Eggs & Berries

All-day-breakfast concepts are of utmost pertinence to late-risers who love breakfast foods like me. Jasper and I stumbled upon Eggs & Berries and it was an immediate consensus that we have to try it –we love eggs!

Situated at Changi City Point, chances of me passing by that far-flung end of Singapore is nearly zero. BUT, I will travel the distance to discover good food.

Did Eggs & Berries disappoint? Read on!

The colourful interior immediately lifts one’s mood; the vibe is casual and the plush seats, comfy.

Open from 8am to 10pm daily, Eggs & Berries serves up classic American breakfast in substantial portions; items including eggs cooked in various ways and healthy, low-calorie dishes. You can have ‘breakfast’ as dinner here.

Do note that the pricings stated are subject to changes.

Green Mountain Bee ($6.50)

Avocado, bee pollen, vanilla

While waiting for the food to arrive (which didn’t take very long), I sipped on the smoothly blended Green Mountain Bee. Sweetened with bee pollen instead of refined sugar, this drink is healthy yet palatable.

Sweet Brioche French Toast ($15.50)

For a heavy breakfast that will give you sufficient energy to fuel your bodies through the day, go all out for the Sweet Brioche French Toast. It comes with a thick slice of French toast, two sausages, bacon, mini pancakes and salad.

Chocolate sauce, maple syrup and raspberry sauce are served alongside for liberal drizzling.

Omelette with Bacon, Onion & Mushroom ($13.80)

Being a huge fan of eggs, I can’t decide which I love more – omelette or scrambled Eggs – but at Eggs & Berries, the omelette gets my vote.

You can choose from a variety of fillings, but the combination of bacon, onion and mushroom works particularly well. The bacon bits, especially, increases flavour without stealing the show.

If you love cheese, you can simply top up an additional $1.50 for more emmenatal or mozzarella cheese.

Eggs Benedict ($16.80)

2 poached eggs with English muffins, bacons, ham, hash brown and salad

Here comes one of my favourite breakfast/brunch items –the Eggs Benedict. Love the bacon that’s nicely crisp like a cracker. Eggs are poached to perfection. I didn’t care for the slice of ham and would gladly substitute it for smoked salmon (if only they had it). This is a decent rendition and I had no qualms finishing it.

Salmon with Herbs Sausage & Eggs ($13.50)

Mashed up salmon is marinated with herbs and piped into a resilient sausage casing. I give them props for making their own sausage from scratch but I would say give this a miss to avoid disappointment. The casing takes forever to chew and reminds me of plastic; the sausage filling leaves a powdery texture on the tongue and is somewhat fishy and overly salty.

Pink Fish Steak ($19.80)

Marinated salmon steak grilled over charcoal and served with condiments

The Pink Fish Steak is another dish that disappointed. The salmon is overcooked; it turned out dry and tough that no amount of sauce can salvage.

On a positive note, the kitchen manages to serve up perfectly poached eggs consistently.

Hash brown comes in a form resembling rosti; from this we can tell that they made it from scratch using fresh potatoes unlike most places that simply deep-fry frozen pre-packed hash browns.

Fish & Chips with Scrambled Eggs ($15.50)

Battered fish, fries, scrambled eggs and salad

As opposed to the menu description, the fish & chips is battered, not breaded –but I’m not complaining because I love battered fish & chips and their version makes the grade. I didn’t want to share this!

Fresh Mushroom Cream Soup ($6.50)

Apart from the mouth-watering mains, the soups are worth ordering.

Classic Clam Chowder ($7.50)

We slurped down both the Fresh Mushroom Cream Soup and the Classic Clam Chowder to the last drop.

Homemade Crème Brulee ($4)

For dessert, there are crepes, waffles, cakes and healthy yogurts.

The Homemade Crème Brulee comes in a petite egg-shaped vessel that seems too pretty to be eaten.

But, where’s the ‘brulee’? It’s missing that caramelised crackling sugar crust.

Did I see Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream on the menu? YES!!!!!!!!!

Add Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to your dessert at $4.20 per scoop.

I couldn’t resist ordering a scoop. While I have an undying love for Ben & Jerry’s, I wasn’t enticed when it arrived on the table. Ben & Jerry’s need no overwhelming adornment or condiments; they are great as they are.

Waffles, Over the Rainbow ($13.80)

Served with an array of fresh fruits, espuma air cream & nuts, the waffles arrive in a majestic presentation that will turn heads. Its sheer appearance immediately opens up the appetite! The kiwi and strawberries were a tad too sour though, but I enjoy the waffles with the extra scoops of Ben & Jerry ice cream.

Oh by the way, if you’re in the Changi vicinity, do check out Perkies for snack-foods-on-the-go!

Eggs & Berries


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