Boss Café (Plus GIVEAWAY!)

It’s evident, with the growing number of beverage joints: the bubble tea trend is here to stay.

Boss Café is taking the trend up a notch, and gives it its own twist. In addition to the usual suspects – such as bubble tea containing a tea base mixed with fruit or milk and ice blended varieties – they have come up with idiosyncratic beverages that distinguish them from any other bubble tea joint.

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Noodle Star 丰面人物 (Win $10 dining vouchers here!)

Noodlestar at Sultan Plaza

While some established brand names have already earned loyal followings, Noodlestar is one underrated noodle joint you should not overlook.

Here’s a little background on Noodlestar.

Mr Chong took the first step in noodle-making back in 1954, where he peddled the streets of Chinatown, carrying pots of noodle soup hung on a pole, slung over his shoulders. As his noodle soup got increasingly popular, he could no longer carry the weight of sustenance enough to satisfy the growing customer base, thus he was encouraged to set up a zinc and wooden kiosk under a tree next to the Majestic Theatre. The stall’s popularity continued to flourish, and the stall moved into People’s Park Food Centre.

After years of perfecting the art of noodle making, the brand, 高记 – widely popular for its 高记酿豆腐Koo Kee Yong Tau Fu – has now several chains under its belt, with Noodlestar being their latest and most happening venture.
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