(Lunar New Year 2014) Jiang-Nan Chun at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Lunar New Year celebrations begin as early as 8 January this year at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, allowing companies to hold thank-you lunches, dinners and corporate dining way ahead of the actual dates. Chinese Chef Alan Chan from Jiang-Nan Chun paves another propitious year with the splendours of feasts and banquet menus.

Witness the vim and vigour of the lion dance performance on 31 January 2014 at 12pm in the hotel lobby.

Feastings begin on a customary and auspicious note with the tossing of Yu Sheng that are served with salmon, surf clams or lobster.

The vibrant mixture of ingredients on the plate of Yu Sheng are arranged to form the word ‘吉’, which means lucky in Chinese.

Dishes such as Yu Sheng (from $68+) and Pen Cai (from $348+) are also available for takeaway. Orders have to be made 3 days in advance. Contact Jiang Nan Chun Restaurant Manager Mr. Ng Chong Kim at .

The sauce consisting of freshly made pineapple paste adds a novel tangy and zesty note to the Yu Sheng.

Traditions extend to dishes such as the steamed “Soon Hock” fish with soy sauce, braised bean curd with dried oyster, black moss and “Bai Ling” mushrooms, braised pork trotter with six-head abalone, and stir-fried glutinous rice with preserved sausages.

Duo of Dim Sum: Steamed Scallop Dumpling with Shrimp and Diced Vegetables

Chef Chan’s innovative approach are reflected in dishes such as roast chicken with truffles, braised egg noodles with Kurabuta pork belly in X.O. chilli sauce and steamed Boston lobster with minced garlic.

Steamed Cod Fillet with Ginseng and Cordycep Flowers

The Steamed Cod Fillet is elegant and divine in every aspect. The moist and flaky fish nestles on a shallow bed of smooth steamed egg, and is topped with ginseng and cordycep flowers.

Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Fermented Black Garlic and Fish Skin

Stealing the limelight in the immensely tasty Double-boiled Chicken Soup is the smooth and gelatinous fish skin that glides down the throat with abundant pleasure.

Fried Duo of Grain Rice with Assorted Seafood

For a healthier carbohydrate option, the Fried Duo of Grain Rice with Assorted Seafood comprises a mixture of rice grains that contain much more nutrition as compared to white rice. The grains are less greasy and are scattered with gratifying chunks of fresh scallop and prawn. Adding a delightful crisp are strands of fried dried scallops.

Duo of Dim Sum: Deep-fried Beancurd Skin Roll with Black Moss and Dried Oyster

The six-course menus (including a vegetarian option) start from $108++ per person. The eight-course menus are priced from $988++ per table of 10 persons.

Double-boiled Chinese Pear with Ginseng

Seatings (from 8 January to 14 February 2014)
Monday to Saturday: 11.30am to 2.30pm (lunch), 6pm to 10pm (dinner)
Sunday: 11am to 1pm (1st seating), 1.30pm to 3pm (2nd seating), 6pm to 10pm (dinner)

Seatings on 30 January 2014)
Reunion Dinner: 6pm to 8pm (1st seating), 8.30pm to 10pm (2nd seating)

For reservations, contact Jiang-Nan Chun at or email

Jiang-Nan Chun
Level 2, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248646
Website: www.fourseasons.com/singapore