Chef (2014) Movie Review (Sneak preview at Golden Village)

Written, directed and also starred in this half and one hour long foodie comedy is Jon Faveau, as Carl Casper, the ‘Chef of disappointment’. Additionally please do not anticipate Jon Faveau, executive producer for Iron Man, and Robert Downey Jr. for some ‘Iron Chef’ collaboration. To spread around further Faux pas, audience will actually feel moment of embarrassing social blunder or indiscretion, thankfully not for themselves but for the leading protagonist. Simply due to that this is definitely not your run out-of-the-mill slapstick comedy with toilet humor. Continue reading

(Guest Post) Afterglow at Keong Siak Road

Don’t you just love uncovering hidden gems, that sudden rush of euphoria, as if you have just discovered the next best thing? I kind of wish to keep this place a secret, but I believe it does deserve the publicity. Hidden away amidst hipster cafes and bars, this unassuming shop is located opposite the famous Tong Heng eatery.

Afterglow is among the growing number of healthy eateries that have been popping up everywhere; however what sets it apart is its specialisation in raw food. The menu, comprising 6 sections, all embody the establishment’s belief in bringing the Farm to Table experience to customers with strong insistence on fresh ingredients. Although the recurring theme is raw, grains and soups are cooked. Continue reading