A for Arbite

A for Arbite at Aliwal Street is an expansion of the popular Arbite at Serangoon Gardens.

Menus at both outlets differ slightly, but the main staples such as homemade pastas and all-time favourite brunch items are present. Menus are categorised into three primary sections: Small Bites, Big Bites and Sweet Bites.

Providing relief from the fast-paced city centre, this spacious and relaxing enclave is nestled within the culturally rich arts centre. A for Arbite delights those who enjoy the pleasures of a good meal and environment, impressing with its outstanding expressions of the love of food.

A for Arbite potentially makes it to one of the top brunch places in Singapore. The Eggs Florentine is a winning touchdown, from the choice of bread, to the bed of well-seasoned spinach, to the perfectly poached eggs, to the rich consistency of the hollandaise sauce. I wouldn’t mind having this every weekend!

Chef-owner Marc Wee refreshes the menu regularly, showcasing boundless creativity and culinary flair with each new dish.

Spaghettini with Lobster ($31.90)

The substantial Spaghettini with Lobster comes with Canadian Maine lobster adorned with caviar that sits on a bed of al dente squid ink pasta tossed with crabmeat, mushrooms, leek and baby spinach in a amalgamation Asian-oriented aromatics, chilli and dried shrimp. Homemade pasta is the kitchen’s forte.

Mussels with White Wine ($12.90)

My dining companion is absolutely bewitched by the Mussels with White Wine, bugging me every so often to replicate it in my home kitchen. The Australian blue shell mussels, of plump and pristine quality, are steeped in an arousing white-wine infused broth. Simple but memorable.

Soup of the day (seasonal pricing)

The Soup of the day was a mixed vegetable creamy soup drizzled with truffle oil that’s as immensely comforting as it is lip-smackingly delicious.

Truffle Fries ($13)

Summer Pear Nectar ($6)

Cookies and Cream Cheese “Cake” ($8)

If sweet, creamy, luscious and rich is your definition of the perfect ending, go for the Cookies and Cream Cheese “Cake” that comes with crushed cookies and a cream cheese and milk espuma. I found great pleasure in this dessert, but my dining companion’s opinion differs. It was the Sticky Date Pudding ($10) that we both agreed was noteworthy and deserves special mention.

For reservations, book online at Chope for instant confirmation anytime of the day and any day of the week.

A for Arbite
28 Aliwal Street
Singapore 199918
Website: http://arbite.com.sg/