Manhattan Bar at Regent Singapore

Manhattan Bar at Regent Singapore opened its doors on 24 April 2014, and has since become one of the top bars in Singapore, drawing a constant flow of the sophisticated and cosmopolitan crowd.

Main Salon (Photo provided by Regent Singapore)

The concept of this grand hotel bar gets its inspiration from the 19th century’s Golden Age of cocktails and fine dining. Sporting a glamorous and modern space reminiscent of old New York, Manhattan Bar is where craft bartending meets artisanal spirits, and where the classic and forgotten cocktails that leap from the pages of history are given deserved glory and honour.

Taking up a diminutive space at a placid corner of the bar is the world’s first in-hotel rickhouse, serving as a unique workshop for celebrated American Head Bartender Ricky Paiva. Featuring over 100 American oak barrels from a small cooperage in Minnesota, the rickhouse is used to finish whiskies and other spirits and to age bitters and single-cask cocktails. Throughout the year, guests can savour a rotating “From the Rickhouse” selection of Paiva’s finest oak-driven work.

While you’re at Manhattan Bar, wander into the well-stocked Ingredients Room that houses a remarkable collection of ingredients from around the world (think rarities such as wilcherry bark, shisandra berries and dandelion root) –all of which serve as inspirations for unusual tipples and interesting bar bites.

Manhattan’s meticulous attention to detail extends beyond imbibing pleasures. Making a dramatic statement, the elegant custom-made glassware set the tone for the evening.

Worth mentioning is the premium ice programme that prolongs the integrity of the drink. The high-purity, high-density hand-cut ice, are made from water of the highest quality, ensuring flavours are not compromised.

The main beverage menu features 25 seasonally rotating cocktails that take you on a journey through the rich history, cultures and flavours of Manhattan’s countless intriguing neighbourhoods, be it Spanish Harlem, the Theatre District, or Wall Street.

The Princess Cut, my personal favourite, is Ricky’s intimate and elegant twist on the Diamond Fizz, the popular 19th century New York cocktail made simply of gin, lemon juice, sugar and champagne. Here, Ricky elevates it by incorporating a house-made hibiscus syrup, rosewater, June Fleur de Vigne liqueur and opts for the exceptional G’Vine Floraison Gin. This sweet and zesty concoction, though especially popular with the ladies, is one that even the toughest guys have no gripe sipping on.

Box Office Smash

The Box Office Smash, served with a side of salted caramel popcorn, is yet another boundary-pushing creation in the theme of ‘theatre’. Jonny Drum Private Stock Bourbon intermingles with house-made ginger-apple syrup, fresh lemon and organic mint in this rousing concoction.

Rebellion Burger (Angus Beef, Paprika Bun, Tomato Onion Jam, Artisan Nicasio Cheese & Butter Lettuce) and Veggie Burger (Wheat Bun, Quinoa-lentil Patty, Caramelised Onion, Heirloom Tomato, Lettuce & Artisan Cheddar)

At Manhattan Bar, food is no afterthought. To complement the inspired beverages, Chef Nicholas Trosien reinvents iconic New York nosh and serves up gourmet bar bites that reflect New York’s melting pot of cultures.

If you’re feeling peckish, the scrumptious sliders – Rebellion Burger and Veggie Burger – are a must-have! Carnivore or herbivore, you won’t be disappointed with either option.

Shrimp Ceviche Taco ($20)

The Shrimp Ceviche Taco that comes with crisp wonton shell, fresh chunky prawn, Bloody Mary cocktail sauce and avocado are great for sharing.

Maine Lobster ‘Roll’ ($26)

The Maine Lobster ‘Roll’ impresses with fresh Maine lobster wrapped around a refreshing crab salad –a whole lot of luxury in a single bite.

House-Made Kettle Chips ($12)

Not-to-be-missed are the House-Made Kettle Chips – thinly sliced Idaho potatoes that aren’t too greasy – served with a highly addictive dip made of pan-fried onion laced with rum-infused grated foie gras.

The ‘Big’ Apple Cheesecake ($10)

Chef Nicholas’s ingenious interpretation of The Big Apple Cheesecake (a delicate rum-infused apple mousse on a vanilla sable) arrives in petite proportions, essentially crumbly vanilla sable base topped off with a spherical Philadelphia cream cheese topping coated in apple essence in an almost-neon bright green.

The Library (Photo provided by Regent Singapore)

Tucked away from the expansive ‘Main Salon’ that seats 56 guests are three private rooms, namely the Rockfeller Room, Private Salon and The Library, seating 16, 10 and 7 guests respectively.

Rockefeller Room (Photo provided by Regent Singapore)

Hidden behind a “secret” door, the Rockefeller Room boasts a luxe space furnished with plush banquette, long glossy tables and karaoke facilities –great for private parties.

Manhattan Bar easily slides into the list of top 5 bars in Singapore.

Manhattan Bar
Regent Singapore
2nd floor, Singapore 249715
Opening hours: 5pm to 1am daily
Violet Hour: 5pm to 7pm, Mon to Fri