SingTel’s Newest Plan: Easy Mobile

Conventional plans are like odd-shaped boxes that are out of place and could neither fit in nor adjust to the fast pace ever changing lifestyles of individuals, especially Singaporean youths to young adults. You might SMS more in school, under the desk and away from your teachers’ haunting glances, but utilising more calls or data when you start tertiary education or service life. Do you really need to go through all the necessary hassle of changing or upgrading your plan at the shop? Will you have something in excess, like SMS, and short on data? Now, we understand that there is clearly no one-size-fits-all solution for fixed plans that require constant changes as individuals progress through life, but there is hope!

SingTel approaches this generation with flexibility, catering to a broad range of individual needs and demands. Each person’s means of communication differ; one might be using more data compared to the next person in the adjacent low-walled office cubicle who is spending more time staring at the monitor than his mobile phone? SingTel has conjured up a plan, with all puns intended, for the man with the plans. Even with attractive packages and deals that serve well and function economically, the new SingTel concept mobile plan is more than that. Easy Mobile is the first post-paid mobile service in Asia that provides users unhindered tariff plans that change and adapt to immensely diverse usage. Continue reading

Surface Pro 3 Review

There was a little time not long ago, where bespectacled few get to sit in front of a pale grayish box called the monitor in the comforts of their home. Usually with a flickering screen and connected to another similar but taller box; the Central Processing Unit. Portable hard drives are never heard of and that same pale gray is washed over the generic ‘dot matrix’ printer has guaranteed its own presence. Now, in our present fast paced information overloaded multitasking generation, rarely any slow extinct creature would suffice to be benefiting our high maintenance first world tech savvy society till news of the recent Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Continue reading