SONY NEX-VG20E Camcorder Review

Excellent food writers have a flair for transporting readers to various dining scenes; restaurant settings, atmosphere and surroundings are penned with clear and concise descriptions. Less competent writers who are still honing their writing skills have to produce brilliant pictures in order to be on par –or present a visual walkthrough of the restaurant, captured on video.

Thanks to the Sony Illuminate team, I’ve got an extra dining companion –the Sony NEX-VG20E Handycam.

Here are some things I like about this Interchangeable Lens Full HD camcorder:

- I can change the lens to cater to different events and needs, such as macro for food/nature, zoom lens for sports, wide angle for parties.
- The continuous auto-focus feature makes shooting effortless.
- Microphone’s clarity and sound quality –great for doing interviews!
- It functions as a camera as well, where you’re able to capture DSLR-like photos in RAW and JPEG on camera mode.
- It is lighter than my DSLR.

Check out my first post on Illuminate here:

Here are some of the vlogs I did using this camcorder:
PSY performed for the first time in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands:
MooJaa Thai Hotpot and Barbecue Restaurant:
Taiwan trip on film:

I’m still very much a newbie at videography, so I’d gladly take in all the tips and advises I get along the way. Stay tuned for upcoming posts!

Visit Sony’s website for more information: