What will the wood horse year bring for us in year 2014?

What will the wood horse year bring for us in year 2014? This article is for all my friends and readers.

The snake year is coming towards its tail and another galloping animal, the horse, will soon arrive.  The Chinese celebrate their lunar new year on 31 January 2014 and most would assume it is the arrival of Horse year. However, according to the Farmer or Thousand year calendar, the New Year actually starts on 4 Feb 2013 at 06:21 am, and it is a wood horse year. It has the following combination of elements:

You can look back at major events that had happened in year 1954 because it was also the wood horse year and history repeats. There were some major natural disasters such as land movement, extreme drought, great floods, hurricane and nuclear accident. There seems to have natural disaster happening around us every year.

So for year 2014, we could also expect some of the natural disaster that happened in year 1954 and you should be able to observe some related happening as days get nearer to Feb 2014. Let’s pray again that their catastrophic effect is minimized.

Looking at the formation of the year elements, you can observe that fire is the most dominating element and you can expect a very hot year to come. Based on the year’s element combination, the metal and fire related industries will perform well but fire industries may seem too competitive. The earth and water related industries will not be in the highlight but they are still in demand. The wood industry is exhausting and unstable.

Examples of metal related industries are finance, jewelleries, railway, and hardware. Fire related industries include intellectual, airlines, communication, livestock, and chemical process. Earth related industries include real estate properties, construction, and civil engineering. Water related industries are advertising, arts, spa, and laundry. Wood related industries are furniture, nurseries, cafes, catering, and books/publishing.

In the coming horse year in general, things can appear to have danger but remember chance always lies in danger. Be wary of future danger, be courageous, and act cautiously and with agility to confront them. Protect whatever you believe or possess with attention and love. My advice is to be modest and simple. Spend time to reflect, show affection, be involved with family and get reconnect.

The luck that wood horse year will bring for you largely depend your individual Bazi which is derived from your birth dates & time.

Will there be any changes to my house Feng Shui in 2014?

Yes, there will be changes in the types of energy in your surroundings and will affect most houses. Let me explain the types of energy that changes around your environment by using the ‘flying stars analysis’ that is commonly practice nowadays. The flying stars information can also be easily found in the internet.

The annual formation of the stars begins on 4 Feb 2014 and the stars are symbolized by numbers and located on the nine squares as shown above. By superimposing the squares onto your house layout, you will be able to interpret the energies and its effects on your house. The meaning of the stars is interpreted in simple term as follows:

Star 1: a positive star – benefits career

Star 2: a negative star – can cause sickness

Star 3: a negative star – can cause argument

Star 4: a neutral star – benefits academic, romance

Star 5: most negative star – can cause misfortune

Star 6: a neutral star but when combined with negative star can have legal issues

Star 7: a negative star – can be robbed or involved in scandal

Star 8: most positive star – benefits career promotion & good wealth

Star 9: a positive star – can have happy activities

Another factor to consider is the annual afflictions such as Tai Sui & San Sha. It is advisable to keep these sectors undisturbed and avoid any major renovation or ground breaking to your house on these sectors during the year. If really unavoidable, you should at least mitigate its bad effect by selecting a good date to start with. The Tai Sui will be at the South sector and it is okay to sit in this sector but you should avoid facing towards this direction. The San Sha will be at the North sector and you should try to avoid sitting on this sector but you can choose to face towards this direction.

The above interpretations can be useful as a general guide. However, if you feel that there is still recurring issues to your house occupants, I would advise that it should be analyzed in detailed with the house or building flying star birth chart as well as the external and internal features which can only be done by those who had undergone proper training & practices or professionals. I would recommend Ivan Koh for advices, who can be contacted at .

Wishing all Happy and Prosperous 2014.