Payuk Bali Cooking Class (Part 2: 4 more recipes included)

Continuing from my first Payuk Bali Cooking Class post, here is the second part.

In part one, I mentioned about visiting the local market and rice fields before arriving at our final stop, Payuk Bali Cooking Class, as part of the package.

I also shared 4 recipes; one of which is the Balinese Multipurpose Spice Base –an important component in most of the recipes shared in my post.

As Payuk Bali Cooking Class is held in a traditional family residence, we had the opportunity of interacting with locals staying there.

Language was the main barrier to communication –most of them do not understand or speak English. Our communication with each other is conveyed through body language and genuine smiles.

We stepped into a little hut, where a lady of mild temperament dwells in during the day.

She spends her days roasting coffee beans and extracting coconut oil from fresh coconuts.

Soft-spoken in nature, she barely exchanged more than a few sentences with our guide, Agung, who speaks their native language.

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Bali, Ubud; a heartwarming experience; an unplanned adventure

Hi all. Bali was where I spent 4 days in.

8th-11th May 2012.

I went to a quieter town in Bali –Ubud. Unlike the busier towns – Kuta and Seminyak – Ubud offers an extra dose of spirituality and tranquillity.

Ubud was where I encountered countless of friendly locals; where I handed out candies to children in their courtyards; where I learnt authentic Balinese cuisine in a local kitchen; where I pulled out a stool and ate from a roadside stall; where I haggled for lower prices at local markets; where I hitched a ride on a local’s motorcycle; where I step foot, for the first time in my life, into a rice paddy field; where I stood by the riverside, observing how the locals fish; where an unplanned vacation turns out to be more than an adventure.

Bali is safe for tourists. Having travelled to other countries where pickpockets and scams are a main concern, Balinese have established a positive set of attitudes that will reap returning tourists.
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