Nooks D.I.Y House of Pancakes

NOOK is Singapore’s first ever D.I.Y pancake house, offering patrons a fun, interactive and memorable experience.

The Rainbow Pancake ($12)

Design your own pancakes with the colourful array of pancake batters –Original Buttermilk, Asian Pandan, Dark Chocolate, Funky Banana and Strawberry Farm to name a few.

Nook is where you can unleash your artistic potentials, and eat your own masterpiece. A griddle is placed in the middle of each table, along with the necessary spatulas for your flipping pleasures. Continue reading

Eggs & Berries

All-day-breakfast concepts are of utmost pertinence to late-risers who love breakfast foods like me. Jasper and I stumbled upon Eggs & Berries and it was an immediate consensus that we have to try it –we love eggs!

Situated at Changi City Point, chances of me passing by that far-flung end of Singapore is nearly zero. BUT, I will travel the distance to discover good food.

Did Eggs & Berries disappoint? Read on!
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Breakfast at Swensen’s

Breakfast at Swensen’s also means… you can end the meal with lots of ice cream!

Swensen’s revamped breakfast menu includes a wider variety of popular breakfast classics from pancakes to French toasts to eggs Benedict –all within a comfortable price range from $6.90 to $14.90.

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict ($12.90)

Each breakfast set comes with complimentary coffee or tea Top up; top up an additional dollar for a glass of fruit juice or an additional $2.50 for a cup of Cappuccino or Café Latte.
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