Tiger Beer-inspired Menu at Restaurant Labyrinth in celebration of National Day

“Uncaged” is a term defined by Singapore’s national icon Tiger Beer as having the courage to follow your instincts, live on your own terms and look at things afresh. The home of the 82-years-old brand, Tiger Beer looks to become the symbol of courage, inspiring young adults and the new generation to ‘uncage’ their ambitions, igniting and leaping full of passion to achieve their dreams. This campaign upholds the pride of the Singaporean identity and it is only fitting to lead the launch of Tiger’s global repositioning on home grounds.

This symbol of courage is also portrayed and runs deeply in Chef Han’s culinary roots –Chef Han of Resetaurant Labyrinth being one of Tiger’s Uncage personalities. Continue reading

Portico –contemporary cuisine with a taste of home

Portico (meaning ‘porch’ in Italian) invites diners, friends and guests, into their home –home of Chef Leandros Stagogiannis (formerly from The Fat Duck, UK, and FIftyThree and St Pierre locally) and two owners, Alicia Lin and Sean Lai, who also own Pasarbella’s Cicely Kitchen and Le Patio respectively.

The ‘house’, surrounded by a lush garden setting bejewelled with plants and edible herbs, is an all-day dining café, restaurant and bar encompassing a cosy main dining room, bar and lounge area.
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