Bountiful Flavours of Kochi & Kagawa


Available from now till 4 March for dinner buffet only, Triple Three brings to you flavours of the Kochi and Kagawa, with dishes made from ingredients that are specially sourced and imported from the island of Shikoku.

Yuzu is a common production in Kochi, a highly prized ingredient that adds depth of tantalising flavours with its refreshing citrusy taste. In this buffet spread, you can find dishes incorporated with Yuzu from the savoury dishes to the desserts.

Kawaga is known as the Udon Kingdom, owing to its abundance of wheat and salt, and its mild climate. Triple Three flies in award-winning Udon Master Chef Shoichi Mori where he will demonstrate the making of the hand-made noodles and cooks it on the spot for you at the live cooking station.

Udon Station

Tempura Station

Japanese Sweet Potato, Kintoki Ninjin (Red Carrot), Nabana (Canola Flower)

Ebi (Prawn)

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Premium Japanese Foods Seminar


It is an honour and a privilege to be invited to the Premium Japanese Foods Seminar, presented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (MAFF) of Japan, held at 2am:lab.

Specialists from Japan and Singapore gather to conduct demonstrations and share their insights from their chosen fields: dessert-making, sushi-making and sake appreciation.

The seminar kicked off with a presentation on the diverse range of apples from all over the world, followed by a presentation on the history and current developments of the varieties of AOMORI RINGO (Japanese apple). The complex farming methods AOMORI RINGO exercises require hard work and care. Knowing that, I appreciate my apple more than ever now.
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Food Republic Beer Garden – 60s themed hawker food at St James


Food Republic brings food lovers delightful tidings with their hawker food atriums. Each Food Republic outlet is furnished and decorated with a particular theme, and the Food Republic Beer Garden, for instance, exudes a 60’s vibe that brings nostalgic memories to those who’s experienced the lifestyle in the olden days, and for the younger generation to gain a deeper insight. However, what you won’t experience from the olden days is the chaotic scene. It is so clean, hygienic and organised.

The 400-seater open-air food atrium sits in the carpark area in front of St James Power Station, and comes to live at night where talented local performers will mesmerise the crowd with music from the 60s and 70s, right up to current hits. St James’ stable of 140 artists, musicians and dancers will entertain all year round while customers dine under the stars.
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Roadhouse at Demsey


Singapore is a melting pot of cuisine, and this statement is no exception in the Demsey Hill area –the range of restaurants present is evidence. Korean, Thai, Mexican, Indian, Pan-Asian, Seafood and Western cuisine can be found within the premises.

Roadhouse, for instance, serves up all-time favourite diner food in a rustic setting, resembling a cowboy’s den, great for convivial gatherings. This western-themed restaurant is one of the very few in Singapore to char-grill their meats and burger patties using the acclaimed Josper Grill –get ready to be impressed!

There’re not plenty of seats in the restricted space and it is mostly filled to the brim especially during weekends; alfresco seats are available, but scarce. A brief row of counter seating is available as well, where you can catch a glimpse the Josper Grill in action.


Wet & Wild Mushroom Soup $10

Soups available are Mushroom Soup and the Soup of the day. The soup of the day we had was the Tomato Soup, which I won’t recommend ordering; it tastes like a standard tomato sauce typically used for a pasta dish. The Mushroom soup is ordinary and wasn’t impressive, though it didn’t taste bad.

Soup of the Day $10


Cajun Chicken Salad $13

Among the five choices of Salad available on the menu, I tried the Cajun Chicken Salad that is composed of crisp rocket salad, tender Cajun chicken chunks that are succulent and juicy, fresh tomatoes, cashew nuts for that crunchy texture, all tossed in a sweet homemade honey mustard dressing that is used sparingly.


Crusty Blue Swimmer Crab Cakes $15

For starters, I highly recommend the Crusty Blue Swimmer Crab Cakes. The breaded crust is fried to a golden brown; it is crispy without being greasy. Instead of the mushy interior you’d typically find in crab cakes, the one here encompasses moist chunky pieces of crabmeat minus the starch. Served with sweet corn kernels and savoury milk glaze, this dish will perk up your appetite!

Quesadilla and Tacos

Mushroom Melt Quesadilla $13

In the quesadillas and tacos menu, the Mushroom Melt Quesadilla is highly recommended. The taco shell is baked to a crisp with a nice char, with melted gooey cheese within. It’s delicious and it left me wanting more.


Simply Brie-vine Burger $24

The highlight of that evening was the Simply Brie-vine Burger. Expect a 170g Josper-grilled Wagyu patty arriving straight out of the grill, sandwiched between a homemade bun together with grilled poached pear, Brie cheese, wild rocket & sun-dried tomatoes. The thick piece of patty is orgasmic; instead of the minced beef you’d typically get in burgers, the ones here contain tender chunky pieces of meat, so moist and juicy. The moment it arrived at our table, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into it.

Miso Cod Burger $26

If you’re not a fan of red meats, the Miso Cod Burger is no less impressive. The Josper-grilled miso cod specked with toasted sesame is so tender and fresh, and simply delectable. I would order this again the next time I visit!


Old-Fashioned Apple Strudel $12

I enjoyed the Old-Fashioned Apple Strudel, that is made up of cinnamon apples, plump California raisins stuffed in a light crisp pastry baked to perfection, sided with vanilla bean ice cream.

Cranberry & Walnut Brownie $10

The Cranberry & Walnut Brownie is a tad sour for a brownie to please my sweet tooth, but the liberal drizzle of Varlhona chocolate sauce is divine.

Esther’s Lemon Meringue Pie $10

Esther’s Lemon Meringue Pie came in such a beautifully constructed piece of art – it looks like something you could give as a gift providing it doesn’t fall apart in the gift box – that I almost couldn’t bear to dismantle it. Taste-wise, the lemon curd on its own is a tad too tart, and the meringue on its own is a tad sweet. Put them together, the result is magical.

In conclusion:
Roadhouse gets a tick in all positive aspects in terms on the food and flavour. Service-wise, it is casual and efficient, but could deem as a little unprofessional if you’re a discerning diner.

Business is brisk; although reservations are not necessary, it is recommended to do so especially during the weekends.

Roadhouse is also home to the Terminator Challenge, which requires fast eaters with a huge appetite to wolf down a 1kg burger within 20 minutes. Once accomplished, they get the burger for free and their names and pictures on the Wall of Fame.
Check out my experience with the Terminator Challenge here:

13 Dempsey Road, Singapore 247694
Tel: 64762922

Opening hours:
Mondays to Fridays
11.30am–2.30pm and 6.30pm–10pm
Saturdays & Sundays
Brunch/lunch 9am-3.30pm and dinner 6.30pm-10pm

Kronenbourg 1664 presents ‘1664 Signs of Attraction’


With a rich heritage originating from France, Kronenbourg 1664 has been the best-selling beer in France for decades. Using only the purest waters from the Vosges Mountains are used to brew Kronenbourg 1664, it lends a uniquely delightful and clean, smooth taste –it is an ideal choice for the urbane to enjoy the civilised indulgence of a premium beer.

On 24 February 2012, the premium French lager unveils a first-ever Facebook application in Singapore that is designed to engage singles in a fun and interactive way, and approachable yet subtle for the shy ones.

Singles who are always in pursuit of that dream partner who shares the same interest will get to meet through this user-friendly application.

Here are the steps for interested participants:

1) ‘Like’ the facebook page at
2) Take part in a fun personality survey, which will determine which category your main interests falls on.
3) A personal profile will be set up and can upload your own photo.
4) You will be able to chat with like-minded people.
5) (Optional) If you happen to fancy someone else in a different category, meeting him/her isn’t impossible. You can start over on the personality survey and tweak your answers.
Note: This isn’t exactly considered cheating; opposites attract and sometimes it takes just a little more effort to find that special someone!

The cupid doesn’t stop there. Taking place from 24 February to 31 May 2012, this three-month campaign will also organise parties for participants to meet and mingle in real life –no more hiding behind the computer screen and secretly admiring; and no more racking of brains to initiate the first date!
The first party will take place on 30 March 2012 at SkyLoft @iFly, Sentosa.

Most excitingly, a deserving newly-matched Bachelor and Bachelorette will be stand a chance to win a coveted trip to Paris for the ultimate romantic escapade, with expenses fully paid for!

A pair of limited-edition phone casing premiums can be redeemed upon purchase of Kronenbourg 1664 beers from 1 March to 30 April 2012.

With the gorgeous Kronenbourg angel, Jasper from and musician-come-writer Nicholas.

Do visit their facebook page for more information!

MILO Easy Cool – ice cold MILO at your convenience!


After a vigorous workout under the basking sun, don’t you just wish for a cold MILO to fuel up and to beat the sweltering heat?

Oh forget the dreaded routine of boiling water just to ensure that the MILO powder dissolves, and then top it off with cold water to bring forth that soothing cup of cooling MILO –what a hassle to satiate a craving!

Fret no more; Nestlé Singapore has launched a new product under Singapore’s much love beverage, MILO. Churn out a nice, cold cup of MILO by just adding cold water to a sachet of MILO Easy Cool!

For that cold MILO, here’s what you need:

1) Iced water/cold water
2) A sachet of MILO Easy Cool
3) A cup or a wide-mouth bottle

And here’re the steps:
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Loco Spanish Tapas Bar


Located in the bustling social enclave of Boat Quay along the riverfront, Loco is a Spanish tapas bar and restaurant serving up an extensive selection of Spanish cuisine along with Sangrias, wines, beers, spirits and cocktails.

Sitting no more than 40 people, Loco comes replete with indoor and outdoor seating, with a private room hidden out of sight on the second storey. The warm intimate interior adopts a contemporary theme with Spanish inspired graffiti splashed across the walls, with limited bar seating.

Sip on Sangria while people-watching or simply enjoying the occasional breeze from the Singapore river outdoors.

Sangria, Red or Yellow ($12 per glass, $50 per jug)

Its menu boasts a selection of the ubiquitous cuisine you will find in Spain; the range of tapas itself will send you into a head-spin of wonderfully contrasted flavours.
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Terminator Challenge at Roadhouse, Demsey


This towering burger is held together with a skewer (satay stick), and it rapidly collapses, due to gravity, the moment you take your hands off it. The burger is piled up high with 6 Wagyu beef patties grilled to perfection, layered with cheese in between each patty, a couple of pieces of bacon, topped with nicely caramelised onions, sandwiched in between a light fluffy bun that has a toasty crust.
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Canning Vale Market, Perth WA


Canning Vale Market is a Sunday market in Perth, Western Australia.

As the sun rises, stall vendors drive into the large open space and set up pop-up stalls displaying a huge range of items from second hand goods, plants, homemade jams, fresh produce and more. You have to wake up early to catch all the action, because the market opens at 7am, and wrap up at 1pm.

The market is easily accessible by public transportation. Armed with an iPhone, I followed google map’s directions: I took a train, followed by a bus – constantly alert lest I miss my stop – and walked approximately 5 minutes to the destination; plus an additional couple of minutes spent asking for directions.

Those with a penchant for vintage products, Canning Vale will bring you glad tidings with second-hand stalls aplenty: you can find used clothing, electrical products, books and toys to name a few. The market is clean and huge, and saying it’s huge is an understatement. Spend the entire morning cutting through the clutter and you may find something you fancy.

Note: this is an image-heavy post!
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Domino’s: the Double Loaded Chicken Pizza


2 February 2012 – a bunch of bloggers were invited to a tasting session at Domino’s, featuring the Double Loaded Chicken Pizza promotion! The session was held at the Kovan outlet; decked with comfortable sofa seats.

Its bright interior adopts a theme inspired by its logo, with basic hues of striking red, blue and white; its functional and uncluttered setting is appropriate for any party of mass gathering.
Just in case you didn’t know (like yours truly, who thought that Domino’s is an Australian brand just because I patronised it a lot when I was in Perth), Domino’s is actually an American brand. There are currently 13 outlets in Singapore and almost a hundred in Malaysia, under a Malaysian franchise company –thus it’s halal-certified in Singapore and Malaysia.

Here’s a mini step-by-step ‘tutorial’ for the fuss-free online-ordering!
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