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Chope; make instant restaurant reservations online, anytime of the day

I can be majorly finicky when it comes to planning the perfect date, and I try to make it a point to secure a table at my ideal restaurant in advance to avoid any possible hiccups.

Recently, I went through a series of frustrating, hair-pulling, head-banging moments while trying to make reservations at restaurants I’ve shortlisted in Tokyo for my upcoming trip.

Firstly, no email addresses are stated on the restaurants’ websites (if they even have a website). Secondly, no one ever picks up the phone (do they despise overseas calls?). The only way I could ever secure a table would probably be seeking help from someone who resides there, who can either make a local call to the restaurant or make a trip down personally to make reservations. Why do I even have to go to such lengths? I desperately wish they were listed on Chope.

The Chope Group is Asia’s premier online reservations service provider, where diners can make dining reservations for free and get confirmation instantly, anytime of the day, and any day of the week, from anywhere in the world.

This means that while you’re incessantly and obsessively food-blog hopping in the wee hours in search for promising restaurants to visit next, and something caught your attention, you can make an online booking on the spot, right in your pyjamas, snugly in your couch.

First established in Singapore, Chope has curated over 300 restaurants on the network till date, in Singapore ( and Hong Kong ( I hope they would continue expanding further into other regions.

If you’re undecided about dining plans, the Search Across feature categorises and filters results by location, cuisine type and other requirements (e.g. child friendly, romantic dates, average spending and more) to aid with decision-making.

This feature is especially handy for last minute suggestions and bookings.

With a click of a button, your reservation is made. Within seconds, you’ll receive an email confirmation. How easy is that!

Make your reservations at Chope HERE.

Thanks to the Entertainer App, I saved $30 at Buyan Russian Restaurant & Caviar Bar!

There aren’t many Russian restaurants in Singapore. One of the most talked about Russian restaurants is Buyan Russian Restaurant & Caviar Bar. I was lured to this charming dining enclave by the Entertainer App’s attractive buy-one-get-one-free offer.

Read about my previous experience with the Entertainer App at Hummerstons here:

The Entertainer App is free to download from the app store. Each month, there will be about 15 participating merchants who will offer one-for-one deals in the Entertainer App, which you don’t have to pay for in order to utilise. But, if you would like the full version of the Entertainer App, which allows you to enjoy one-for-one deals at over 1000 merchants, the in-app purchase costs just $57 (for a limited time only; usual price $95).

It makes good sense to purchase the huge collection of over 1000 one-for-one deals at just $57 or even $95 if you dine out often, since the amount already pays for the meal itself and you can save on so much more.

The Entertainer app makes the unaffordable affordable, when you and your dining companion are only required to pay for the price of one!

Complimentary bread

Mimosa Salad ($12)

We commenced the meal with the Mimosa Salad, which consists of pink salmon flakes, finely chopped white onion, shredded carrot, crumbs of egg, and homemade mayonnaise, topped with grated emmental cheese, and presented in neat layers. It’s a decent dish. The contrasting elements work well together.

Pan Seared Salmon with Nut Sauce ($24)

For the main course, I had the Pan Seared Salmon with Nut Sauce. Continue reading People’s Choice Awards 2013 (Vote & Win a Holiday!)

Singapore’s only consumer voted real estate and services award is back! Take a few minutes to vote for your favourite property, mortgage loan provider, best home furnishing store and many more in the People’s Choice Awards 2013 to stand a chance to win attractive holiday prizes.

Check out the 2012 winners here:

Browsing through the voting gallery is almost akin to looking for inspiration and shopping for my future condo! I took a little bit more effort to research on the various shortlisted nominees just to ensure my decision is fair, and boy was I fascinated by how much Singapore’s properties are modernising over the years.

In the “Object of Desire Award” category, I chose Ferra by Far East Organization as one condominium I feel has the best architecture (internally and externally) that one would lust after.

Inspired by the elegant Ferrari car design, the unconventional structure of Ferra boasts subtle curved contours, and is injected with a sleek and state-of-the-art feel. I want to move in instantly!

Garnering a vote from me in the “City Slickers Award” category happens to be a property that also belongs to Far East Organization. It wasn’t an easy choice to make though; I was torn between the other nominees as they each had their individual traits that made them stand out. Continue reading

Enjoy smooth and unworried travels with new TravelAlert Service by DBS TravellerShield

Travel insurance is one of the most essential needs for smart travellers. DBS TravellerShield, a comprehensive travel insurance plan, recently expanded its offerings to give jet-setters more assistance with Singapore’s first ever complimentary Travel Alert Service. Travellers can now stay ahead of the unexpected with free situation updates during the trip.

My most recent trip was to Boracay in the Philippines –a tropical beach destination with temperamental weather. Continue reading

I want to be a millionaire because of iProperty

Do you want to be a millionaire, and why? But really, who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Those who don’t, probably hanker for the billionaire title.

As a big-time foodie, jewellery and luxury handbags interest me at a minimal level. There’s a higher possibility of me emptying my wallet to spend on home décor, plates and kitchenware, or splurging on a lavish meal, than to buy a Chanel or Louis Vuitton bag. Jewellery pieces too hold little value to me, as they are mere accessories I can’t luxuriate in.

As a very homely person, what tickles my fancy most is a sleek interior with a sophisticated kitchen to boot.

Images sourced from the Internet

I salivate at the sight of ritzy kitchens –and what better place to fit it into than in a cosy and chic condominium?

Condominiums have always been my ideal choice of residence. The environment is safe and peaceful, surrounded by sculpted gardens and recreational facilities. I’ve been staying in a landed property for almost two decades but in between we rented a condo to stay just for the pleasure of it. One of my favourite condo facilities is the swimming pool –it offers enough privacy and it is infinitely less crowded than public pools. After a swim, I can even choose to head upstairs and shower in the comforts of my own bathroom. On special or random occasions, you can organise a barbecue party by the poolside –great for family bonding!

Residents of condos need not sign up for gym memberships anymore, with the well-equipped gym just a short walking distance away from your doorstep.

Location is one of the most vital aspects when looking for a condo, as convenience is key. My ideal location would be a 5-minute walk away from a mall that houses a gourmet supermarket and some of my favourite dining establishments. It is also easier to rent out if the location is good.

Having gone on site visits with my mum to Malacca on an almost-monthly basis, I’ve learnt a lot on how investing in properties can generate a steady income. Investing in properties is one of the best ways to counteract inflations. Say, if you keep all your money in the bank, the value of money may be adversely affected by market effects, but investing in properties allows the money to grow. Your goal of becoming a millionaire is one step closer!

If you are still young and it’s your first property, you can take the maximum loan with longer loan tenure. Even if you don’t reside there, you can still rent out and earn extra pocket money each month.

Since our government is targeting to increase our population to 6.9 million, there will be great demand in terms of future rental and sales.

Based on the Asia’s Biggest Property Sentiment Report by, it reveals that new launches remain the first choice of buyers, topping existing properties 68% to 22%. And most buyers are looking not for a place to live, but for a long-term investment: 51%, up from the previous survey’s 30%. 46% are interested in rental income, and only 40% to own a home. Condos remain a hot option, with 68% interested in private condominiums, 35% in HDB flats and 16% in terrace houses.

Check out some of Singapore’s top condominiums at They are Asia’s No. 1 network of property websites.

I’d like to add that it is crucial to find the right property agent who will cater to your needs. Phyllis Tan is a trustworthy, patient, committed and driven property agent that I would highly recommend. She believes in service excellence and never fails to do her best for her customers. Contact her at or email . View her iProperty profile here:

For more information on iProperty:

Download Property Sentiment Report here:,-Owners-Confident

Cooking: Brown Rice Risotto using Tefal Intensium non-stick cookware

Do you remember your first-ever cooking experience?

Memories of cooking are not all pleasant and encouraging. If not triumphant, did it turn out to be an utter disaster because food got burnt and stuck to the surface of your cooking pans?

Quality pans are especially crucial for novice cooks; you don’t want to be scarred (mentally and literally) so bad that you will shun the kitchen and shirk the duty of cooking completely.

I speak with experience, because I was once scalded badly due to a pot handle that broke while I was carrying the pot of boiling water across the kitchen. Lesson learnt: always check if the handles are wearing out, once they do, it’s time to get new pots. Get good quality utensils with higher durability.

Tefal is one of the quality brands that I trust.

Also, health concerns are reassured with Tefal’s safe non-stick coating, recognised by public health agencies in Europe and the United States. The non-stick coating is made from an inert material that does not chemically react with food, water or household cleaning product.

With the top quality Tefal Intensium non-stick Resistal Sauté Pan with Lid, I attempted my version of Brown Rice Mushroom Risotto, inspired from several risotto recipes that I gathered online.

Using fresh ingredients is key to healthy cooking.
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[ADV] Singapore Inter School Show Choir Challenge(SISSC) 2012

Heard of GLEE?

As part of SHINE Youth Festival 2012, Glee Studios Singapore proudly presents the inaugural Singapore Inter School Show Choir Challenge(SISSC) 2012!

Check out my post on SHINE Youth Festival 2012 at the media conference here:

Watch Singapore’s pioneering batch of show choirs come together to put on their best show to entertain, entice and exhilarate us. This is a show not to be missed! Be wowed by the finalists of SISSC 2012 as they craft out creative performances with a fresh modern twist on singing, dancing and acting, battling it out to be champions!

Tickets are on sale now at Gatecrash:

Where: ACS International Auditorium – 61 Jalan Hitam Manis, Singapore 278475
When: Saturday, July 28 – 6:30pm (registration starts at 5:45pm)

Plus! Glee Studios Singapore is giving away a pair of free tickets every week! Visit their Facebook Page at to find out how to join the giveaway.

If you’re interested in learning more about show choir or being in Glee Studios Show Choir team, drop an email at

Pssst… Melicacy will be at the event! If anyone is interested in joining me, I can bring a plus one!

CHIC KISS LOVE presents The Fashion Uprising (22 July 2012) at Zouk

CHIC KISS LOVE is a collective of 12 local online e-tailers in Singapore – consisting of Dressabelle, Earl Grey Party, Hungover Sunday, Foggiare, Hollyhoque, Missy Pixie, Momoteapots, The Closet Lover, The Design Closet, and The Stagewalk.

While many of these names may sound foreign to you, they are in fact the pioneers in “blogshopping” who have carved out a reputation and attained a large group of loyal customers.

With CHIC KISS LOVE, the big boys in the online shopping industry are, for the first time, putting competition aside and collaborate as one – to show their coming of age as a e-commerce store and move away from the stereotypes of “blogshops”.

Come 22nd July 2012, they will be organizing a fashion showcase at Zouk called THE FASHION UPRISING. These 12 labels will take the form of pop up booths complete with changing rooms and mirrors, transforming Zouk into a shopping arena like never before. There will also be a runway show at 3:30pm, whereby CHIC KISS LOVE will attempt to break the record of the longest runway in Singapore.

Thanks to the sponsors, Melicacy will be giving away TWO pairs of golden tickets worth $400 each for you and a friend, consisting of:

- $240 shopping vouchers
- 2 redeemable drink coupon for “love potion”
- Passes to zouk (valid till 30 sept)
- Beauty and cosmetics products

How to win?

1) Follow on twitter
2) Join their event page at for a higher chance of winning.
3) Click the ‘like’ button my Melicacy’s facebook page at
4) Share the on my facebook page on your wall, sharing ‘via Melicacy’ and set to ‘Public’ for a double chance at winning.
5) Comment so I know who you are!

Contest ends 20 July 2012.

Collection of prize: 22 July 2012, 3pm at Zouk

Vanity Trove; March and April products, and a Mother’s Day special

As promised in my previous VanityTrove’s Mothers’ Day Spa-cial at Masego post ( I shall reveal the products in my April’s trove!

Apart from another set of complimentary Masego The Safari Spa Cappu Detox Spa Remedy session worth $280, here are the other products that I’ve personally handpicked at the event to fill my trove with:
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VanityTrove; Mothers’ Day Spa-cial at Masego

Want to attend exclusive parties, pick up beauty tips and enjoy free sampling of beauty products? Only members of VanityTrove get to enjoy these perks!

When I received the special invitation from VanityTrove for the Mother’s Day Spa-cial event, I was thrilled! I’ve always been anticipating a day of pampering with the leading lady of my life –my beloved mum! It was a pity she couldn’t make it due to work.

Veron was spontaneous and found time out of her busy schedule to join me for a relaxing session!

Stepping into a space where tranquillity pervades, amidst a safari-themed setting.
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Upcoming event: AFC Masterclass by CHEF TAKASHI KIMURA on 19 April 2012

If you’ve seen my previous posts on the AFC events (AFC Celebrity Chef series: Chuck Hughes and AFC Foodies Appreciation Party) and would love to be part of it, here’s an upcoming masterclass you can join:

(Extracted from the AFC website)
Indulge in Chef Takashi Kimura’s fine contemporary French-Japanese cuisine without the travel hassle to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where Chef and his award-winning Cilantro Restaurant and Wine Bar – the first Malaysian restaurant to be included twice in the prestigious Miele Guide’s “Asia’s Top 20” – are based!

Chef Takashi will be demonstrating his signature French dishes with Japanese influence, shares his fresh food philosophy and tales of culinary stints in the exotic West Africa and Malaysia in this one-night-only event.

Date: 19th April 2012
Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm
S$100.00nett per person (for DBS/POSB cardmember)
S$120.00nett per person (for non-DBS/POSB cardmember)

Dishes Featured:

Tartare of Wagyu with Mollet Egg and Winter Truffles, served with Anchovy Toast

Cold Capellini Pasta with Hotaruika and Fruits Tomato Sauce

Seared Hokkaido Scallop with Sea Urchin and Seaweed Emulsion

Perrier water and wine pairings will be served with Chef Takashi’s dishes in this Masterclass.

Visit to sign up now!

I’ll be there. See you then!

VanityTrove -Beauty right at your doorstep!

Isn’t it every girl’s dream to receive beautifully wrapped parcels filled with a range of beauty products right at your doorstep?

Inspired by the concept of fukuburuko, the mystery grabbag style of presenting products from the fashion hub of Japan, VanityTrove bring this concept to Singapore –this new trend is set to grab the hearts of ladies who deserve some pampering.

How VanityTrove works:
1) Sign up for an account and subscribe to the service on for the monthly subscription fee of only S$25/- (inclusive of packing, shipping and handling fees) or S$300/- for 13 months (1 month free!)
2) On the 15th of every month, VanityTrove sends out specially curated sets of beautiful surprises to paid subscribers
3) Receive the troves hand-delivered to you and enjoy the beautiful surprises within it!

For S$25/-, you get to receive the top products in the beauty industry. Beauty experts behind the scene identify and pick the newest beauty trends for you to test; beauty sampling and pampering has never been made so accessible and affordable!

This January, here’s what VanityTrove has packed in:

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