Places to dine at and visit in Sydney –within easy reach from Hilton Sydney

I concur that food is a huge determining factor in the destination travellers choose to embark on, as I for one would travel the distance for the love of food.

Most travellers would venture out in search for local culinary gems, as opposed to dining-in at the hotel –apart from maybe breakfast. In the aspects of food, many would seek variety as well as quality, and a whole lot of exploring, discoveries and adventure while on vacation.

A great way to experience the culture of a country is via the palate.

In this post, I will share some food gems in Sydney that are within easy reach from Hilton Sydney where I stayed, which includes a diversity of authentic street fare, comfort food and fine dining.

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(Travel Feature) What to do in Boracay

So you’ve seen the breath-taking possibilities of Boracay, and taken down notes on where to stay. Finally, it’s time for some itinerary planning. Here’s a list of activities you can consider filling your days and nights in Boracay with, on land and at sea.

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(Dream Destination: Boracay) Travel and Flight Information

If I could paint a picture of a dream destination on a blank canvas, I would paint a seaside scene –rendering gradual shades of blue and turquoise to portray the soothing gradients of the clear seawaters, interspersed with gentle swirling blobs depicting the mild crashing of waves that juxtapose white sandy beaches imprinted with footprints; applying stiff bristled strokes of green and brown delineating sleek palm trees and the striking lush foliage; and smothering the remaining space on the canvas with a thin wash of baby blue, chaperoned by a nimble dabbing of white to represent the wispy passing clouds against the baby blue sky.

This is exactly how I would describe Boracay.

I blogged about how much I was looking forward to my trip to Boracay (read here), and coming back to Singapore, I bring with me an abundance of memories of that beautiful island, and I hope to share that with you through a series of blog posts.

In this post, I will share some general information about Boracay and the available routes from Singapore to Boracay.

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