Bali, Ubud; a heartwarming experience; an unplanned adventure

Hi all. Bali was where I spent 4 days in.

8th-11th May 2012.

I went to a quieter town in Bali –Ubud. Unlike the busier towns – Kuta and Seminyak – Ubud offers an extra dose of spirituality and tranquillity.

Ubud was where I encountered countless of friendly locals; where I handed out candies to children in their courtyards; where I learnt authentic Balinese cuisine in a local kitchen; where I pulled out a stool and ate from a roadside stall; where I haggled for lower prices at local markets; where I hitched a ride on a local’s motorcycle; where I step foot, for the first time in my life, into a rice paddy field; where I stood by the riverside, observing how the locals fish; where an unplanned vacation turns out to be more than an adventure.

Bali is safe for tourists. Having travelled to other countries where pickpockets and scams are a main concern, Balinese have established a positive set of attitudes that will reap returning tourists.

A local told me this: We treat tourists as our friends. We make sure they are safe, and that they enjoy their holiday in Bali. Without tourists, our local people would have to beg for a living. We appreciate tourists, and will never harm them.

They earn an honest living.

Whether you are consuming local home-cooked fare, purchasing handicrafts for home deco or souvenirs, or exporting Balinese furniture back to your home country, they appreciate every penny earned.

Petty thefts occur everywhere in the world, and it’s pretty inevitable no matter where. There are bound to be a handful of black sheep, even in the safest of countries. Being cautious is the key.

I will document my experience in Bali through a series of posts. In my next Bali post, I will share with you my experience in the beautiful villa that I stayed in.

Petanu River Villa
South East of Ubud

Look out for the highlights of my trip: Authentic Balinese foodcooking class with recipes included; rice padi fields; local markets; Balinese dance performance.

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