Bangkok’s Best Food Court 2015: Central Embassy’s Eathai


I travel to Bangkok at least once a year, mainly for the love of Thai food. The explosion of flavours – comprising sour, spicy, salty, sweet and even bitterness –that invigorates the taste buds, is just out of this world. Street food is the best way to experience Thai food. But, if hygiene and cleanliness is your main concern, and you seek high quality in the ingredients that go into the dishes, then your best option is Eathai at Central Embassy, raved by many to be Bangkok’s best food court.

Central Embassy by the Central Group is a classy and sophisticated shopping haven, featuring an 8-storey retail podium. You will find an extensive range of retail outlets with big luxury brands to boot. Restaurants can be found mostly on level 5, while cafes are dispersed amongst different levels. Continue reading

“The Best of Thai” at Escape Restaurant & Lounge, One Farrer Hotel & Spa (2 to 16 April 2015)


One Farrer Hotel & Spa in Singapore collaborates with Guest Chef Aek Charttrakul and his team from the Thailand Culinary Academy to present “The Best of Thai” from 2 to 16 April 2015.

Before I begin with the food, I have to say that I am very impressed (unexpectedly) by the overall feel of his hotel, having stepped foot here for the first time. This relatively new five-star hotel, located away from the bustling city centre, strikes one as being built to anticipate the arrivals of diplomats and VIPS at first glance. As you enter the hotel, you are welcomed by a sense of sophistication. Art pieces grace the spacious lobby, with soothing music playing in the background.

At Escape Restaurant & Lounge, white linen tablecloths give the restaurant a clean and classy look, albeit too formal for buffet pleasures I feel, but nonetheless comfortable. The theatrical open kitchen grants diners unobstructed views of chefs in action. The crowd was a little sparse on last Friday evening, which was good for me because I enjoy the quiet peace and less people swarming around the buffet line, but I don’t think the restaurant will enjoy such peace for a long time, especially when more people start knowing about what a gem this place is.

Plain white plates are glued into sculptures of art and hidden away in display cabinets, replaced by various shapes and sizes of ornate dinnerware that are totally “instagram-worthy”. This is where you can truly show off your incredible food plating creativity. Continue reading

Cooking with Dancing Chef’s Pineapple Rice Paste and Tom Yam Paste


It used to be almost impossible for busy executives to cook a decent meal at home, especially after a toiling day at work, much less restaurant/hawker-quality Asian cuisine. The amount of time one needs to spend on prepping the ingredients is enough to deter. Now, with the aid of Dancing Chef, you can flaunt an impressive spread, ready in a flash.

Dancing Chef was my best friend when I was based in Melbourne for a month, homesick and craving for Asian cuisine. The brand carries a range of easy-to-use Asian cooking pastes and stir-fry sauces encompassing the tastes of Thai, Chinese, Singaporean and Indonesian cuisines. It’s good to know that the pastes embody only natural ingredients, with no added MSG, preservatives, artificial flavouring or colouring. The basis of a cooking paste involves the chopping, blending and pounding of ingredients, which Dancing Chef has got it covered. You can make your own paste from scratch (which I have done before), but it takes lots of effort and time (though I would say it is worth it if you have time to spare).

So with the convenience of Dancing Chef’s cooking pastes, all we need to do is add in a few key ingredients such as fresh meat and vegetables, cook for a few minutes and the meal is ready to be enjoyed. With the cooking pastes, you can rustle up the meals easily, quickly and consistently. The cooking pastes also presents as a base for further enhancement, where you can allow your creative flair to shine by adding your own unique touches. Continue reading

Rochor Thai at Joo Chiat Road (Melicacy readers enjoy free Thai Iced Tea!)


Rochor Thai is a humble and unpretentious bistro serving, as its name suggests, Thai cuisine. It was previously located at Rochor Centre building, hence its appellation. Rochor Thai is now satiating palates in the east, along the shophouses on Joo Chiat Road.

This gem prides itself for being the only Thai dining establishment in Singapore that strictly refrains from the use of MSG (monosodium glutamate). The generous use of herbs, spices and aromatics make up for the absence of MSG, which is commendable, how flavourful the dishes are rendered. Many restaurants take the easy way out and count on the liberal use of MSG for flavour enhancement. Continue reading

Cuisine from the Land of Smiles – Thai Buffet Promo at Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore


Seafood Salad

Feast@East Buffet Restaurant at Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore takes diners on a journey to Thailand with a Festival of Cuisine from the Land of Smiles from 18th October to 3rd November 2013.

The festival presents a rotational menu featuring popular Thai dishes such as Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Thai herb salad with sea bass and prawn spring rolls.

Minced Pork Salad

Be prepared to feast your eyes on this image-heavy blog post. Continue reading

Siam Kitchen


Being a regular visitor to the Nex Shopping Mall due to its close proximity to my home, I’m thankful for the wide variety of dining options available there. When craving for Thai cuisine, Siam Kitchen is the go-to place.

Green Mango Salad ($8.30)

Native cooks from Thailand have gone through studious culinary training in their home country before they are qualified to helm the kitchen at Siam Kitchen in Singapore. Continue reading

(Bangkok) A visit to Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School


I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures from my previous Bangkok Travelogue.

Having talked about my solitary adventures, the highlight of my trip this time round though, transcends what any other regular tourist would have included in their itinerary –unless you’re here for a culinary learning experience.

If you’ve been following me closely on Instagram, you would probably have seen snippets of my visit to Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School.

(Pictures in this post are all taken using the iPhone 4S, so pardon the quality of images!)

Le Cordon Bleu is a prestigious network of educational institutions dedicated to providing the highest level of culinary and hospitality training through world class programs, with campuses around the globe including Paris (France), London (UK), Madrid (Spain), Australia, Japan, Korea, Wellington (New Zealand), America and Bangkok (Thailand).

Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School is a joint venture between Le Cordon Bleu International and Dusit Internationalone of Thailand’s leading Hotel brands – opened in 2007.

To briefly introduce the courses available, there’s the Classic Cycle Programme, Professional Thai Cuisine, The Art of Bakery, Wine Studies, Barista workshops and more. Continue reading

(Travelogue) Bangkok Diary; 6th-18th June 2013


Flying to Bangkok to me is a regular affair. This neighbouring country, the ‘land of a thousand smiles’, offers great street food and bargain buys –a shopaholic’s empyrean, a food lover’s heaven, and also where many fashion retail owners and blogshop owners bulk up on their stock of apparels.

Today, 19th June 2013, marks my 13th day in Bangkok; it won’t be long before I have to bid this unforgettable city goodbye again.

As an insouciant traveller and a lucid wanderer, I eradicated any form of touristy sightseeing plans (much less join a tour group), and explored the country in my own random spontaneous ways.

Being a solo-traveller, I have gotten lost and found my way around (thanks to google maps and friendly locals or I’d still be lost); I’ve walked the off-the-beaten-paths and relish the serenity aspect of it that no one else cares for because it isn’t a prominent landmark that everyone talks about; and the best part about travelling alone is that I can roam around freely without following a stringent schedule (this also applies to what time I can wake up –anytime).

Armed only with an iPhone 4S – no dslr, not even a compact camera – my shots are mostly random and candid, taken out on the streets, portraying Bangkok the way I perceive it. Continue reading

ThaiExpress (2013 Menu)


As promised in my Bugis+ Food Trail post, here’s the full review of ThaiExpress.

It’s been more than a couple of years since my last trip to Bangkok –it used to be a yearly affair until I decided I should use my available time to venture into new countries rather than feeding my insatiable appetite for Thai street food, hence I temporarily bid Bangkok goodbye.

I still miss the food terribly. Fortunately, ThaiExpress allays the tremendous hankering, with its wide variety of Thai dishes –especially with its newly revamped menu of over 130 items. The menu is inspired by the endless array of authentic Thai dishes found in different parts of Thailand.

Tom Yum Peek Gai (Crispy Tom Yum Chicken Wing; $8.30)

As mentioned in my Bugis+ Food Trail post, “the wings exceeded my expectations… Continue reading

Food Trail at Bugis+ with Omy bloggers


Last weekend, a group of bloggers were invited to a 6-hour-long food trail, covering over 10 dining establishments in Bugis+. With an empty stomach and a voracious appetite, we sampled a wide range of cuisine from American to Chinese, and Korean to Thai, available in the promising mall.

(Hashtag for the event: #BugisPlus; follow me @melicacy on Instagram)

Regrettably, I had an event to cover earlier in the day, hence I missed out on several restaurants. Nevertheless, I’ll be featuring some of the restaurants I’ve visited at Bugis+ during the past few months, in addition to what we’ve sampled during the food trail. Continue reading

Plaza Brasserie at PARKROYAL presents ‘Flavours of Thai’


I never fail to enjoy myself every time I dine at Plaza Brasserie. Great company complemented with good food, what more can I ask for?

There is something so alluring about this place that keeps me wanting to come back for more. :)

From 5 September to 31 October 2012, Plaza Brasserie presents Flavours of Thai –an empirical interpretation of Thai cuisine by Executive Chef Jackson Goh. He is not Thai per se, but do not belittle his expertise and his deep understanding of the culturally rich Thai cuisine.

Blending vibrant colours and invigorating flavours, this is no mundane dinner session.

Let the feast begin.
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ThaiExpress –Sa-nook Menu available from 1 June to 31 August 2012


Experience the quintessential flavours of Thailand at ThaiExpress, where there are over 15 outlets islandwide, conveniently located in both the heartlands and in the city.

ThaiExpress goes global, with numerous outlets in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.

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Bumbu Thai-Indonesian Restaurant


I was in the Arab Street vicinity, where I attended the media launch of the Very Short International Film Festival 2012. Having absolutely no dinner plans made, we resorted to the HungryGoWhere iPhone app in search of a place to pacify my grumbling tummy.

My foodie friend, Derrick (SgFoodOnFoot), then suggested Bumbu, which is a few steps down the road from Objectifs.

Bumbu is situated in the Kampong Glam enclave on Kandahar Street, housed in a quaint and historical shophouse. Having featured on our local Channel 8 television show – the Buffet Buffet season 2《永远吃不肥2 》 categorised under the “below $20 buffet dinner” – this restaurant is bustling with activity.
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