An Ayurvedic Journey at St. Gregory Spa, PARKROYAL on Beach Road

Begin a healthy journey in the Ayurvedic lifestyle at the St. Gregory Spa –a brand PARKROYAL on Beach Road (together with several other PARKROYAL and Pan Pacific properties) collaborates with. Marking its first anniversary, St. Gregory Spa introduces An Ayurvedic Journey, an age-old healing art of Ayurveda.

Developed more than three thousand years ago in India, the ancient practice of Ayurveda was revered by scholars as the world’s oldest healing science. Balance is crucial in our life energy, and Ayurveda’s holistic approach to health is to maintain that balance in the body, mind and consciousness through proper diet, lifestyle and herbal remedies. An imbalance in Doshas is believed by Ayurvedic physicians to cause diseases; treatments such as Ayurvedic massages are prescribed to bring them back into balance.

According to Ayurvedic principles, each person has a distinct pattern of energy and body type – a specific combination of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics. Doshas are basically three energy and body types descriptively explained in ancient Ayurvedic teachings, distinctive in every person.

Vata – An energy that controls bodily functions associated with motion, including blood circulation, breathing, blinking, and heartbeat. When vata energy is balanced, there is creativity and vitality. When out of balance, vata produces fear and anxiety.

Pitta – An energy that controls the body’s metabolic systems, which include digestion, absorption, nutrition, and temperature. When in balance, pitta leads to contentment and intelligence. An imbalance of pitta can cause ulcers and arouse anger.

Kapha – An energy that controls growth in the body. It supplies water to all body parts, moisturises the skin and maintains the immune system. A balanced kapha is expressed as love and forgiveness. On the opposite extreme, unbalanced kapha leads to insecurity and envy.

It is believed that everyone possess these three types of energy, but often, one or two of the energy types are dominant in each individual, which is strongly influenced by stress, an unhealthy diet, the weather and strained family relationships. These disturbances surface as diseases or illnesses, and Ayurvedic treatments would be prescribed to bring the Doshas back into balance.

An exclusive suite of award-winning Ayurvedic therapies will be launched at the flagship outlet, complemented with Indian-inspired dishes specially created by PARKROYAL on Beach Road’s restaurants and bar. Discover traditional treasures from classic North and South Indian delights such as the Butter Chicken Masala and Spicy Squid Curry.

The flagship St. Gregory Spa is located on the dedicated Wellness Floor of PARKROYAL on Beach Road, which provides a panoramic view of the Singapore skyline. The comforting interiors of the refurbished outlet have been modelled to bring the tranquillity of nature in, with the intimacy of the forest environment coinciding with mood lighting and earthly textures, furnished with a series of cloister spaces. The extensive menu of Ayurvedic treatments includes the introductory Ayurveda therapies, featuring the Ayurvedic Stress Relief Ritual that combines two signature treatments – a full-body herbal oil massage (Abhyangam), followed by a completely relaxing a sleep-inducing herbal oil drip (Shirodhara).

Shirodhara – Warm, soothing medicated herbal oils are applied in a slow continuous rhythmic movement over the forehead – the marma point which is also known as the third eye – to relieve mental tension, headaches, insomnia and memory loss. The Shirodhara treatment is profoundly relaxing and induces deep rest for renewed energy and calm that borders meditation.

Abhyangam – This Ayurveda therapy rejuvenates the whole body and mind using rich nutrient herbal oil. The harmonious movement of the massage helps relieve muscle and joint aches, nervousness and regulates the circulatory system of the body. This holistic therapy balances all three levels of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Here are some Ayurvedic tips that Dr. Binod Sydney has advised on to keep a healthy, happy and long life:

1. Schedule a walk with a friend, colleague, or even your pet. Ayurveda considers walking a “Tridoshic” exercise as it balances all three doshas without putting excessive strain on your body. It calms the mind and nourishes the senses. A morning walk in the early sun is a great way to start the day.
2. Cook a fresh lunch. Food that is processed, canned, frozen or packaged is harder to digest. Also, because they are old, denatured by processing, or have some ingredients in high concentration, they no longer contain nature’s intelligence. Rather, they create toxins and block nature’s intelligence from reaching the cells. Make some effort to eat a fresh, warm lunch. Eat in a settled, quiet atmosphere and focus on your food when you eat. Whenever possible, lunch should be the largest meal of the day because lunchtime hours are when our digestion is at its strongest.
3. Drink a glass of water. Water flushes out accumulated toxins, and keeps the digestion smooth. Sipped throughout the day, water is an excellent healer. Water should be warm, as cold water can put out the digestive fire. Water with lemon is even better for to improve digestion.
4. Sit down and close your eyes. Disconnect from the outer world and tune in to your own self. Even if you do this for a minute, you will feel healed. Twenty minutes of meditation, twice daily, helps to conquer stress, increase positive energy and a sense of well-being.
5. Sip a cup of herbal tea. All-natural, caffeine-free teas prepared from nature’s healing herbs are a perfect way to relax and recharge. Choose a blend that suits your unique dosha type and according to your needs.
6. Breathe deep. Mindful breathing, pranayama (A Yoga posture for breathing), improves the flow of oxygen and delivery of other vital nutrients to the tiniest channels of the body, giving you an instant sense of well-being.
7. Call a real, good friend. People whose company makes us feel happy and loved are like medicine, they heal and restore us. Keeping in touch with such people who nurture our hearts.
8. Massage your body. The skin thirsts for touch and attention. When warm oil is rubbed gently all over the skin, your body and mind will feel pampered and relaxed. Treat your skin to the magic of Ayurvedic herbal oil massage.

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