Alkaff Mansion Ristorante

A bungalow perched atop Telok Blangah Hill, formerly owned by the Yemeni spice traders in the 1920s, is now a majestic dining venue well sought after by lovebirds for first dates, and also a popular wedding venue using the romantically picturesque garden in full bloom as a perfect backdrop.Celebrated as a destination of elegance, combined with seclusion and heritage, Alkaff Mansion offers facilities that fit wedding soirees memorably. And more. Continue reading

An Ayurvedic Journey at St. Gregory Spa, PARKROYAL on Beach Road

Begin a healthy journey in the Ayurvedic lifestyle at the St. Gregory Spa –a brand PARKROYAL on Beach Road (together with several other PARKROYAL and Pan Pacific properties) collaborates with. Marking its first anniversary, St. Gregory Spa introduces An Ayurvedic Journey, an age-old healing art of Ayurveda. Continue reading

SQUE Rotisserie & Alehouse

Clarke Quay Central – a five-story shopping mall managed by Far East Organization that sits on the banks of the historical riverside quay in Singapore – houses SQUE Rotisserie & Alehouse. Bestowing upon diners a scenic view (think: river cruises rhythmically drifting along the Singapore river), with occasional encounters of screams from the G-MAX reverse bungee, the restaurant serves up hearty meals, tempting bar bites, and an extensive selection of bottled beers from around the world.

In recent times, SQUE has updated its menu with new flavours and excitement. The revamped menu boasts over twenty new additions.

Shrimp and Pomelo Salad ($16.00)

The health conscious will feel entirely at ease with either the Tomato Mozzarella Salad or the Asian-flavoured Shrimp and Pomelo Salad –a light-hearted toss of crisp greens and fresh Norwegian shrimps, drizzled with lively Asian Vinaigrette. Continue reading

Xin Wang Hong Kong Café’s ‘Fly Me To Hong Kong’ Lucky Draw

Autumn sales, endless shopping sprees and a tantalising array of food await your indulgence as you stand a high and tempting chance to win a fun-filled holiday in Hong Kong. Xin Wang Hong Kong Café – best known for their satisfying Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Singapore’s street favourites – introduces the ‘Fly Me To Hong Kong’ campaign. In collaboration with travel agency Focal Travel, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe will be awarding 48 lucky diners and their partners with flight tickets and accommodations at The Oriental Pearl, worth a total of $30,000 to be won.

Crispy Prawn Noodles

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe further spur diners to participate in this grand lucky draw by adding tempting options to its menu. Continue reading

Communal Dining at The Halia at Raffles Hotel

Cream of potato and leek

Communal dining is the practice of dining with others; it brings people merrily together over a hearty meal with happy round-the-table conversations leading back to harmonious times. A long table laden with an endless variety of delicacies: the idea seems similar to the long tables seen in the Great Hall of Hogwarts Castle where Harry Potter and the other students have their meals, receive daily owl posts or partake in special events.

The Halia at Raffles Hotel intends to bring the magical joy and delights of dining together to the people of this fast pace tech-prioritised generation who are unable to tear their attention away from their mobile devices, social networks or work. Now, take one random day out from sitting in front of the television, or the range of entertainment devices, and get together with good company for a delicious feast. The communal dinner is served in generous portions, enough to comfortably feed four hungry men with large appetites. The refreshing concept classifies dishes into ‘big plates’ and ‘small plates’ instead of the usual ‘appetisers’ and ‘mains’. The restaurant décor has a touch of ‘nature’, bringing the garden into the restaurant with lush planted foliage complemented by wood-carved tables –a reversal of Halia at the Singapore Botanical Gardens where the restaurant is situated amongst the greens.

Oriental pulled duck, gherkin, caper, micro herb salad, soba noodle, and sesame oil

The Communal Feast serves four and is reasonably priced at $270; reasonable for the reasons stated in this post (read on). The feast is hydrated with a communal jug, with your choice of the new orange cinnamon, lemongrass or iced tea. The orange cinnamon fusion has a refreshing spicy edge –a great perk-me-up after siting under harsh fluorescent lights throughout the day in office.

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Outback Steakhouse at Orchard Gateway Singapore

Locating the largest steakhouse chain in the world down in the city’s shopping and dining strip may prove a challenge itself, with a high possibility of getting distracted by the range of fashionable apparels along the way. Yet even without a compass, trusting your keen sense of smell would suffice, leading you to the exciting aroma of flame-gilled beef and fried sweet potatoes. Outback Steakhouse’s second outlet at the new Orchard Gateway is endowed with floor to ceiling windows spanning across the restaurant, employing the use of natural light through the glass during the day, and illumination of Orchard Road’s magical flare at night. Adorned in versatile and generous wood accents, warm lightings, and tasteful voguish wood floors, the ambience is soothing and inviting, ideal for a casual evening of food and drinks.

Outback Steakhouse sources its supplies from ranches, poultry farms and fisheries for quality and freshness. Dips and sauces are earnestly whipped up from scratch and served among the appetising spread of dishes. The cocktail selection is gentle with hints of freshly squeezed fruits like strawberry, watermelon and apple, smooth and free from the burning sensation of the alcohol concoction. Continue reading

#UnwrapTheFun with McDonald’s healthier meal options

Join in the celebration to ‘unwrap’ Mcdonald’s latest addition, another delightful step towards a healthier direction. Titled and tagged as #UnwrapTheFun, McDonald’s held the grand reveal within the scenic park, at ‘McDonald’s @ Bishan Park’.

As more Singaporeans strive for a healthier lifestyle, constantly counting calories and limiting their carbohydrate intake, overall concerned with nutritional benefits, McDonald’s adapts to their preferences with healthier and balanced meal options. The ‘Delightful’ menu has been around for the past year, with the Sunrise Roll with wholegrain tortilla to wholegrain muffins, and that is not the last of healthy choices McDonald’s is offering. McDonald’s introduces brand new delightful options such as the McWraps, Delight 500 meals and Garden Side Salad.

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Hakata Ikkousha opens new outlet at CHIJMES

Ramen, Japan’s national comfort food, sits conveniently and around our city. If by no means deliberate you emerge into the bustling lunch crowd of Cityhall along North Bridge Road and acquire a craving for Ramen, HAKATA IKKOUSHA is professionally able to bestow that ramen-craved satisfaction. Titled as the Ramen Champion in 2011 and 2012, HAKATA IKKOUSHA opens its second Singapore-based restaurant at CHIJMES. Continue reading

Tiger Beer-inspired Menu at Restaurant Labyrinth in celebration of National Day

“Uncaged” is a term defined by Singapore’s national icon Tiger Beer as having the courage to follow your instincts, live on your own terms and look at things afresh. The home of the 82-years-old brand, Tiger Beer looks to become the symbol of courage, inspiring young adults and the new generation to ‘uncage’ their ambitions, igniting and leaping full of passion to achieve their dreams. This campaign upholds the pride of the Singaporean identity and it is only fitting to lead the launch of Tiger’s global repositioning on home grounds.

This symbol of courage is also portrayed and runs deeply in Chef Han’s culinary roots –Chef Han of Resetaurant Labyrinth being one of Tiger’s Uncage personalities. Continue reading

Fun outdoor sports with Superfly Monkey Dragons – Parkour Freerunning Academy & Agency

Watch a child, watch his movements closely. He would have climbed the chair, jumped across the table, rolled down skillfully and vaulted over his toys. The world around him is his playground. There is no hesitation, nor limits, no reservations, and absolutely no thoughts on the ‘what-ifs’. If he falls, he gets up and try the chair again, if he bumps a knee, he would brush the pain off. Doesn’t this remind us of the trial and error activity we are familiar with while we were young. This is the art of movement, practiced alone or with cajoling company, competitive or not. Continue reading

National Day Buffet at STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar

With National Day looming around the corner, restaurants and dining outlets geared up to celebrate this nation wide phenomenon. STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar makes no exception to indulge families for a National Day Buffet Promotion. Dining reservations may prove hectic and problematic especially on a public holiday, however patrons can dependably expect a good meal and relax in this decent soft lighted dining atmosphere. Chef Ricky, classically trained in French cuisine and his highly proficient culinary team meticulously prepares the buffet line with flavors from traditional local dishes.

Their signature drink, Ais Serai, is a homemade lemon grass concnction that’s sparkling and refreshing for a humid day on this tropical island.

Tiger Prawns with Warm Ginger Sauce whets the appetites for seafood lovers. Expect to come back for seconds and even thirds of this dish.

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The Escape Hunt game experience at Concorde Hotel and Shopping Mall

The Escape Hunt Singapore – Would this be a locked room mystery from Sir Author Conon Dolye adaptation? And for the fans of crime mystery, would you expect an inspiration by Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot? Tracing its origins to real life games in Japan, the well popular and widely received “escape the room” game is now embracing local youth and even the youths at heart. Players range from early youth to working adults, drawn to the alluring idea of escaping. Whether it is to escape studies, deadlines or from certain reality, Escape Hunt is an engrossing game to test the player’s wits, utilise their smarts and compel their fears.

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The Egg Story -making the right choice with pasteurized eggs

Did the egg or chicken come first? One of life’s most debated and discussed dilemmas since the era of ancient philosophers. Till now, some researchers say the chicken must have come first as the formation of eggs is only possible with the presence of the hen’s ovaries. Then the opposing question is, what did the first chicken come out of? We can spend all the remaining days of our life to debate on this, as did those ancient researchers, yet one thing is for sure; they are both important! Especially to enjoy the wide selection of savoury dishes our local food scene boldly exploits, from humble home kitchens, to frenzied hawkers and even to the fine delights of restaurants.

Today’s story is about the egg. The little guy who works behind the scene, the unsung hero of most dishes and deserts. Will one usually notice the egg in chocolate molten lava cakes, or the Italian tiramisu? At times the egg hides it’s humble presence from the consumer, while on other occasions it flaunts and prances and calls attention to itself, eggs Benedict for one and in Asian dishes atop a bowl of Japanese Ramen; Hanjuku or Ajitsuke Tamago. These slightly runny eggs bask in its full glory boasting in the precise timing, heat and effort in its preparation, not any amateur attempt. Knowing the benefits, we must avoid the risks as well. Tummy aches and an unsettled stomach will no doubt ruin even the best days at work, especially in Singapore where majority of time spent is thinking something food related. Apps and websites strive on this demand and bring the necessary convenience, how terrible to have all these power at one’s fingertips and not able to enjoy or reap the benefits due to that annoying tummy ache.

Why take the risk from such enjoyment? The Egg Story is solely brought to you by N&N Agriculture Pte Ltd, Singapore’s only pasteurized fresh eggs. Unlike most eggs, these quality eggs high in Omega 3 & 6 and vitamin E are stringently bathed in an all-natural water bath, it’s temperature heats the eggs in their shells to eliminate Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) bacteria and Bird Flu Virus (if present inside and outside the eggs), all while being monitored and computer controlled. Lower in cholesterol, and it’s bacteria removed, children, pregnant women, elderly, and the those whose immunity are vulnerable and anybody who enjoy having their eggs lightly cooked with runny yolks would now be able to be more at ease and able to indulge in the wholesome goodness of Egg Story eggs. Its prominent properties are the petite P laser engraved atop the pasteurized egg, marking its assured quality and to be stored in the chiller for maximum freshness. The Egg Story eggs will stand out in the chiller corner in selected outlets of major supermarkets, packed in 500g, 550g and 600g.
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Singapore Food Festival 2014 -Singapore Chinese Dialect Feast @ Chinatown Food Street

Delicacies and local dialect cuisines has been and is integrated as part of our society, of which we are recognised internationally. Starting back when the inaugurated festival first took place in 1994, the Singapore Food Festival aims to bring a satisfying dining experience to our diverse culture and spectacular cuisines, themed “A Walk Down Memory Lane” this year.

More about the various events happening across Singapore here:

Kick starting the festival is Singapore Chinese Dialect Heritage Feast at Chinatown Food Street, bringing nostalgia of old Singapore while patrons savour up to 20 dishes unique to their Chinese dialect.

Red Glutinous Wine Chicken

Featured Hakka dishes include the Red Glutinous Wine Chicken, aromatic from the classic use of Glutinous rice wine, ginger and sesame oil. Well prepared and marinated, the meat is tender off the bones and easily enjoyed by both the elderly and young children, with only subtle hints of the spice from the rice wine.

Traditional Hakka Yong Tau Foo

Gao Ji Food contributes to the Hakka cuisine with their authentic traditional Yong Tow Foo. “Tow Foo” refers to bean curd and “Yong” is a simplification of the Hakka dialect “Ngiong” which means ‘to stuff’. This dumpling symbolized ‘abundant wealth and prestige’ and has since the times of immigrants, Yong Tow Foo evolved as a Hakka heritage food passed down through the generations. Continue reading

Surface Pro 3 Review

There was a little time not long ago, where bespectacled few get to sit in front of a pale grayish box called the monitor in the comforts of their home. Usually with a flickering screen and connected to another similar but taller box; the Central Processing Unit. Portable hard drives are never heard of and that same pale gray is washed over the generic ‘dot matrix’ printer has guaranteed its own presence. Now, in our present fast paced information overloaded multitasking generation, rarely any slow extinct creature would suffice to be benefiting our high maintenance first world tech savvy society till news of the recent Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Continue reading