Blogger Cooking Party with Star Chefs of TungLok

September 18, Jasper and I attended a bloggers’ cooking party with TungLok’s Star Chefs – Ken Ling and David Liew – at My Humble House, and picked up a few culinary tips!

My Humble House was opened in October 2002 being TungLok Group’s first artistic restaurant.

The menu features contemporary Chinese cuisine specially designed by the group’s creative team of chefs, complemented by artistic presentation.

Picture taken by the TungLok crew

Before the Blogger Party commenced, dainty bites were served. Love the siew mai.

Picture taken by the TungLok crew

The interactive event began with a cooking demonstration followed by hands-on plating. Here are the recipes!

Recipe 1: Pan-seared Maotai Wine-marinated Chicken stuffed with Foie Gras wrapped in Black Sesame Crepe

Plating by TungLok’s Star Chefs

- Chicken thigh
- Moutai wine
- Star anise
- Cinnamon
- Chicken breast meat dumpling
- Parsley stems
- Fresh water chestnut
- Steamed foie gras
- Black sesame
- Homemade sesame pancake
- Cucumber, julienne
- Ginger flower, julienne
- Crispy beancurd skin
- Romaine lettuce
- Peanut crumbs
- Mustard suckling pig sauce
- Knorr chicken seasoning powder

1) Marinate chicken thigh with moutai wine, cinnamon, knorr chicken seasoning powder, water, salt and soy sauce overnight for 12 hours. Thereafter, drain the seasoning from the chicken and air dry.
2) Mince chicken breast meat with parsley stems and water chestnut into a paste. Season with knorr chicken seasoning powder. Roll into balls to make the filling for black sesame ball.
3) Mix black sesame, flour and hot water to make batter. Roll into sheets to make pancake skin. Steam till cooked.
4) Stuff chicken thigh, chicken breast meat paste and foie gras into a metal rectangular ring mould. Pan fry for 6 minutes till skin turns crispy.
5) Add romaine lettuce, crispy beancurd skin, leek, ginger flower, peanut crumbs, black sesame and mustard-glazed suckling pig sauce on top of homemade sesame pancake. Finally, add meat and wrap all ignredients in pancake. Ready to eat.

Bloggers get a chance to ‘play’ with our food and put our food plating skills to the test. Guess who’s the winner? :D

Recipe 2: Soft Red Bean Banana Ball coated in Shredded Coconut served on Chilled Tropical Fruits with Crushed Coconut-flavoured Ice with Gula Melaka

- Young coconut
- Fried coconut flesh
- Jackfruit, diced
- Atap seed, diced
- Coconut shaved ice
- Banana red bean balls
- Gula Melaka
- Banana leaf
- Ice mould
- Edible flower
- Dry ice
- Hot water

1) Boil coconut juice, coconut milk, pandan leaf and sugar till it boils. Continue boiling mixture for 30 minutes till mixture thickens. Refrigerate for 8 hours to make coconut shaved ice.
2) Slice coconut flesh into strips and soak in coconut juice for 8 hours. After soaking, strain dry coconut strips and coat with deep-frying flour. Thereafter, deep-fry until crispy.
3) Mix glutinous rice flour with hot water to make dough for glutinous rice ball. Cut banana into cubes. Stuff banana and red bean paste in dough to make rice dumpling.

4) To serve, begin by arranging the coconut flesh, jackfruit and atap seeds in young coconut. Thereafter, add rice dumpling and coconut shaved ice. Finally, drizzle gula Melaka over dish before being served.

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