Sunday Brunch Buffet at The Knolls of Capella Singapore

Brunch is one singular meal of the day that makes me radiate enthusiasm. Part of the charm is about waking up late and having breakfast food at lunch. It could be a simple afternoon of café-sitting, or it could be a luxurious affair like having a buffet at The Knolls of Capella Singapore.

The Mediterranean spread at The Knolls reveals praise-worthy virtue –the standard of food speaks for itself. Highlights include fine-cut meats at the live station, foie gras-something-of-the-day presented on wooden boards alongside dainty savouries, freshly shucked oysters in a few varieties, and more.

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Moosehead Kitchen-Bar

Moosehead Kitchen-Bar is a Mediterranean-focused eatery that takes up a diminutive space along the row of quaint shophouses on Telok Ayer Street.

Snack – Marinated olives ($6)

Seating 40 people in this narrow path, it gives a feel of cosiness rather than cramped. Donning eclectic pieces of art on the walls, you feel instantly at ease once you step into this chic yet casual enclave.

The menu isn’t extensive, but every item on the menu is crafted to impress. Divided into three categories – snacks, plates and sweets – most items are ideal for sharing. Order multiple dishes to prevent cutlery-violence across the table. Continue reading

21 on Rajah at Days Hotel Singapore, Zhongshan Park

Nestled along the stretch of Balestier Road – where the ample choices of local food allure you with the wafting fragrance exuding through door-less coffee shops – a juxtaposingly ravishing dining option awaits at the comforts of Days Hotel Singapore.

Stroll in to 21 on Rajah, where a soothing sanctuary provides you with the cooling comfort of air conditioning to beat the excessive humidity and heat. Dine leisurely and unhurriedly in the spacious and modish setting that accommodates to large crowds during peak hours, beating the overwhelming masses at the neighbouring sweaty joints.

This restaurant is one-of-its-kind at the Balestier precinct. The number “21” in its appellation represents the 21 Mediterranean countries; its menu is immensely inspired by Mediterranean flavours and local favourites, highlighting the concept of “family communal dining”. Continue reading