Platters Bistro & Wine Bar collaborates with Chef Jeremy Nguee (November 2013 to February 2014)

Introduced more than a year ago, Platters Bistro & Wine Bar continues bringing excitement to the ‘dine and share’ concept with its unique Chef-Designed series, where the menu is re-designed every four months by a new guest chef.

From now till the end of February 2014, the spotlight is on Chef Jeremy Nguee, chef-owner of Preparazzi. A shining star in the catering industry in Singapore, he was also the official caterer for the recent Dinner En Blanc.

Gourmet healthy food is the focal point and a mainstay in Chef Jeremy’s line of work. Sounds painful to be deprived of deep-fried munchies and comfort food huh.

This collaboration gives Chef Jeremy a nod and a rare opportunity to be adventurous and creative, without a care of how artery clogging it may be, showcasing his love for comfort food, and what he truly is deep inside.

The theme this round is based on sinful indulgence and full flavours, nicknamed the #fatdieyou series. The nickname came across as off-putting to me initially, but the moment the food reaches my palate, the apprehensiveness is dispelled.

Thunder Thighs & Crackpot Rice ($36/$68)

The Thunder Thighs & Crackpot Rice consists of meaty and succulent French frog legs (‘Cuisses de Grenouille’) and soft shell crabs that are battered and deep-fried, accompanied by tobiko, hollandaise and bacon, sided with crab roe rice that’s cooked with pork lard –so sinful but so flavourful.

Maniac meat Main Course ($48/$88)

The Maniac meat Main Course is a hearty combination of grilled Angus sirloin and truffle roast spring chicken, accompanied by buah keluak butter, homemade foie gras terrine, maple candied bacon, fat potatoes, charcoal crumb and grape jelly.

The chicken is rendered beautifully moist and tender; I’m starting to hate the fact that this is a sharing platter!

Spread some of that formidable buah keluak butter on the tender and juicy steak, and dab on some smoky squid ink crumbs for a delightful mouthfeel.

Coffee Caramel Delight ($16)

Dessert number one arrives in a jumble of coffee jelly, vanilla ice cream, chilli chocolate crumb and homemade peanut brittle, with a moist and rich pudding-like caramel fondant standing out from the clutter. I would gladly take the caramel fondant with ice cream and chocolate crumbs as one dessert, and omit the coffee jelly. The homemade peanut brittle is lovely as a snack but with this dessert, there was a little too much going on.

I would have preferred the dessert platter to comprise of several different desserts (for example in this menu) rather than different elements put together to form a massive dessert to share.

Nevertheless, the caramel fondant makes ordering this dish worthwhile.

My Pastry Hero ($16)

Dessert number two comes with freshly baked madeleines that are enjoyably crusty on the outside, accompanied by rose espuma, rose meringue, lychee jelly, and raspberry sorbet.

Again I find myself picking out the elements individually or jointly with one other element amidst the melange, but I’m not complaining because I enjoyed most of the elements on the platter, except maybe the rather tart raspberry sorbet.

Worth mentioning is that the team at Platters Bistro & Wine Bar has recently introduced the ‘Chef Inspirations’ section, where the in-house kitchen team would create their own dish inspired by chefs they’ve previously worked with over the year. The kitchen team has high potential, given that they’re able to reproduce the chefs’ dishes immaculately each time. This new section gives them due credit for their talent and efforts.

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