Screen Bar at Rendezvous Gallery

Screen Bar is the latest and most mention-worthy Food, Beverage and Entertainment concept in town. A hangout spot where you can not only bond over food and drinks, but also over your favourite shows and games.

A dedicated projection or TV screen is installed at every table, enabling guests to use it to watch movies, live sports broadcasts, surf the net or play console games, whichever content they like without having to accommodate to other guests’ preferences.

With all these entertainment features, the noise level is still kept to a reasonable low. No confusing mixture of sounds playing from multiple channels across the many tables. How is that possible? Well, they have installed a state-of-the-art sound-isolating, directional speaker system (“Quadeo Localiser Sound Dome” or “SonicBeam”) above each table, which ensures that only those seated at your table hear the sounds from the above system and no one else’s. Its patented design creates a tight, narrow beam of stereo sound with the ability to aim the speaker so its sounds can be confined to the small area of your own table and everywhere else outside that small “audio zone” is quiet. Amazing technology!

For more privacy or parties, I would recommend the VIP room, which requires a minimum spend of $250 before 6pm and $400 after 6pm.

Equipped with a high-definition projector, a live sports’ set-top box, an Android TV media box and an Xbox360/Wii U game console just like any other Screen Pods at each table, the usage cost of the room is $20 per hour. The booth table (max 4 persons) costs $10 per hour, the 6-Seat Table costs $15 per hour and the Bar Counter (max 10 persons) cost $20 per hour.

Nachos with Cheese ($8)

Tortilla chips served with creamy cheese sauce

Nachos with cheese go best with movies!

Calamari ($8)

Deep fried calamari served with tartar sauce

Other snacks include Calamari, Panko Prawns, Spicy Top Shell and Mini Quiches.

Buffalo Wings ($12 for 6)

The Buffalo Wings are worth ordering. Fresh chicken wings are deep-fried before being coated in a tantalising sauce. I would describe them as succulent and finger licking good.

Grilled BBQ Chicken ($12)

Grilled half spring chicken, glazed with BBQ sauce, served with fries and coleslaw

My dining companion loves chicken, so ordering the Grilled BBQ Chicken was an instant decision. The chicken is grilled till nicely moist and tender without any parts drying out, and it’s reasonably priced at just $12.

Pan Seared Atlantic Sea Bass ($15)

As for myself, it wasn’t hard to make up my mind either. I felt compelled to order the Pan Seared Atlantic Sea Bass, as fish is a major staple in my diet. The pan-seared sea bass, reclining on a potpourri of vegetable and potato chunks, is especially enjoyable with the lemon butter sauce.

Screen Bar Hamburger ($12)

Extra points go to the juicy beef patties that are made in-house. The Screen Bar Hamburger comes with crisp bacon strips, melted cheese, gherkins, onions and tomatoes.

Prawns Alio Olio ($10)

Spaghetti sautéed with minced garlic, chilli, olive oil, onions and topped with prawns

Chicken Lasagne ($10)

Pasta sheets layered with chicken bolognaise, smothered in béchamel sauce topped with cheese

Fish & Chips ($12)

Deep fried breaded dory served with fries and coleslaw

For even better value, go for their set meals.

The 3-Course Set Lunch, available from 12pm till 3pm, offers diners a choice of Carbonara ($12), Fish & Chips ($14) or Chicken Parmigiana ($15). The set includes an appetiser with the choice of mixed salad, mushroom soup or tomato soup, a dessert of either bread & butter pudding or vanilla ice cream, and a drink.

The 4-Course Set Dinner is available from 6pm till 10.30pm. Diners have the option of the Grilled BBQ Pork Ribs ($18), Pan Seared Salmon ($21) or Sirloin Steak ($23). The set includes an appetiser of your choice (mixed salad with balsamic dressing, mushroom or tomato soup), a dessert of either chocolate molten cake or brownie, and a drink.

Whether it’s lunch or dinner, order 2 set meals and above to enjoy 1 free hour of Screen Pod per table.

Chocolate Molten Cake ($8)

For dessert, go for the rich and decadent Chocolate Molten Cake, where the ‘flow’ never disappoints.

Screen Bar

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Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 11am – 11pm
Friday to Sunday: 11am till late