Burlamacco at Amoy Street


A quaint Italian eatery sits along the stretch of Amoy Street, headed by a true-blue Tuscany-born Chef Gabriele –an indication of the authenticity of its cuisine. Already clinching the approvals of foodies, backed up by rave reviews, Burlamacco impresses with great culinary flair, with no pretentiousness involved.

Hand Chopped Red Tuna Tartar served with Avocado “Battuta” ($26)

Chef Gabriele’s approach to food is fun yet professional, staying true to his Italian roots while adding a few modern touches. He takes pride in the aesthetic aspect of food, with each dish making a visual impact.

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Open Door Policy at Yong Siak Street


Open Door Policy, Tiong Bahru estate’s well-loved modern bistro since October 2011, opens its doors to fresh and bolder ideas with a new head chef, Daniele Sperindio, helming the kitchen.

Chef Sperindio began his culinary journey at a tender age of 13 in Genoa, Italy, and honed his culinary skills in Paris and Monte Carlo after he completed training at the Professional Institute Marco Polo. He was also the sous chef of Michelin-starred Antica Osteria del Bai of Genoa, and has worked in fine dining restaurants in the US. He adds to his portfolio a Sommelier certification from the United States Sommeliers Association (USSA), for the benefit of marrying food with wines beautifully with a deeper understanding.

Beetroot Risotto (cooked in sherry vinegar) topped with Feta Goat Cheese and Pea Tendrils ($25)

Open Door Policy is favoured for its modern cooking techniques, which bring out the best of the ingredients and adding sophistication to hearty contemporary classics at the same time –essentially eclectic comfort food coked with finesse. The menu undergoes a major revamp, replacing 70% of list with exciting new dishes.

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Taiwan’s vegetarian dining concept SUFOOD opens in Singapore at Raffles City


Macaroni Alfredo Casserole

SUFOOD is a meat-free (aka vegetarian) dining concept hailing from Taiwan’s largest restaurant chain operator WOWPRIME. In collaboration with local PUTIEN, SUFOOD opens its first outlet outside of Taiwan in Singapore at Raffles City. The casual yet stylish 140-seater diner draws the health conscious crowd with its affordable full-service meat-free experience.

The Italian-inspired menu introduces sparks of novelty into modern day meat-free eating. Using about 200 ingredients, many of which sourced regionally, hugely focused on freshness, all food is prepared with no artificial flavourings or MSG.

SUFOOD appetiser: poached Japanese Yuca root with blueberry coulis, white water snowflake greens, cherry tomato jelly

Set menus are affordable at $25++ for a full customisable 8-course meal, consisting of the SUFOOD appetiser, rosemary breadsticks, fruit vinegar, choice of salad (4 choices), soup (4 choices), main (10 choices), dessert (4 choices) and drink (8 choices). If you don’t have time for a lengthy lunch, go for the 5-course Express Set Lunch at $18++ that comes with your choice of salad or soup, main, dessert and drink.

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