Dining Deals at City Square Mall – What to Eat?

Big Treasure Box ($15) – Paddington House of Pancakes

City Square Mall is giving diners huge dining discounts at participating outlets, as well as attractive gifts for shoppers such as Cedele vouchers and chic lunch pouches, from 4 July till 3 August 2014.

Deals worth visiting City Square Mall for:

- Over at KFC, grab 5 pieces of chicken for $9.90 –this promotion is available exclusively at the City Square Mall outlet.
- Get a free coke with every ice-cream creation purchased at Andersen’s of Denmark.
- Bring home a Manchester United exclusive water bottle with every $50 spent at Javier’s Rotisserie & Salad Bar.
- Get a free mini sundae with an upsized order of the BK Doubles Rendang Value Meal at Burger King.
- Promotional fondue in various flavours from $15 at Paddington House of Pancakes.
- Order a drink or dessert at just $1 with every ramen ordered at Marutama Ra-Men.
- 1-for-1 Signature Beef Noodle at Lai Lai Taiwan Casual Dining.
- Only $9 for Paradise Inn’s Song Fish Head (U.P. $18.90) only at the City Square Mall outlet.

Over at Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant, the loyalty program lets diners earn a stamp with every $20 spent. Redeem a free dessert with 4 stamps earned, a serving of salmon sashimi with 8 stamps, WATAMI Ramen with 12 stamps, Sukiyaki with 16 stamps and $50 WATAMI Voucher for 20 stamps.

Watami Tonkatsu Ramen ($14.80)

Eager to partake in the loyalty programme, my dining companion and I ordered a spread of scrumptious modern-age Japanese dishes.

Half Watami Salad ($7.50)

To commence the meal on a healthier note, the Watami Salad comes with greens, shrimp, chicken and tuna mayo. The rich and creamy tuna mayo receives instant approval from yours truly, while the flash-blanched broccoli (albeit nutritious and vibrantly green) will not appeal to those who like them soft.

Sashimi Moriawase 3 pin (salmon prawn scallop) ($19.80)

Fresh sashimi never fails to gladden. When in doubt, you can count on Watami’s selection of sashimi as a fail-proof choice.

Ryoshi-fu Tekone Sushi ($19.80)

Belly-fillers include rice-dominated dishes like the Ryoshi-fu Tekone Sushi, essentially a generous portion of Japanese rice topped with slightly scanty chunks of sashimi, shredded egg, julienned cucumber and tobiko. To consume, drizzle over with shoyu and wasabi mixture and toss it up.

Wrap it in nori (seaweed) provided. The fun element in this dish is that you can “play with your food” and eat it anyway you like it.

WATAMI Tokusei Teppan Gyoza ($7.80)

Gyoza makes a pleasantly outlandish emergence here –pan-fried dumplings that are usually served as individual morsels arrive united with a crisp layer that holds every piece together.

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
City Square Mall, #03-53/55
180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208529

Hot Blintzes with banana, cheese, peanut butter, nuts, raisins, ice cream and banana sauce ($13)

Paddington House of Pancakes is another reason to visit City Square Mall. Pancakes are given a heightened regard, with an extensive menu of wholesome pancake meals embracing the essences of various countries including America, Australia, Austria, China, Czech Republic, France, Holland, Hungary, India, Russia and Sweden.

Vienna Pannekoek ($13)

Pancakes come in not just the conventional round, fluffy and cakey sort. Pannekoek is a popular variety of pancake in Holland, thin and crepe-like. The Vienna Pannekoek comes with a vibrant topping of sliced gourmet sausages, mozzarella, fresh button mushrooms, onions and basil with a creamy tomato-based sauce.

Salsa Taco Salad ($14)

The Salsa Taco Salad involves lettuce, peppers, minced chicken, beans, salsa, hard-boiled egg, tomato and Parmesan flakes, nestled in a crisp taco bowl larger than the size of your face. I couldn’t stop breaking off pieces of the taco shell and munching on them. And for a veggie-hater, I didn’t even mind the greens.

Aussie Chicken Burger ($16)

What caught me by (delightful) surprise was the Aussie Chicken Burger. Paddington’s original buckwheat pancake muffins (they call it ‘Puffins’) form the top and bottom bun, sandwiching a moist and succulent house-made chicken patty (that had me at hello), onions, pineapple ring, gherkins, tomatoes, grilled cheddar and sunny-side up egg, alongside fries. The Aussie Burger is also available with lamb patties, but I’m not sure how it would fare against the utterly gratifying chicken burger.

Nice ($16)

Naming a dish “Nice” would come across as being full of confidence and almost conceited. Fortunately the dish lives up to its name. Pleasant, satisfactory and enjoyable it is. Crepe arrives with chicken, turkey bacon, prawns, grilled mozzarella, mushroom and pineapple, enriched by a creamy mushroom sauce.

Tiramisu ($8)

The Tiramisu was a let-down though. The creamy elements register as overwhelming to the palate. It would be mentally gruelling for those watching their calorie intake to get pass that mountainous heap of whipped cream.

Paddington House of Pancakes
City Square Mall, #02-35/36
180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208529

City Square Mall is one of my favourite hangout spots in recent times. I have to confess that Dairy Queen is one of the main reasons. Another reason is that it’s a flat fee of $3 per entry for parking after 6pm.

For more information about the mall, visit citysquaremall.com.sg.