Din Tai Fung’s Art of Making Xiao Long Bao hands-on Workshop with The Lion Men


Screaming fans lined up outside the entrance of Suntec’s Din Tai Fung on 12 February 2014, anticipating the arrival of the lead actors, Wei Liang and Tosh from Jack Neo’s latest movie, The Lion Men, who arrived in a trishaw in style accompanied by the vibrancy of a lion dance performance.

Recently awarded as Most Influential Brand (Restaurant Category) voted by Generation Y (age 18 to 28), household brand Din Tai Fung is proud to be a title sponsor of The Lion Men.

Fans and several members of the media partook in the Xiao Long Bao culinary workshop, which started with a demonstration, followed by a hands-on session, and ends with a sumptuous Lo Hei High Tea session.

The Art of Making Xiao Long Bao is no small feat. Each Din Tai Fung Xiao Long Bao undergoes 6 precise preparatory stages, weighing 20.8 to 21.2 grams each, and pleated with a minimum of 18 folds. Continue reading

Weekend Brunch at Violet Oon’s Kitchen


Vietnamese Pulled Pork Burrito ($18)

Violet Oon’s Kitchen is one of my favourite Peranakan-themed restaurants of all time, starring renowned food specialist and chef Violet Oon. As Singapore’s Food Ambassador, Violet Oon often represents Singapore in various significant events abroad. She is known for her cooking as well as her opinions on food, earning a glowing reputation that spans the international arena.

A weekend brunch menu was introduced in June 2013, giving you more reasons to unwind at Violet Oon’s Kitchen on leisure days. Available from 9.30am till 3pm, the brunch menu is where age-old traditions meet creativity. Those hankering for Violet Oon’s time-honoured Peranakan dishes can still order from the regular lunch menu from 11.30am till 3pm. Continue reading

Platters Bistro & Wine Bar collaborates with Chef Jeremy Nguee (November 2013 to February 2014)


Introduced more than a year ago, Platters Bistro & Wine Bar continues bringing excitement to the ‘dine and share’ concept with its unique Chef-Designed series, where the menu is re-designed every four months by a new guest chef.

From now till the end of February 2014, the spotlight is on Chef Jeremy Nguee, chef-owner of Preparazzi. A shining star in the catering industry in Singapore, he was also the official caterer for the recent Dinner En Blanc.

Gourmet healthy food is the focal point and a mainstay in Chef Jeremy’s line of work. Sounds painful to be deprived of deep-fried munchies and comfort food huh.

This collaboration gives Chef Jeremy a nod and a rare opportunity to be adventurous and creative, without a care of how artery clogging it may be, showcasing his love for comfort food, and what he truly is deep inside.

The theme this round is based on sinful indulgence and full flavours, nicknamed the #fatdieyou series. The nickname came across as off-putting to me initially, but the moment the food reaches my palate, the apprehensiveness is dispelled.

Thunder Thighs & Crackpot Rice ($36/$68)

The Thunder Thighs & Crackpot Rice consists of meaty and succulent French frog legs (‘Cuisses de Grenouille’) and soft shell crabs that are battered and deep-fried, accompanied by tobiko, hollandaise and bacon, sided with crab roe rice that’s cooked with pork lard –so sinful but so flavourful.

Continue reading

Penang Hawkers’ Fare at York Hotel (13 December 2013 to 1 January 2014)


York Hotel’s well-liked Penang Hawkers’ Fare is back! Launched in 1986, this highly popular food promotion happens thrice a year, in March, September and December. From 13 December 2013 till 1 January 2014, indulge in unlimited portions of Penang street food such as Char Kway Teow, Prawn Mee, Penang Laksa, Lor Bak, Rojak, Cuttlefish Kang Kong, Oyster Omelette, Ban Chang Kueh, Kway Teow Soup and Kway Teow Dry. Continue reading

(Christmas Feature 2013) Food Trail at The Star Vista with Food&Travel Magazine


Thanks to Regent Media’s invitation, a bunch of readers and bloggers gathered at The Star Vista for an exciting food trail, sampling some of the establishments’ Christmas menus.

Loads of festive rewards are lined up at The Star Vista this celebratory season.

From 15 November to 31 December 2013, spend a minimum of $80 and stand to win shopping and dining vouchers in the Sure-Win Lucky Dip. Other Christmas treats include complimentary gift wrapper and sticker with a minimum of $60 spent. You can top up to $120 ($90 for CapitaCard members) to redeem a specially designed Xmas mug. CAPITASTAR members get extra goodies.

There’re no short of dining establishments at The Star Vista. Confirmed coffee lovers can head over to Jamaica Blue for some Christmas desserts to complement a warm cuppa Signature Blend Latte.

Taking its name from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica, one of the world’s best coffee-growing regions and the origin of one of their exquisite coffee blends, Jamaica Blue prides itself for its fine selection of coffees.

Jamaica Blue Signature Blend Latte

Cute latte art!

Classic Chocolate Mousse Pot

The Fabulous Christmas Sampler includes a platter of two desserts and your choice of either the Jamaica Blue Signature Blend Latte or a pot of earl grey tea. Continue reading

Penang Food Promotion: Buffet at Cafebiz, Traders Hotel, Singapore


From 13th September to 31st October 2013, Cafebiz and Ah Hoi’s Kitchen of Traders Hotel, Singapore will showcase the much-loved flavours of Penang.

Penang Assam Laksa

Guest chefs Lim Thow Shong and Ridzuan Bin Mat from Golden Sands Resort have specially been invited on this ocassion to prepare the Penang-focused menu.

Popular dishes such as Char Kway Teow, Assam Laksa, Hokkien Mee, Assam Prawns, Chicken Curry Kapitan, Rojak, Tau Kwa Sumbat, Nasi Goreng Teluk Bahang, Loh Bak, Mee Goreng Mamak Penang and Curry Mee will be featured on a rotating menu at the Cafebiz buffet on top of an international buffet spread, while a selection of six dishes will be available for dinner at Ah Hoi’s Kitchen.

Jiu Hu Eng Chai (Cuttlefish Kang Kong with Prawn Paste Sauce)

Talk about Penang and instantly images of hawker and street food come to mind. Its wide-ranging cuisine owes its origin to the diverse multiracial population of Malay, Chinese and Indian, as well as influences around Asia such as Thailand.

Penang Fried Kway Teow

Apart from the food, Penang is renowned for its tourist attractions such as the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Diners of the hotel’s Penang food promotion qualify for a lucky draw, where prizes include two-night stays at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Golden Sands Resort, and Traders Hotel in Penang –a dream come true for ardent lovers of Penang food! Continue reading

Singapore-born Contestant of MasterChef Australia Season 4, Audra Morrice, shares her Nonya Chicken Curry Recipe


MasterChef Australia Season 4 draws on the success of the past series, adding a few new twists and turns along the way while delivering exciting challenges.

Lifetime, a leading channel for women in the U.S featuring high quality dramas, movies and reality series that are inspirational and empowering, is finally lunched in Asia (Channel 514 on Starhub TV).

Lifetime Asia brings the highly anticipated MasterChef Australia Season 4 to our television screens, along with other reality hits including My Life is a Lifetime Movie, The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, Be The Boss, Dance Moms, and The Week The Women Went.

I had the privilege of meeting up with Audra Morrice, a Singapore-born contestant of MasterChef Australia Season 4, who shared with us her background story and her cooking influences –which revolves hugely around Indian spices and fresh Asian ingredients.

We took a stroll along the streets of Little India, where we discovered new ingredients, and also bagged home ingredients to cook Nonya Chicken Curry. Continue reading

“Hawker Heritage – The Next Chapter” Buffet Spread at The Line on 21 & 28 September 2013


As part of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s commitment towards preserving Singapore’s hawker heritage, the hotel stages a special promotion, “Hawker Heritage – The Next Chapter” at The Line on 21 and 28 September 2013.

Nine young hawkers from six famous eateries will present local hawker dishes at The Line. They are the new generation of hawkers who are either taking over the reigns from their successful seniors, or dauntlessly striking out a career path in the hawker industry with relentless hard work, determination and passion.

The inaugural “Hawker Heritage – The Next Chapter” at The Line embraces Singapore’s food culture, adding variety to the restaurant’s 16 theatre kitchens, showcasing traditional hawker dishes in addition to the array of crustacean favourites, freshly shucked oysters, sashimi and a variety of cuisines. Continue reading

LÈ Restaurant and Asian Tapas Bar by Paradise Group


The well-established Paradise Group unveils LÈ Restaurant and Bar, a tapas bar and fine dining concept that’s set on raising the bar high for contemporary Chinese dining.

Braised Cherry Foie Gras with Red Wine ($26)

LÈ Restaurant and Bar portrays refined modern Chinese fine dining as an exciting and voguish affair –a stark contrast to the conventional and dated Chinese cuisine that we are accustomed to.

You are greeted by a chic lounge upon entering LÈ, where you can enjoy an extensive range of cocktails and wines alongside appetising light bites. Continue reading

(Mid-Autumn Festival 2013) Mini Mooncakes from Din Tai Fung



Almost every hotel and eminent Chinese restaurant is showcasing their mooncake-making prowess this Mid-Autumn Festival, and how can the michelin-starred Din Tai Fung exclude itself from this important festive season?

Unlike other establishments who’ve come up with a wide range of mooncake flavours, Din Tai Fung lays out just two flavours that they are confident will be widely favoured.

Baked Mini Mooncakes Treasure Set ($23.80)

Mooncakes are sold in boxes of four, in the Baked Mini Mooncakes Treasure Set ($23.80). Each box comes with two flavours each – the White Lotus Seed Paste with Taiwan Songshan Pineapple Filling, and the White Lotus Seed Paste with Pine Seeds, Orange Peels & Quarter Yolk.


Mooncakes are baked to a gorgeous shade of golden brown, embossed with intricate patterns.

That familiar fragrance of the baked crust wins the first battle against contenders, while its texture wins the second. It is crumbly and less dense compared to many others.

Attributable to its petite size, consumers will not find these mooncakes cloying. The White Lotus Seed Paste with Taiwan Songshan Pineapple Filling is especially addictive, with the slightly tart pineapple filling counterbalancing the richness overall. The White Lotus Seed Paste with Pine Seeds, Orange Peels & Quarter Yolk manages to incorporate a quarter of a yolk in this tiny mooncake so as to please egg yolk lovers.

The Baked Mini Mooncakes Treasure Set ($23.80) is available from now till 19 September 2013 at all Din Tai Fung outlets in Singapore. Customers are entitled to a 10% discount with a minimum purchase of 2 boxes.

(Mid-Autumn Festival 2013) Hello Kitty Snowskin Mooncakes from The Icing Room



These adorable squeal-inducing Hello Kitty mooncakes from The Icing Room will make the best gifts to hello kitty fans this Mid Autumn Festival.


Priced at $23.80 nett for four flavours, the Hello Kitty Snowskin Mooncake Collection comes in a pretty-in-pink carrier box that you can re-use a couple more times for future girly picnics.


The lovely pastel-coloured mooncake collection comprises four flavours –Cranberry Cream Cheese, Yuzu Lemon, Coffee Chocolate and Classic Seed Melon Lotus Paste.

Coffee Chocolate Snowskin Mooncake

The Coffee Chocolate Snowskin Mooncake kind of brings back memories of an old childhood coffee candy, “Kopiko”, if anyone still remembers its existence. The sweetness of the coffee-infused lotus paste supersedes the bitterness often associated with coffee. Molten chocolaty goodness ensues from the puncturing of the chocolate-filled sphere in the epicentre of the mooncake.

Cranberry Cream Cheese

The mooncakes veer slightly high on the sweetness Richter scale, but not sickeningly sweet. It is unchallenging for those with a sweet tooth to pop multiple portions of these like oversized candies.

Classic Seed Melon Lotus Paste Snowskin Mooncake

Strict traditionalists who are fans of Hello Kitty but at the same time hankering for old-fashioned lotus paste mooncakes can go for the Classic Seed Melon Lotus Paste Snowskin Mooncake.

The Hello Kitty Snowskin Mooncake Collection ($23.80 nett) is available till 19 September 2013 at all The Icing Room outlets islandwide.

For a full listing of outlets, please visit: http://www.theicingroom.com/locateus.html

(Mid-Autumn Festival 2013) Mooncakes from Carlton Hotel Singapore


Carlton Hotel Singapore presents a youthful yet sophisticated disposition this Mid-Autumn Festival with its vibrant packaging. The laser-cut patterns are derived from the Carlton’s brand and “star” logo, which I find echo the glorious sparkles of fireworks

Blueberry Cream Cheese Snowskin Mooncake ($56 for box of 8)

Modernists will enjoy the blueberry Cream Cheese Snowskin Mooncake that deliberately shuns traces of traditions. Continue reading

(Mid-Autumn Festival 2013) Fruity Snowskin Mooncakes from Goodwood Park Hotel


Famed for their impeccable durian desserts, Goodwood Park Hotel brings you a selection of Durian Snowskin Moocakes this Mid-Autumn Festival, which are generously filled with the fresh pulp of some of the most highly-regarded durian varietals, such as D88, Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn and D24.

Pink Guava with Passionfruit and Rambutan Snowskin Moooncake ($26 for two pieces; $46 for four pieces)

Apart from durian flavours, a collection of fruity snowskin delights and perennial traditional baked favourites are available as well.

One of this year’s highlights is the Pink Guava with Pssionfruit and Rambutan, a delicate creation brimming with tropical flavours. It boasts a refreshing balance of sweet and tangy flavours with rambutan bits for a juicy bite, beguiling with the light aromatic scent of passionfruit.

Snowskin Combo ($54 for a box of four pieces)

To sample a variety of different flavours, the Snowskin Combo is recommended. Featuring a selection of the hotel’s famed fruit-based mooncakes, each box contains one piece each of Pink Guava with Passionfruit and Rambutan, Mango with Pomelo, D24 Durian and Cempedak snowskin mooncakes. Continue reading

Penang Hawkers’ Fare Buffet at York Hotel (6 to 22 September 2013)


From 6 to 22 September 2013, indulge in unlimited servings of Penang delights such as Char Kway Teow, Prawn Mee, Laksa, Lor Bak, Rojak, Cuttlefish Kang Kong, Oyster Omelette, Kway Teow Soup and Kway Teow Dry at the Penang Hawkers’ Fare at York Hotel.

These flavourful dishes are bound to reignite your memories from the great times in Penang. Continue reading