Saveur Art @ Ion Orchard -Affordable French Dining


Dining at the higher floors of Ion Orchard is often regarded as a lavish affair, encircled by elite brands that contribute to the upscale reputation of the mall. One would imagine to be paying at least $150 each for a meal at a French restaurant, especially at Ion Orchard where rental rates are expected to be extremely high, but Saveur Art @ Ion orchard contradicts just that.

Salmon Confit ($11) – with marinated ikura, cauliflower, horseradish

Saveur’s first foray into the Singapore food scene was a huge hit; it extinguished the intimidation of French dining and made it affordable to the masses. The Saveur Group’s latest venture, Saveur Art, is an upscale version of Saveur, starring a different set of menu exclusive to this outlet. Saveur Art features deluxe ingredients such as white and black truffle from Alba, Italy, langoustine and wild game like pigeon, without the exorbitant pricing. It also carries a larger range of wines compared representing different regions of France, which also includes two dealcoholized white and red wines. Fervent fans of Saveur can still find their favourite items like Angel Hair Pasta and Duck Confit at Saveur Art, albeit with slight twists. Continue reading

Joël Robuchon Restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore


Joël Robuchon, a renowned culinary figure whom has accumulated a total of 25 Michelin stars in different parts of the world including Singapore, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, Macau, Monaco, Paris and Tokyo, whose restaurants are on the top of every gourmand’s checklist, is a man of firm principles when it comes to French cookery. Speak to him about “molecular gastronomy” and expect a long face.

Seen as a stern and austere man, who allows no inferior work to leave the kitchen with his knowledge, those who have secured a position in his kitchens ought to be no less than the top of the line with great ambitions and talents. I can imagine the workspace spiralling into a frantic pace with each visit he makes, but his very appearance is also what many would eagerly anticipate –a rare occasion to meet the culinary legend that we worship endlessly. Even the staunchest fan may not have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of him.

I felt so privileged to be able to meet him in person, two years ago, when Resorts World Sentosa organised the RWS Food Affair, in which the RWS Celebrity Chefs Dinner brought together six prominent chefs including Joël Robuchon.

Dining at Joël Robuchon Restaurant may not be that far-fetched a dream. While it can cost up to an intimidating $500 per person for dinner, fans can get a taste of Joël Robuchon’s culinary finesse for just under $60. Turn to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, a relaxed concept adjacent to Joël Robuchon Restaurant underlining a heightened level of interaction between chefs and diners with just a (wall-less) counter separating the kitchen and main dining area. Lunches are priced at $48, $68 or $108 per person, and dinner at $68, $98 or $138. The a la carte menu also offers tasting portions.

I headed to Resorts World Sentosa with great anticipation that Saturday afternoon, all eager to be impressed all over again at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon where I visited two years ago, only to find out that I have gotten the date wrong. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon was closed; it is only open for lunch on Sundays (operates for dinner from Thursdays to Mondays). Joël Robuchon Restaurant on the other hand opens for lunch on Saturdays (operates for dinner from Tuesdays to Saturdays). I was dressed for L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, and underdressed for Joël Robuchon Restaurant, and so was my dining companion. The front of house crew were gracious and ushered us to the seating area without any air, while a table at the swanky Joël Robuchon Restaurant was being prepared for us. I took awhile adjusting to the situation, having to strip off the casual persona and gradually starting to believe that I’m going to dine at Joël Robuchon Restaurant. Lunch at Joël Robuchon Restaurant is far more affordable than dinner, starting at $78 to $118 per person. The versatile menu allows diners to compose their own meals by picking and combining items from a list of appetisers, mains and desserts. For instance, the $118 per person meal includes the Amuse-Bouche, choice of 1 appetiser, choice of 1 soup, choice of 2 main courses, choice of 1 dessert, and coffee or tea served with petit four. Dinners are priced at $228 to $428 per person.

Quoting Joel Robuchon, “Innovation, Modernity and Tradition are the three words that inspired me to create this menu…” “You can adapt as you wish by choosing one, two, three or four services, depending on your appetite, your desires, and discover a multitude of flavours.”
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Lewin Terrace -Romantic Dining Spot in Singapore


Lauded as one of the most romantic dining spots in Singapore, Lewin Terrace is no longer a secret notwithstanding the fact that it is being concealed by exuberant greenery and tucked away from sight. Here is where many marriage proposals, weddings and anniversaries happen; its close proximity to the ROM (Registry of Marriages) makes this spot even more popular for celebrations of love.

Perched on the edge of Fort Canning Park accessible by a flight of garden steps, the restaurant is housed in a stately 100+year old black and white bungalow, serving up refined cuisine that marries French culinary techniques with the brilliance of Japanese ingredients.

Many are intimidated by its formal aura, but you’d be glad to know that lunch sets begin at an affordable $38++ (4 courses). Wine pairings are available from $38 for 3 glasses, while sparkling or still water comes at $8 for unlimited flow. The following courses are part of the Omakase-style menu priced at $108++ per person.

Buri Daikon (part of the Omakase set meal)

Judging from the food he presents, I can tell Chef Ryoichi Kano of Lewin Terrace is one who respects ingredients and is strict on quality. The starter of Buri Daikon is a playful combination of Japanese and French, with the clean tasting Japanese yellow tail matching the classic French ratatouille seamlessly.

Foie Gras Terrine ($28)

The artfully plated Foie Gras Terrine has got to be one of regulars’ all-time favourite, seemingly becoming a staple on the menu. The rich and creamy foie gras terrine is wrapped in pickled radish (bettaraduke/Japanese pickles), served with a paper-thin crystal chip (potato chip) accompanied by a mango and passionfruit puree and lemon charcoal on the side for dipping. The idioms that go “good things come in pairs” and “good things come in small packages” both apply in this case. Continue reading

Antoinette Restaurant, Påtisserie & Salon de Thé


The Queen’s Vacherin ($25) – rose petal meringue filled with yuzu cream, vanilla bean ice cream, vanilla crème chantilly, lychee, strawberries and raspberries, crowned with spun sugar

Antoinette has carved a huge name in Singapore’s dessert field, satiating sweet tooth(s) of all ages and genders. So much so the savoury items are often left out of conversations, underemphasised, undervalued. It’s time to give the savoury menu a time to shine –not that it needs a desperate call for attention, but it does deserve special mention.

The brand (and appellation) is inspired by the famous last queen of France, Marie Antoinette. Conceived by Chef Pang Kok Keong, Antoinette Restaurant, Påtisserie & Salon de Thé has 3 outlets: its flagship store at 30 Penhas Road opened in June 2011, second at Mandarin Gallery opened 2 months later, and the third and largest (3100 square feet) opened in 2012 at Palais Renaissance. The outlets exude the style and ambience of Marie’s favourite hideaway chateau, the Petit Trianon, in the gardens of Versailles.

The flagship store at Penhas Road for instance is bedecked in an eclectic mix of charming furniture evocative of the late eighteenth century neoclassical style.

Chef Pang’ has a strong foundation in classical French cuisine, and is highly gifted in both the sweet and savoury departments. The dedication and precision he applies to his sweets are also applied to savouries, which are bound to impress fastidious diners. I never knew this before, but the savoury menu is available across all three outlets.

Quinoa Salad ($16.50)

First to impress is the artfully presented Quinoa Salad, composed of rocket leaves, compressed watermelon chunks, roasted butternut squash, pumpkin seeds, sour dough chips, feta cheese, sherry vinaigrette and extra virgin olive oil. Scoring high distinction for the excellence in the coalition of ingredients, the contrasting textures work well together. This is one salad that leaves a deep impression and builds up desire. Continue reading

Poulét, Singapore’s popular French casual dining restaurant, launches a new menu


Poulet Diane ($17.90)

Poulét, best known for its succulent and juicy roasted chicken, has refashioned the entire French dining scene in Singapore since its opening last year, making French cuisine more accessible and affordable to the mass. (Read about my first dining experience here:

In celebration of its second anniversary, Poulét launches new exciting dishes to add to perennial favourites in its revamped menu. Also, previous promotional items that were overwhelmingly popular – such as the Truffle Mashed Potato and Peach Clafoutis – are now permanent fixtures in the menu. Continue reading

The Grand Astor Afternoon Tea at The St. Regis Singapore (3pm to 5pm daily)


Almost nothing beats a relaxing afternoon with a perfect blend of tea paired with the most delectable bites away from the hype and buzz of paper work. The St. Regis Singapore offers a harmonious tea experience and a spread of sweet delights at The Grand Astor Afternoon Tea held by Brasserie Les Saveurs. The Wellness Group (TWG) tea connoisseur has specially arranged an exclusive selection of teas that will pair perfectly with the epicurean spread for our indulgence.

On top of the afternoon tea buffet spread, guests will be served savoury pastries and enticing desserts set on a quintessential three-tiered silver stand, which are changed frequently based on chef’s creations of the day. Continue reading

Bar-Roque Grill counts down to Bastille Day with celebrations from 1 to 14 July 2014


Bar-Roque Grill celebrates its first year anniversary with 13 days of classic French dishes from 1 July 2014, leading up to French’s National Day, Bastille Day, giving lovers of French cuisine more reason to indulge in a flamboyant feast revolving around the best of France in this cosy yet sophisticated enclave.

Charcuterie board ($38/$62) – pork rillette, foie gras, chicken & sunchoke terrine, pork knuckle terrine, white kurobuta smoked ham, duck prosciutto, salami, country duck pate and rabbit rillette

The celebratory menu features classic Northern and Southern French dishes not commonly found in Singapore, such as Escargot Fricassee, Provencal appetiser Pistou Soup, Veal Cordon Bleu, classic steak dish Tournedos Rossini, slow-cooked casserole Cassoulet, hearty Braised Lamb Shank Provencal and more. Throughout the celebrations, a variety of five to seven types of French cheeses will also be available, as well as Burgundy and Champagne wine promotions (from 1 to 6 July) and wines from the South of France (from 7 to 14 July).

Classic Tarte Flambee ($14/$22)

Dining at Bar-Roque Grill transports one to the dazzling Baroque period of 17th century Europe. Alsace-born Chef Stephane Istel who helms the kitchen draws deep from traditional roots, with dishes classic yet powerfully responsive to modern times.

The Classic Tarte Flambée carries familiar features one would associate with pizza –crust and toppings. Unlike pizza, the crust of this tart flambée is light, crispy and cracker-thin. Topped with bacon, onions and of course lovingly melted cheese to bind everything together.

Bouillabaisse ($42)

The Bouillabaisse arrives in three separate components: saffron broth, croutons with rouille, and of course the focal point, grilled seafood accented with fresh dill, perked up with grilled red peppers, and laced caramelised onion that elevates this dish to a whole new level. Continue reading

Seasonal Spring Creations at Brasserie Les Saveurs of St. Regis Singapore


As we are approaching the closure of the Seasonal Spring Menu at Brasserie Les Saveurs of St. Regis Singapore, here’s a recap and highlights of what you’ve missed or would be missing if you don’t act fast.

Available till mid June 2014, the seasonal creations are thoughtfully handcrafted by French native, Chef de Cuisine Fabrice Passicos. For a prolonged evening, skim through the a la carte menu and go for the 7-course degustation dinner experience ($168++ per person or $228++ with wine pairing).

Light Morel Veloute and Foie Gras Custard served with Herb Brioche Toast and Morel Dumpling
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The Cliff at The Singapore Resort & Spa Sentosa plays host to a different Michelin-starred chef each month: Chef Pascal Aussignac from 14 to 18 May 2014


Each month, a different Michelin-starred Chef will be showcasing their culinary finesse at award-winning restaurant The Cliff, nestled within the lush, tranquil premises of The Singapore Resort & Spa Sentosa.

Enter the restaurant through a narrow resplendent walkway bordered by a cascading wall-mounted water feature and glass panels, to find a spacious alfresco haven spotlighting a theatrical show kitchen.

Perched on a cliff overlooking lush foliage and the sea, the view is no short of spectacular.

This May, Chef Pascal Aussignac of award-winning French restaurant Club Gascon in London, brings his French and British influences to our sunny island with a menu that showcases his signature culinary techniques. He will be presenting a 6-course degustation menu from 14 to 17 May at The Cliff, and lead the Sunday Champagne Brunch at The Terrace on 18 May. Continue reading

JAAN at Swissotel The Stamford presents Seasonal Harvests of Autumn/Winter from now till end of March 2014


From January till March 2014, JAAN at Swissotel The Stamford brings forth a new seasonal menu that features the nostalgic flavours of autumn and winter.

Chef de Cuisine Julien Royer’s artisanal menu is inspired by the bounty of fruits and vegetables harvested back in his hometown of Cantal, France, during the cold European seasons.

I speak of my dining experience at JAAN with exuberance and fervour. The dining experience embodies unparalleled splendour in all aspects; starting right from the moment you enter the premises.

Follow me through this gastronomic journey that is like no other, as my photos take you on a visual treat. Continue reading

(Christmas Feature 2013) St. Regis Singapore


If you’ve been contemplating on that one special occasion to splurge on an extravagant meal, this festive season is most befitting to. Pamper yourselves at one of the world’s finest hotels, St. Regis Singapore, as they bring you a series of celebratory menus at three restaurants –Brasserie Les Saveurs for refined French cuisine, LaBrezza for hearty Italian, and Yan Ting for classic Cantonese innovations.

To enjoy the company of your loved ones, friends or colleagues, the John Jacob Ballroom is the perfect venue for a lavish year-end party. Guests can choose between two thematic settings: of exquisite silvery elegance or luscious red grandeur.

For more information, contact St. Regis Singapore’s Events Specialists at or visit

Festive menus include extravagant buffet spreads and distinctive set menus, priced from $108++ per person.

Here’s a sneak peek of what St. Regis Singapore is offering this jolly season.

Amuse Bouche – Poached Egg with Shaved Black Truffles (LaBrezza)

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(Christmas Feature 2013) Degustation Festive Dinner Menus at French Brasserie Clifford, Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore


Festive dining is special in many ways –one of which is the joys of spending quality time with loved ones.

Ambience plays an important role in our dining choices. If you’re looking to recline in pure luxury, and enjoy the charming views by the window, French Brassier Clifford at Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore is where you can consider.

Celebrations at French Brasserie Clifford, Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore begin from 27 November 2013.

Foie Gras two ways – Terrine on Brioches, Pan Seared Coffee Dust (available in Festive 4-Course Degustation Dinner from 27 November to 23 December, and 26 to 30 December 2013)

From 27 November to 23 December 2013, a four-course degustation festive dinner menu is available at $95++ per person.

Vin Blanch Poached Turbot with Grenble’s Sauce of Lemon Caper and Crisp Croutons (available in Festive 4-Course Degustation Dinner from 27 November to 23 December, and 26 to 30 December 2013)

Courses include the Foie Gras Terrine on Brioche, Vin Blanch Poached Turbot with Grenoble’s Sauce of Lemon Caper and Crisp Croutons or Traditional Season Carved Turkey with Stuffing, Chestnut, Brussels Sprouts, Braised Cabbage and Giblet Gravy, and Mont Blanc –Chestnut Cream Snow Meringue with Caramelised Chestnut. Couples enjoying the festive dinner menu may choose to pair their dinner with a bottle of champagne at $268++ per couple. Continue reading

Brasserie Les Saveurs presents contemporary French indulgences crafted by Chef de Cuisine, Antoine Bonnet


Brasserie Les Saveurs, the signature restaurant of The St. Regis Singapore, announces a new culinary experience with its latest a la carte menu featuring brasserie-style contemporary French indulgences specially crafted by Chef de Cuisine, Antoine Bonnet.

Before I begin raving about the gastronomic experience, the opulent surroundings and luxurious settings at Brasserie Les Saveurs is simply enchanting. The alluring live singing and melodious tunes from the grand piano further adds to the mood of elegance.

Amuse Bouche

Our meal commences on a high note with the Amuse Bouche creating a sweet dance of sensations on the palate. Continue reading

STREET 50, Bay Hotel Singapore’s global flavours restaurant


STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar at Bay Hotel Singapore presents a global spectrum of flavours – from Italian, French and American to Vietnamese, Indonesian and local – with its own unique twists.

The menu caters to diverse palates of both consumers in Singapore and visitors from across the world, ranging from meats and seafood, Asian selections, gourmet bites to pastas and pizzas. With so many good possible choices, you will have a hard time making a decision on what to order.

Salmon Cutlet

Chef Ricky who helms the kitchen is classically trained in French cuisine, but has also tremendous experience churning out Asian cuisine.

Starters start at $8, pastas range from $12 to $18, mains range from $18 to $22 and Asian selections range from $12 to $24. Continue reading

Au Chocolat at Marina Bay Sands


Au Chocolat is a made-in-Singapore French-inspired playground for chocolates, confections and savoury treats, located at the prestigious Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Why I call it a playground: It takes you on an enchanting romp; you swing by the candy shop (the confectionary) to gaze at dainty indulgences, almost feeling the need to tug on mum’s dress and beg her for one; ‘I scream for ice cream’, the ice cream booth dispenses a quintessential treat to appease the wailing kids; omnipresent at every theme park, the ‘toyshop’ is where the young and old can do some retail therapy or shop for souvenirs; and lastly, hop over to the whimsically decorated bistro dining area with your famished stomachs to nourish your bodies after a day of play.

At Au Chocolate Bistro, Head Chef Elvin Chew showcases his flair for incorporating chocolate into savoury dishes, succeeding without facing unwelcome backlash. He made kids’ dreams – of consuming chocolate during mealtime – possible, what conventional parents of Stone Age would not have approved of.

The Au Chocolat Bistro offers all day dining with a wide variety of flavours.

Au Chocolat Fudge Freeze ($12)

Rice and creamy chocolate fudge topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings

The Au Chocolat Fudge Freeze was pure bliss, and I was so reluctant to share. But, imagine how much more calories I’d be consuming if I didn’t!

Modern Nicoise ($20)

Fresh picked salad with French beans, roasted potato pieces, feta cheese and sundried tomatoes topped with seared tuna

The menu consists of soups, burgers, sandwiches, pastas, meats and more. But, if your palate dares step out of the box, sample what Au Chocolat focuses on –chocolate.

If you think the integration of chocolate and salad totally defeats the purpose of ‘consuming salad to maintain a slim waistline’, don’t be too quick to judge! The dark chocolate balsamic vinaigrette contains no more calories and fat than your usual salad dressing. Furthermore, cocoa has health benefits to boot, such as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. As opposed to what I was envisaging, the dressing is deficit of sweetness; it is slightly tangy and subtly bitter.

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