We dined at Singapore Marriott Hotel’s Pool Grill and saved $70, thanks to the Entertainer App

Finding a tranquil dining spot in the core of an active city like Orchard Road poses as a challenge, but not unimaginable with the well-concealed gem like Pool Grill, perched on the fifth level of Singapore Marriot Hotel, adjacent to the outdoor pool.

Pool Grill is where you dine al fresco in a sophisticated resort-like setting that brims with romantic vibrancy –perfect for anniversaries and proposals.

Marinated ½ Baby Chicken ($29; 300grams)

Prices for mains range from $28 for a vegetarian Mushroom Risotto, to $68 for a 400-day grain-fed Australian Wagyu Rib-Eye steak. Not the most affordable dining option in town, but the quality and portion justify its prices.

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Glazed Lemon Tart with Nut Tortilla and Vanilla Chantilly Cream ($14.50)

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This time round, thanks to the Entertainer App, I saved approximately $70 at Pool Grill.

Yellowfin Tuna Tartare ($20)

Our meal commenced on a high note with the pristine Yellowfin Tuna Tartare that arrives with crisp crouton, fresh horseradish crème fraiche and an invigorating drizzle of lemon oil. Clean, fresh flavours; effortlessly divine.

Duck Foie Gras ($26)

Smooth, unctuous foie gras, seared to a crisp surface, is served atop grilled brioche, topped with crushed pistachios for texture, and accompanied by caramelised golden raisins.

Lobster Bisque ($16)

The full-bodied Lobster Bisque, brim-full of incredible oceanic flavours, comes with slices of subtly sweet cantaloupe that balances out the salty richness of the bisque. Chunks of succulent lobster meat are also apparent to the eye. This item is worth every cent of the $16 paid.

Roasted Cod Fish ($36)

The Roasted Cod Fish from the Mains brought gleams to my eyes. Executed to immaculate calibre, the flesh is remarkably smooth and tender. Companions include cauliflower skordalia (puree), garlic confit, cauliflower tempura and droplets of Shiraz reduction.

Seared Barramundi ($35)

The Seared Barramundi has a firmer texture in nature, as compared to the aforementioned cod; hence it’s down to personal preferences whether which item prevails. The Barramundi is pan-seared and comes with cannellini white bean puree and Mediterranean vinaigrette, encircled by a garden of golden raisins and roasted bell peppers.

King Prawns ($36.50; 240grams)

A menu of grilled delights is indispensable in a restaurant that names itself Pool Grill. Proteins include sirloin, tenderloin and rib eye of a 400-day grain-fed Australian Wagyu Beef, lamb cutlets, chicken, salmon, yellowfin tuna and prawns.

They are served with Himalayan sea salt, lemon, organic olive oil, and a sauce of your choice: white anchovy butter sauce, roast garlic butter sauce, horseradish cream sauce, red wine sauce, béarnaise sauce, black pepper sauce, and mushroom sauce.

The sizable King Prawns did not disappoint; they’re fresh and grilled just to the right doneness.

Espresso Crème Brulee ($14.50)

The Espresso Crème Brulee exceeded my expectations. The smooth custard is lightly imbued with hints of espresso that provides just enough fragrance of coffee without the intense bitterness. Tagging along with this dessert are three bite-sized apple cinnamon fritters that are coated in sugar crystals – crisp on the outside, warm, moist and tart on the inside.

The Entertainer App costs just $67, and what I saved in this meal has already paid for the cost of the app. The best thing is that I don’t have to bring a booklet of vouchers everywhere I go and worry about losing them; my smartphone is all I need to enjoy these great deals!

Download the Entertainer App here: http://www.theentertainerme.com/singapore/

Pool Grill
Singapore Marriott Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Singapore 238865
Website: http://www.singaporemarriott.com/dining/