Classic cocktails, perfected by Anti:Dote bar of Fairmont Singapore


Just had to share. Top Cocktail Bar, Anti:Dote, launched a new cocktail menu, named The Revivals, that draws inspiration from the classics. Think: delicious classics re-imagined with a modern twist. The pages of the stylish menu show off the team’s artistic flair with sketches of the each drink in its befitting glassware.

And you’d be impressed with the elegant handcrafted Schott Zwiesel crystal glassware in which the drinks are served. Its classy aesthetics contributes no less to enhancing the enjoyment of the cocktails than the deliciousness itself.
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Ice Cream Coffee Lattes at Haagen Dazs


Something new is brewing at Haagen-Dazs: a new generation of coffee beverages, where coffee meets ice cream.

From 13 November 2015, coffee lovers can enjoy illy coffee blended with a range of indulgent Haagen-Dazs ice cream flavours such as Macadamia Nut, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate. When coffee meets ice cream, you get a smooth and creamy mouthfeel; with the right ratio of coffee to ice cream, you get an enriched coffee beverage without the cloyingness. A non-coffee option would be the light and milky green tea latte made of Haagen-Dazs’ green tea ice cream and steamed milk.

Available both hot and cold, I personally find that certain flavours like the strawberry latte and the cookies & cream latte taste better presented cold. Especially when the strawberry latte that comes with tiny chunks of strawberry from the ice cream, biting into a warm strawberry chunk may be perceived as unsettling for some. Fruity and slightly acidic, the strawberry latte is one unique flavour concocted by the talented baristas from Bettr Barista Coffee Academy.

Out of the 6 creations, the Macadamia Nut Latte is a personal favourite. It’s smooth, creamy without being too thick, and boasts a subtle nutty background flavour. The coffee flavour predominates as it does similarly for the other beverages.

The lattes seem neither heavy nor too thick despite the addition of ice cream, very unlike milkshakes. They are available at the nine Haagen-Dazs outlets, retailing at $6.80 each.

For the full list of Haagen-Dazs outlets, visit

Beesket –D.I.Y Mix-And-Match Juice Bar


Arriving in Singapore from the Land of K-pop, Beesket is a trendy Korean D.I.Y juice bar providing customers with unlimited fun and freedom in creating their own juices.

The name Beesket is “Bee” and “Basket” combined, reflecting the creative and fun ordering process customers experience at the counter when deciding on their Beesket Original juice ($5.90 per 350ml cup).

The honeycomb-like design of the Beesket counter is filled with fruit capsules in a myriad of vibrant colours, each hue representing a fruit or vegetable. Customers can simply pick up a ‘basket’ and, like a bee, busily pick their capsules and drop them into the basket.

Pick up to 3 different types of fruit capsules and have your juice creation made upon order. All fruit capsules are outfitted with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips that when scanned, instantly provide information such as calorie counts and nutritional values for the juice combination in each cup, in which customers will receive a printout of.

Share your printouts if you love your juice combinations. I chose Grape, Pomegranate and Pineapple, perfect for my sweet tooth!

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Each A Cup – Beauty & Wellness in a cup of Bubble Tea


Homemade bubble tea

A seemingly never-dying craze, bubble tea still garners throngs of supporters since its birth in the late 1990s. The beverage culture originated in Taiwan, a country renowned for oolong, black and green tea. Headquartered in Taiwan, Each-A-Cup is one of the bubble tea pioneers in Singapore that has survived and flourished throughout the years, constantly enticing customers and regulars with new products. They specialise in a large variety of freshly brewed teas, ice blended drinks, smoothies, yoghurt drinks, snow shakes, coffees, and creative juices.

In recent times, Each-A-Cup has undergone a facelift, rebranding itself with a vibrant orange-coloured logo that appears to be the illustration of the top view of a bubble tea cup, a view that bubble tea drinkers are well acquainted with.

The new direction for this bubble tea joint is largely defined by a lifestyle concern for health and wellness, hence a strong focus on drinks with beauty and health benefits. Drinks under the Energy Burst category, such as the Azuki brown rice milk tea, pack in vitamins that deliver that much-needed shots of energy; the series of flavoured coffees and specialty teas under Mind Booster are stimulating and sustain alertness throughout the day; Weight Lite drinks such as Golden Buckwheat tea with Katen and Aloe Vera and a range of fruity teas offer sweet, guilt-free drinks for those watching their weight; under the Forever Young category, the range of green teas and Chamomile milk tea brim with antioxidants for optimal health and well being; Daily Dose drinks like the Yakult Apple Jelly Green Tea or Honey Kanten with Ai Yu are zesty beverages that help strengthen the immunity system.

Some will be happy to note that several drinks such as the Golden Buckwheat tea and Rooibos tea are caffeine-free, ideal for children and those allergic to caffeine.

Here’s my attempt on the Yakult Lemon Green Tea with a minty twist.

Ingredients needed:
– Freshly brewed Jasmine Green Tea
– Yakult
– Fresh green lemon juice (they squeeze it using a lemon extractor machine)
– Desired sugar level
– Ice
– (My own addition: fresh mint leaves)

Premium tealeaves and tapioca pearls used by Each-A-Cup are sourced by its headquarters in Taiwan from high-quality Taiwanese companies. Replicating them is nearly impossible even if you have the complete recipe, unless you have connections with these Taiwanese suppliers.

For more information about Each-A-Cup, visit

Discover the ‘Unofficial Official History of Singapore’ with Tiger Beer


So it seems, Singapore was not the only great thing born in 1965; the first Tiger Beer can was also introduced that year. In conjunction with the nation’s upcoming golden jubilee celebrations, Tiger Beer launches a campaign seeking to explore the origins of some of Singapore’s icons in a light-hearted manner to, which looks to inspire Singaporeans to take a fresh perspective on the history of Singapore. Continue reading

The Ultimate GUINNESS Experience – St. Patrick’s Festival is happening from 11 to 17 March


St. Patrick’s Day (Festival) has been extended from a weekend carnival to an entire week of celebrations across Singapore, with a range of exiting activities lined up from 11 to 17 March 2015. Celebrations will not be complete without GUINNESS, the iconic dark brew globally synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day. Supported by GUINNESS, the Official Beer of the event, St. Patrick’s Street Festival (13-15 March, Boat Quay) is a key highlight you shouldn’t miss.

The weeklong extravaganza will also feature Jack & Rai paying a tribute to Irish music at Timbre @ The Substation on 11 March, top international chefs battling it out at Singapore’s 19th Guinness Oyster Opening Championship at Muddy Murphy’s on 15 March, #1 Irish Entertainer in the Middle East, Paddyman, and specially created Guinness-infused tapas at Fabrika @ Klapsons, accompanied by special GUINNESS offers.

Those joining in the fun can put these Irish tips to good use:

1) To say ‘A pint of Guinness, please’, say Pionta Guinness, le do thoil (Pyun-tah Guinness, leh duh huh-il)
2) To say ‘Cheers’, say Slainte! (Sloyn-cheh)

See you there!

Manhattan Bar at Regent Singapore introduces “Lower East Side” to its updated menu


Penicillin ($23)

Manhattan Bar at Regent Singapore entered our cocktail scene with a bang last April, and unlike other establishments that claimed quick success, the hype did not die down for this grand hotel bar. Excitement level is kept on a constant high, especially when the bartending and culinary team continuously up their game with each menu launch.

Ode to “Eggs” ($10) – sweet coconut semifreddo “egg white”, pineapple-mango “yolk”, served with slices of crisp brioche

Manhattan commenced the year 2015 with the introduction of five new classic craft cocktails and four gourmet bar bites, revolving around the trendy yet cultural neighbourhood, Lower East Side, to replace “Wall Street” on the menu. You will also find new additions to existing neighbourhoods (Soho, Upper East Side, Theater District and Spanish Harlem) on the menu. Continue reading

Tiger Beer unleashes patriotic red and white livery this National Day


In commemoration of Singapore’s 49th birthday, Tiger Beer unleashes a patriotic livery encompassing the colours of our national flag. The limited edition 330ml cans, retailing at $25.60 for a pack of 10, are stripped off the iconic blue tone and donned a vivacious red and white colour scheme. Continue reading

L’Aiglon Cocktail Bar (July 2014 Summer Aperitif Cocktails)


I don’t mean to sound like I’m turning into a chronic alcoholic, because I used to avoid alcoholic beverages like plague. The thing is, I’ve taken a huge fancy to cocktails in recent times, more or less in the influence of the growing numbers of new-fangled cocktail bars that slowly helped change my perception of libations. One of which that left a deep impression was L’Aiglon, a charming cocktail bar ensconced in a shophouse along the Tanjong Pagar dining district.

Elderflower Spritz ($14)

The owner is French native Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart, also a film director, photographer and avid traveller. Not unexpectedly the stylish bar exudes French masculinity accented with Asian touches, seating 80 guests in three distinct spaces –an outdoor terrace, a private room, and a lounge flaunting an attention-grasping 8.2 metre-long bar.

Cocchi Cooler

This season, L’Aiglon brings forth a refreshing Summer Aperitif Cocktails menu that’s available from 5pm to 8pm daily, priced at $14++ each. The menu is made up of 8 light and easy-to-drink aperitif cocktails, a mix of both classic and original concoctions, with the aim of tempting you out of the office before sunset. Continue reading

Manhattan Bar at Regent Singapore


Manhattan Bar at Regent Singapore opened its doors on 24 April 2014, and has since become one of the top bars in Singapore, drawing a constant flow of the sophisticated and cosmopolitan crowd.

Main Salon (Photo provided by Regent Singapore)

The concept of this grand hotel bar gets its inspiration from the 19th century’s Golden Age of cocktails and fine dining. Sporting a glamorous and modern space reminiscent of old New York, Manhattan Bar is where craft bartending meets artisanal spirits, and where the classic and forgotten cocktails that leap from the pages of history are given deserved glory and honour. Continue reading

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto MILO –a stylish and fuss-free way of enjoying MILO


MILO is one of my favourite beverages –it gratifies in both its cold and hot state, also in both its liquid and solid state (think: eating MILO powder straight out from the tin, MILO chocolate, etc). We speak a lot about comfort foods but rarely about comfort drinks. Should there be a benchmark to measure comfort drinks, MILO would be a great fit.

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto recently launched a new capsule flavour that takes the pleasures of drinking MILO to a whole new sophisticated and chic level. Continue reading

One-Ninety Bar by Javier De Las Muelas opens at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore


The opening of One-Ninety Bar by Javier De Las Muelas at the soothing enclave of Four Seasons Hotel Singapore is one of the most noteworthy events to happen in the Singapore bar scene in recent times, offering excellent service, dynamite cocktails and delectable bites, under the watchful eye of their creative partner Javier de las Muelas, master of the award-winning Dry Martini Bar in Barcelona.

Potentially the next best high-heel-treacherous bar in the city, the bar is built on a whole lot of poise, exuding a sophisticated ambience while still remaining completely approachable. Continue reading

Haagen-Dazs introduces specially crafted Coffee Creations infused with the new Chocolate Hazelnut Brittle


Catering to the palates of chocoholics and coffee lovers alike, Haagen-Dazs invites Eduardo Vastolo, illyCaffe Barista Trainer for the Asia Pacific Region, to craft three coffee creations infused with the new Chocolate Hazelnut Brittle ice cream flavour.

This new flavour is a decadent combination of dark chocolate ice cream with a smooth hazelnut swirl and textured pieces of crunchy hazelnut brittle.

Coffee fans can enjoy Eduardo’s creations in the comforts of their homes as Eduardo has a step-by-step video guide on how to create them using home coffee machines. He also hosted a series of workshops for participants to learn how to make the perfect ice cream coffee.

I attended the hands-on session hosted by Eduardo, watched him demonstrate his recipes of the ice cream coffees, and also got to fabricate my own Haagen-Dazs coffee creation. Continue reading

AdstraGold Microbrewery & Bistro Bar at East Coast Road


Adstragold Microbrewery & Bistro Bar at East Coast Road is a stomping ground for beer connoisseurs, offering over 10 varieties of ales and stouts that are freshly brewed in-house. The premises houses 6 tanks of microbrewery systems, hence ensuring that they never run out of fresh beer.

Established in 2010, Adstragold Microbrewery is the first to brew cider in Singapore. I’m not a fan of beer at all, but the sweet and musty ciders go down easily for me. Setting the cider-brewing trend in motion, I’m definitely looking forward to more cider flavours from them.

Here is where you can enjoy a whole range of freshly crafted beers, tapped directly from the microbrewery tanks. Varieties include Golden Ale, Summer Wheat, Red Summer Wheat, Pilsner Premium, Red Ale, Indian Pale Ale (IPA; seasonal and limited edition), Nutty Brown Ale, Dark Ale, Roasty Stout, Nutty IPA and Red Oak Ale, priced from $4.90/mug and $7.90/pint.

Crispy Pork Belly ($12.90/$18.90)

Hankering for savoury items to accompany your beers? Consider the delectably juicy and crispy pork belly. Continue reading

Singapore River One unveils Weekly Campaign “Tuesdays by the River”


“Tuesdays by the River” is a 6-month weekly campaign organised by Singapore River One (SRO) and its partners, which aims to hype up and enhance the appeal of the Singapore River with a whole new nightlife experience.

Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay are three bustling spots that line the fringe of the Singapore River, which is popularly known as the nightlife mecca of Singapore teeming with a diverse range of food and beverage options. Currently the Singapore River and its three quays include 500 property owners, 700 business owners and 10,000 residents.

In a nutshell, Boat Quay comprises conserved shophouses that provide a diverse range of F&B options; Clarke Quay is a vibrant entertainment, shopping and hospitality destination; and Robertson Quay is a welcoming mixed-used area that offers riverfront living alongside dining and leisure offerings.

This promotional campaign marks the start of SRO’s one-year partnership with Visa as the official card for the Singapore River, where Visa cardholders can enjoy exclusive offers, discounts and promotions, including having access to exclusive 1-for-1 deals every Tuesdays from 17 September 2013 to 18 March 2014.

A highlight for “Tuesdays by the River” is the first-ever ‘river taxi pub crawl’ –a collaboration between SRO, Singapore Pub Crawl and River Explorer. Participants get to barhop via a scenic ride on board the river taxis, enjoy the breeze, meet fellow party lovers, and bask in Singapore River’s vibrant lights.

Highlights of the River Boat Pub Crawl include visiting 4 bars and 1 mega club via a River Boat, free shots at every bar, free club entry (VIP Treatment), and exclusive drinks specials (Special prices just for all pub crawlers). Continue reading