Dallas Restaurant & Bar

Had a long busy day and your belly is starting to chime in?

Convenience is key. You don’t have to wander far from the Raffles Place MRT Station to arrive at Dallas Restaurant and Bar –it is just a few steps away from the ‘starting point’ of the lively stretch of Boat Quay’s riverfront restaurants where the office crowds, tourists and expats congregate at.

Occupying the first floor is an alfresco dining area and bar. The furnishings match the kitchen’s intent –decidedly Texas-style.

If you’re planning on having an urban Dallas Cowboy themed party, you’re on the right track.

Walk up the stairs, and you’ll be in for a surprise. A contrast to the urban cowboy’s den on the first floor, a charming restaurant takes up the second floor, radiating a classy yet cosy vibe.

I love the snugly cushioned seats, and huggable plush pillows that add a vibrant splash of colours while providing comfort and cosiness.

12 OpenRicers were invited to OpenRice’s 26th Tasty Union (tasting session).

6 Dallas Platters and 6 main courses emerged from the kitchen, one at a time. And by the end of the last main course, we were too stuffed for dessert!

Be prepared to feast on enormous portions, Southern style.
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