Eu Yan Sang Mother’s Day Experience –Home-brewed Bird’s Nest for the Loved One

Bird’s Nest is a highly prized delicacy that boasts a great deal of health and beauty benefits for all ages and genders. It is rich in nutrients and minerals with restorative effects, and contains Epidermal Growth Factor, which promotes youthful complexion and smooth radiant skin. Many of us, especially women, luxuriate in this delicacy for that reason. It is every woman’s wish to look always young and radiant –of course that includes moms.

This Mother’s Day is the best opportunity to help mum look her best with a heart-warming bowl of home-brewed Bird’s Nest soup.

Always go for the best quality possible! Bird’s Nest from Eu Yan Sang is harvested in a natural, pollution-free environment in Kalimantan where swallows have abundant food and are well taken care of. The result is healthier and better quality nests.

I’ve always had the privilege of enjoying already-cooked Bird’s Nest, thanks to the pampering and love from mum. I never knew how to prepare it, but thanks to the little pocket guide by Eu Yan Sang, cooking it was a breeze.

Here’s how:

Place the raw bird’s nest in a bowl and fully submerge it in boiled water that has been cooled to room temperature.

Soak for 1-1.5 hours till it softens and expands in size, then remove with a sift.

Enhance the flavour by adding your preferred toppings. I’ve added red dates, as they are rich in vitamin C and aid blood circulation. I also tossed in some rock sugar for sweetness. Respecting the integrity of the precious bird’s nest, I chose to keep the recipe as simple as possible and limited the number of ingredients so as to allow its pristine quality to shine.

Add enough water to cover the ingredients and let it cook in the slow cooker for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on your desired texture.

You may also cook it with pandan leaves for a different dimension and aroma.

The Superior Crystal Bird’s Nest has a smooth and delicate texture, while the elegant Royal Golden Bird’s Nest that’s gold-yellow in colour has a distinctive crunchy texture.

Thank you mum for the unceasing love and care. I hope you enjoyed the bowl of bird’s nest soup that I brewed for you!

Happy Mother’s Day.

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