(Christmas Feature 2013) Resorts World Sentosa; “Snow Chocolate” Log Cake; Universal Studios Singapore


Resorts World Sentosa brings a myriad of festive deals and activities across the resort at its numerous F&B outlets and attractions.

“Snow Chocolate” Mango and Candied Lemon, Ivory Cheese Cream, Coconut Hazelnut Crunch ($70 for 1kg)

A slew of celebratory treats have been lined up at Resorts World Sentosa’s dining outlets, including festive pastries from Universal Studios Singapore and Christmas menus from Joel Robuchon Restaurant, Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora, Feng Shui Inn, Osia, Forest and Palio. Continue reading

Places to dine at and visit in Sydney –within easy reach from Hilton Sydney


I concur that food is a huge determining factor in the destination travellers choose to embark on, as I for one would travel the distance for the love of food.

Most travellers would venture out in search for local culinary gems, as opposed to dining-in at the hotel –apart from maybe breakfast. In the aspects of food, many would seek variety as well as quality, and a whole lot of exploring, discoveries and adventure while on vacation.

A great way to experience the culture of a country is via the palate.

In this post, I will share some food gems in Sydney that are within easy reach from Hilton Sydney where I stayed, which includes a diversity of authentic street fare, comfort food and fine dining.

Arriving at Hilton Sydney at 10am from a 6-hour flight, we proceeded to the Executive Lounge for breakfast while waiting to check in. Continue reading

Enjoy smooth and unworried travels with new TravelAlert Service by DBS TravellerShield


Travel insurance is one of the most essential needs for smart travellers. DBS TravellerShield, a comprehensive travel insurance plan, recently expanded its offerings to give jet-setters more assistance with Singapore’s first ever complimentary Travel Alert Service. Travellers can now stay ahead of the unexpected with free situation updates during the trip.

My most recent trip was to Boracay in the Philippines –a tropical beach destination with temperamental weather. Continue reading

(Staycation) Hotel Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore


Hotel Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore is conveniently located in the heart of Katong, a historical area on the East Coast of Singapore, just opposite Parkway Parade Shopping Centre.

Guests have easy access to authentic local cuisine, shopping and recreation, such as Marine Parade and East Coast Food Centres, Katong and Joo Chiat Area, and East Coast Park, within walking distance.

This four-star hotel offers a home-away-from-home experience with 576 family-friendly and spacious guestrooms, lavishly designed with room types ranging from superior and deluxe rooms to various suites. Continue reading

(Travel Feature) What to do in Boracay


So you’ve seen the breath-taking possibilities of Boracay, and taken down notes on where to stay. Finally, it’s time for some itinerary planning. Here’s a list of activities you can consider filling your days and nights in Boracay with, on land and at sea.

The tempting crystal-blue waters surrounding the island beckons for a relaxing dip Continue reading

(Dream Destination: Boracay) Travel and Flight Information


If I could paint a picture of a dream destination on a blank canvas, I would paint a seaside scene –rendering gradual shades of blue and turquoise to portray the soothing gradients of the clear seawaters, interspersed with gentle swirling blobs depicting the mild crashing of waves that juxtapose white sandy beaches imprinted with footprints; applying stiff bristled strokes of green and brown delineating sleek palm trees and the striking lush foliage; and smothering the remaining space on the canvas with a thin wash of baby blue, chaperoned by a nimble dabbing of white to represent the wispy passing clouds against the baby blue sky.

This is exactly how I would describe Boracay.

I blogged about how much I was looking forward to my trip to Boracay (read here), and coming back to Singapore, I bring with me an abundance of memories of that beautiful island, and I hope to share that with you through a series of blog posts.

In this post, I will share some general information about Boracay and the available routes from Singapore to Boracay.

Continue reading

In dire needs of an escapade –a Boracay Beach Escapade


“I wish I could simply drop my immense workload and jet off to a neighbouring country to release my tensions, recharge, and return to Singapore with regained zest.” Mental pictures of beaches, mocktails and snorkelling run amok as my musings go wild.

Google “Beach Escapade” and Boracay easily emerges as one of the top results. An award-winning island destination in the Philippines, Boracay is located on the northern end of Panay Island, stretching across just 7 kilometres –highly possible to cover by foot in a single day effortlessly.

Despite its size, this tiny island has the whole schmear to fulfil travellers’ needs. Apart from the white sandy beach surrounded by enchanting turquoise waters that allures you and your swimsuit, Boracay is also known as ‘the white beach that never sleeps’ with its pulsing nightlife. Encompassing a plethora of over hundreds of restaurants featuring cuisines from all around the world, Borocay is often described as a food haven –exactly what this food-loving individual is looking forward to the most! Also catering to travellers with diverse interests, purposes and budgets, accommodations range from the most luxurious 5-star hotels to mid-range lodgings and backpacker hostels.

I’m so looking forward to my upcoming trip to Boracay with TigerAir –the only budget carrier flying direct from Singapore to Kalibo, Boracay. During fare sales, prices can go as low as $160 all-in!

Do check out my instagram (@melicacy) and twitter (@melicacy) for live updates from Boracay, from 18th-22nd July 2013.

A Breath-taking Experience at Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Borobudur Temple is a Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia, built in the 9th century.

The monument comprises 504 Buddha statues and 2,672 relief panels, according to Wikipedia.

Preserved through several restorations over the past centuries, Borobudur is an exceedingly popular tourist attraction that’s swamped with visitors throughout the day and year.

The best time to visit Borobudur is before the breaking of dawn, when the sky is still pitch dark.

Your experience begins from absolute darkness. Armed with a torch light and an adventurous outlook, you commence walking up steep steps to get to the peak of the temple, find a cosy spot that gives you the best view of the ensuing sunrise, watch the sky gradually change colours, and keeping your eyes peeled just so you won’t miss a single moment.

As the sun slowly emerges from behind the mountains, constant bolts of anticipation skimmed through my nerves.

Tickets for the Borobudur Sunrise are priced at Rp. 380,000 (about SGD $50-ish). It might be a tad pricey, but it’s absolutely worth every single cent.

Pictures in this post are taken using the SONY RX100. It’s a compact camera that boasts impressive image quality and sharpness coupled with brilliant colours. It’s a great carry-about camera, small enough to fit comfortably in one’s pocket, without compensating on image quality.

Describing the view as spectacular is an understatement.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Continue reading

AirAsia –Our Preferred Airline to Yogyakarta, Indonesia


When I speak of having visited Yogyakarta, replies were mostly of how beautiful the place is. Its cultural aspect draws endless enthusiasm and eagerness.

Worth mentioning are scenic views of mountains and lush greenery, notable landmarks encompassing temples that are several centuries old and historical sites with fascinating architecture.

A pioneer in low-cost travel, connecting Yogyakarta to the rest of Asia, is our trusted airline, AirAsia. Continue reading

(Bangkok) A visit to Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School


I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures from my previous Bangkok Travelogue.

Having talked about my solitary adventures, the highlight of my trip this time round though, transcends what any other regular tourist would have included in their itinerary –unless you’re here for a culinary learning experience.

If you’ve been following me closely on Instagram, you would probably have seen snippets of my visit to Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School.

(Pictures in this post are all taken using the iPhone 4S, so pardon the quality of images!)

Le Cordon Bleu is a prestigious network of educational institutions dedicated to providing the highest level of culinary and hospitality training through world class programs, with campuses around the globe including Paris (France), London (UK), Madrid (Spain), Australia, Japan, Korea, Wellington (New Zealand), America and Bangkok (Thailand).

Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School is a joint venture between Le Cordon Bleu International and Dusit Internationalone of Thailand’s leading Hotel brands – opened in 2007.

To briefly introduce the courses available, there’s the Classic Cycle Programme, Professional Thai Cuisine, The Art of Bakery, Wine Studies, Barista workshops and more. Continue reading

(Travelogue) Bangkok Diary; 6th-18th June 2013


Flying to Bangkok to me is a regular affair. This neighbouring country, the ‘land of a thousand smiles’, offers great street food and bargain buys –a shopaholic’s empyrean, a food lover’s heaven, and also where many fashion retail owners and blogshop owners bulk up on their stock of apparels.

Today, 19th June 2013, marks my 13th day in Bangkok; it won’t be long before I have to bid this unforgettable city goodbye again.

As an insouciant traveller and a lucid wanderer, I eradicated any form of touristy sightseeing plans (much less join a tour group), and explored the country in my own random spontaneous ways.

Being a solo-traveller, I have gotten lost and found my way around (thanks to google maps and friendly locals or I’d still be lost); I’ve walked the off-the-beaten-paths and relish the serenity aspect of it that no one else cares for because it isn’t a prominent landmark that everyone talks about; and the best part about travelling alone is that I can roam around freely without following a stringent schedule (this also applies to what time I can wake up –anytime).

Armed only with an iPhone 4S – no dslr, not even a compact camera – my shots are mostly random and candid, taken out on the streets, portraying Bangkok the way I perceive it. Continue reading

3 Day 2 Night Cruise Trip to Malacca on board SuperStar Virgo


Nothing beats a short getaway on a cruise, to escape from the stress of life, without having to be reminded of the hectic routines of a regular day on land. The well-equipped ship has all the essential needs, facilities, entertainment, and more than enough food you can stomach.

A cruise trip is what I’ve been anticipating for the last 10 years (or more).

My memories of my first cruise – which was when I still wasn’t tall enough to reach for the standard light switches – vaguely revolves around eating (but not a lot because as a kid my appetite was still pea-sized); scouting around for seasick passengers (but in vain); and pouting for not being able to enter places with age restrictions, such as casinos and bars –not that I wanted to gamble or drink, but it was mere curiosity (hence my trip was declared incomplete in my books).

It was after more than a decade of hankering that I could finally step on board the very same line of cruise I once experienced as a child, and I cannot be more thankful to my two fabulous friends, Jasper and Wee Teck, who made this trip yet another unforgettable chapter in my life, amplifying the vibrancy of my blogging journey to a new high. Continue reading

Spice Market Café –A must-visit buffet restaurant in Penang


Spice Boutique – located at the entrance of Spice Market Café – houses an array of over 100 varieties of dried herbs and exotic spices, together with an assortment of curry powders, which will ignite your culinary imagination in a whirlwind tour. They are available for purchase, or simply for your exploration pleasures –to expand your knowledge on the diverse range and endless applications. Herbs and spices are great for enhancing the flavour of your dishes without adding artificial flavourings or fat.

Spice Market Café is an informal buffet-style restaurant, marketed as international, but tends to be heavily Asian influenced. The restaurant is pork-free, although obtaining a Halal certificate still poses a challenge for them, especially for items like sashimi.

One thing that disappointed me was the lack of traditional Penang cuisine, but the scrumptious spread made up for it. After all, we’re in Penang, and you can get Penang food everywhere else.

The spread is determined by the season and availability of ingredients, but variety and quality are two factors that remain consistent.

I visited on 19 November 2012 (Monday): Continue reading