What will the Fire Rooster year bring for us in year 2017?


The monkey year is drawing to a close, and the rooster year is fast approaching. The elegant and enthusiastic rooster is traditionally associated with the following traits: faithful, attractive, responsible, intelligent, assertive, resilient, industrious, confident, noble, cheerful, arrogant, and sociable. The Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year on 28 January 2017, and most would assume it is the arrival of rooster year. However, according to the Chinese Farmer calendar, the New Year actually starts on 3 Feb 2017 at ‘rat hour’. It is a fire rooster year and has the following combination of elements:

To get an idea of what to expect in the coming year, we can look back at major events that happened in year 1957, which was also the fire monkey year. Based on historic events, we can expect some similar happenings for 2017, such as some major natural disasters such as earthquake, fires, floods, hurricane, heavy rain and mudslides. Accidents could be related to rail crash, and air plane crash. We could also expect to see an increase in nuclear activities. It is inevitable to have some form of disaster happening around the world each year. Once again, let’s pray that the catastrophic effects are minimized.

Looking at the formation of the year’s elements, both the metal and water elements are quite strong. Thus, you can expect a cold and wet year to come. Based on the year’s element combination, metal and water related industries will perform well, though metal industries may appear to be too competitive. Manufacturing of metal related products have great potential for growth. Additionally, wood related industries may be most rewarding. Fire and earth related industries will be weak but are still favourable. For example, housing, properties, and oil will still be well sought after, and investments could enjoy good returns.

Examples of wood related industries are furniture, decorations, nurseries, cafes, catering, books/publishing, gardening. Fire related industries are oil, IT, airlines, communication, food, chemical process. Water related industries are shipping, fishery, advertising, arts, spa, laundry, swimming sports, medicines, doctors/nurses. Metal related industries are finance, jewellery, railway, hardware, machinery, motor vehicles, minerals. Earth related industries are real estate properties, construction, civil engineering, lawyers.

In the coming fire rooster year, fire also symbolises passion and violence. In general, people can excel academically but will tend to be more argumentative, aggressive and rash. It is important to relax and socialise. As with the saying, “Pleasing nourishes the pleasing, smile and the whole world smiles with you”.

Women will tend to be stronger and strive to carve their own careers, but they should keep in mind not make their husbands feel threaten. One may be successful in their career but may not be successful in handling family affairs. There will be a tendency to clash with their spouse and may snowball in divorce. It is important to do some self-reflection, show affection, be connected with the family, and not burn your energy recklessly. Always take the initiative to clear any misunderstandings.

In terms of health, one should pay more attention to their heart, eye, bones, head or respiratory-related issues and seek medical advice whenever necessary.

One may encounter chaotic or unpredictable circumstances. To overcome the challenges you may face, keep in mind not to overestimate your own strength and act cautiously according to norms or rules in order avoid any harm. Be modest, innovative and don’t be greedy. It is wise to step back and watch; observe the situation carefully before making decisions. Be competent, sincere, positive and respond in a non-aggressive way to achieve pleasant and peaceful outcomes.

The luck that fire rooster year will bring for you largely depends on your individual Bazi, which is derived from your birth dates & time.

Will there be any changes to my house Feng Shui in 2017?

Yes, there will be changes in the types of energy to your surroundings and will affect most houses. Let me explain the types of energy that changes around your environment by using the flying stars analysis which is commonly practice nowadays. The flying stars information can also be easily found in the internet.

The annual formation of the stars begins on 4 Feb 2017 and the stars are symbolized by numbers and located on the nine squares as shown above. By superimposing the squares onto your house or office layout, you will be able to interpret the energies and its effects on your house. The meaning of the stars is interpreted in simple term as follows:

Star 1: a positive star and benefits career
Star 2: a negative star and can cause sickness
Star 3: a negative star and can cause argument
Star 4: a neutral star and benefits academic, romance
Star 5: most negative star and can cause misfortune
Star 6: a neutral star but when combine with negative star can have legal issues
Star 7: a negative star and can be robbed or involved in scandal
Star 8: most positive star and benefits career promotion & good wealth
Star 9: a positive star and can have happy activities

You should avoid the most negative star 5 sector which is the south sector of your house, and enhance on the most positive star 8 sector which is the east sector of your house.

There is another factor to consider is the annual afflictions such as Tai Sui & San Sha. It is advisable to keep these sectors undisturbed and avoid any major renovation or ground breaking to your house on these sectors during the year. If really unavoidable, you should at least mitigate its bad effect by selecting a good date to start with.

The Tai Sui will be at the West sector and it is okay to sit in this sector but you should avoid facing towards this direction. The San Sha will be at the East sector and you should try to avoid sitting on this sector but you can choose to face towards this direction.

The above interpretations can be useful as general guide. It is also important to consider the basic fundamental of the house trigram and enhance its individual sectors elements. However, if you feel that there are still recurring issues affecting the occupants, I would advise that it should be analyzed in detailed with the house or building flying star birth chart as well as the external and internal features which can only be done by those who had undergone proper training & practices.

I would recommend Ivan Koh for advices, who can be contacted at ivankoh2004@yahoo.com.sg.

Wishing all Happy and Prosperous 2017

What will the wood goat year bring for us in year 2015?


What will the wood goat year bring for us in year 2015? This article is for all my friends and readers, brought to you by Feng Shui expert Ivan Koh.

The horse year is coming towards an end and another zodiac animal, the goat, will soon arrive. The Chinese celebrate their lunar new year on 19 February 2015 and most would assume it is the arrival of the Goat year. However, according to the Chinese Farmer or Thousand year calendar, the New Year actually starts on 4 Feb 2015 at horse hour, and it is a wood goat year. It has the following combination of elements: Continue reading

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Madison Camera Bag ($329)

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As Christmas is drawing nearer, most parts of our population in Singapore of any religion would soak in the festive atmosphere and partake in the season of giving, bringing joy to the ones they love, partying and feasting on this special occasion. Christmas is never complete without the unwrapping of presents!

Fishing out the perfect Christmas gifts is no easy task. I mean, I’m sure you can relate to receiving gifts you don’t really need, want, or ever use. These sorts of gifts get stashed away, donated, given away, or thrashed out eventually. The formula for the perfect gift is to look for something practical, something that everyone would need, and something that is beneficial to that person. It may not be something that he/she is hankering for, but it will be something that he/she will treasure and actually use it.

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(Christmas Gift Ideas 2014) 1872 Clipper Tea’s Christmas collection, A Season of Magic


This one’s for tea aficionados! The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. presents its latest collection, A Season of Magic, to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Revisiting three favourite Christmas stories, the beautiful package encompasses a trio of exotic tea blends specially put together for this special occasion, named Shoemaker’s Elves, The Nutcracker, and Rudolph.
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Cooking with Dancing Chef’s Pineapple Rice Paste and Tom Yam Paste


It used to be almost impossible for busy executives to cook a decent meal at home, especially after a toiling day at work, much less restaurant/hawker-quality Asian cuisine. The amount of time one needs to spend on prepping the ingredients is enough to deter. Now, with the aid of Dancing Chef, you can flaunt an impressive spread, ready in a flash.

Dancing Chef was my best friend when I was based in Melbourne for a month, homesick and craving for Asian cuisine. The brand carries a range of easy-to-use Asian cooking pastes and stir-fry sauces encompassing the tastes of Thai, Chinese, Singaporean and Indonesian cuisines. It’s good to know that the pastes embody only natural ingredients, with no added MSG, preservatives, artificial flavouring or colouring. The basis of a cooking paste involves the chopping, blending and pounding of ingredients, which Dancing Chef has got it covered. You can make your own paste from scratch (which I have done before), but it takes lots of effort and time (though I would say it is worth it if you have time to spare).

So with the convenience of Dancing Chef’s cooking pastes, all we need to do is add in a few key ingredients such as fresh meat and vegetables, cook for a few minutes and the meal is ready to be enjoyed. With the cooking pastes, you can rustle up the meals easily, quickly and consistently. The cooking pastes also presents as a base for further enhancement, where you can allow your creative flair to shine by adding your own unique touches. Continue reading

La Mère Poulard Cookies


The popular French cookies by La Mère Poulard have recently captured attention with the new vibrant packaging. Carrying on the brand’s 126-year heritage, the new packaging retains the image of Mont Saint Michel – a well-known French heritage site famous for its history, architecture and landscape – where the brand was conceived back in 1888.

The cookies come in five different flavours – Chocolate Cookies, Les Galettes Caramel (a personal favourite; sweet, crunchy and fragrant), Red Fruits Cookies, Les Sablés (Butter), and Traditional Cookies – and are available in all major supermarkets island wide. You can also purchase online at Healthy Gourmet online store: http://shop.healthygourmet.sg.

An Ayurvedic Journey at St. Gregory Spa, PARKROYAL on Beach Road


Begin a healthy journey in the Ayurvedic lifestyle at the St. Gregory Spa –a brand PARKROYAL on Beach Road (together with several other PARKROYAL and Pan Pacific properties) collaborates with. Marking its first anniversary, St. Gregory Spa introduces An Ayurvedic Journey, an age-old healing art of Ayurveda. Continue reading

SingTel’s Newest Plan: Easy Mobile


Conventional plans are like odd-shaped boxes that are out of place and could neither fit in nor adjust to the fast pace ever changing lifestyles of individuals, especially Singaporean youths to young adults. You might SMS more in school, under the desk and away from your teachers’ haunting glances, but utilising more calls or data when you start tertiary education or service life. Do you really need to go through all the necessary hassle of changing or upgrading your plan at the shop? Will you have something in excess, like SMS, and short on data? Now, we understand that there is clearly no one-size-fits-all solution for fixed plans that require constant changes as individuals progress through life, but there is hope!

SingTel approaches this generation with flexibility, catering to a broad range of individual needs and demands. Each person’s means of communication differ; one might be using more data compared to the next person in the adjacent low-walled office cubicle who is spending more time staring at the monitor than his mobile phone? SingTel has conjured up a plan, with all puns intended, for the man with the plans. Even with attractive packages and deals that serve well and function economically, the new SingTel concept mobile plan is more than that. Easy Mobile is the first post-paid mobile service in Asia that provides users unhindered tariff plans that change and adapt to immensely diverse usage. Continue reading

Fun outdoor sports with Superfly Monkey Dragons – Parkour Freerunning Academy & Agency


Watch a child, watch his movements closely. He would have climbed the chair, jumped across the table, rolled down skillfully and vaulted over his toys. The world around him is his playground. There is no hesitation, nor limits, no reservations, and absolutely no thoughts on the ‘what-ifs’. If he falls, he gets up and try the chair again, if he bumps a knee, he would brush the pain off. Doesn’t this remind us of the trial and error activity we are familiar with while we were young. This is the art of movement, practiced alone or with cajoling company, competitive or not. Continue reading