Din Tai Fung <3

the total bill came up to $74! (okay that sounds a lot for 2 people but i think i ate 3 person’s share thats why LOL)

didn’t have pictures of everything we ordered, but some of the stuff we had were prawn dumpling soup, fried prawn pancakes, xiao long baos, braised beef noodle soup, tofu topped with minced meat and mushroom, steamed yam paste buns, drunken chicken.

beef noodles

yam pau! generous filling :D

tofu with minced pork! i enjoyed it so much i ordered 4 servings in total!

there was a citibank promo, we get a free plate of deep fried vegetable pork wantons with $50 spent! we had 2 plates of these :D

spicy crab pau, which wasn’t so delicious to the point that we have to order another basket.

love the texture of their noodles!!

can’t wait to go back for more xiaolongbaos and noodles!



i need to just… calmFRIGGINdown.. *breathe in breathe out*
super prone to anxiety attacks nowadays.
partly due to the lack of sleep because i find myself more short-tempered with insufficient sleep.
but mostly because of stress. (or that i get stressed up real easily)


butterflies @ the singapore botanic gardens




the last one’s broken wing-ed but it was still able to fly (:

so yeap, finally got my ass to the singapore botanic gardens :P
past few weeks’ve been raining so plans were cancelled.
was supposed to go to the bird park this week tho, but my dad forgot to collect the free passes so we gave it a miss (: