chicken Curry. Continue reading