Valentine’s Day cakes by BreadTalk

Hum to your favourite love songs while luxuriating in BreadTalk’s Romantic Musical Sweet Treats with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. The musical-themed cakes, available in two flavours, accentuate the relationship between love, music and food.

Melody of Love ($22.80)

‘Melody of Love’ will entrance the sweet and demure girl-next-door with its pinkish endearing façade.

Soft spongy layers of vanilla chiffon are partitioned by a thick layer of creamy mousse flecked with juicy cherries, depicting musical notes strung together in smooth legato.

Love Actually ($22.80)

Designed to bear resemblance to a grand piano, this exquisite creation comes without a hefty price tag. Dusted with shimmering powder for the final touch, the chocolate is bewitched to a dark seductive gold.

Chocolate chiffon is spiked with hints of orange marmalade. The assertive tone of the rich decadent chocolate builds sensuousness to a crescendo. This cake will charm the passionate and boldly sexy.
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Ciel Patisserie

Scarlet ($5.60)

I have a soft spot for desserts. Can’t live a day without my requisite dose of sugar.

My idea of heaven, comprises fluffy clouds made of cotton candy, raindrops made of glimmering honey, pillows injected with luscious whipped cream, bed lined with perky gummy bears, pool filled with molten chocolate, and the list goes on and on, and on. This celestial paradise only exists when I slip into reverie.

For those who used to not believe in the existence of heaven, we now have Ciel Patisserie to thank the stars for –to dismiss existing cynicism, and to revel in heavenly sweet treats.
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Lunar New Year Feast at Crystal Jade (Dine-in or Takeaway)

What’s your preference for reunion dinners on the eve of Lunar New Year? Do you prefer dining in, or out?

This is one special day where I get to spend quality time with the family –an extremely rare occasion, once a year, where we would sit down for a meal together. Hence, I would rather spend it in the comforts of our home, as opposed to the bustling dining scenes at Chinese restaurants, where waitstaffs are generally paid twice (or thrice) their regular pay to spend the eve of Lunar New Year without the company of their loved ones, but still putting a smile on their faces no matter, till the dinner service concludes.

If you would like to enjoy a reunion dinner at home without having to spend the entire day in the kitchen prepping, the takeaway options at Crystal Jade will bring boundless delight.

If you like the hustle and bustle, you have the option of dining in. Prices stated in this post are for takeaway; 10% service charge applies for dining in. Do remember to make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment!

Reunion Yu Sheng (Small $39.80/Big $69.80)

‘Lo Hei’ is almost a mandatory practice in the Chinese tradition during Lunar New Year. What sets Crystal Jade’s Yu Sheng apart from the typical Yu Shengs is the finely shredded yam that is deep-fried to a crisp. They remain crispy even after the mixing and tossing.

My favourite part of Yu Sheng is usually the crispy golden crackers, but now with the crispy strips of yam, there’s one more component on the plate that I equally adore.

Are you ready to ‘Lo Hei’?
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Choco Truffle Dream by Emicakes (GIVEAWAY!)

Cake arrived. I could hear my own breathing, and ’s (my dog). The roaring sound of engine, the vehicle vrooming off –sounds that make up a silence. There came desperate eagerness to rip the packaging apart, to put my face into the cake. Time raced by at the speed of a turtle wading its way through masses of sand. My alter (gluttonous) ego reviles the diligent shutterbug character. “Are you done taking photos already?”

‘Shutterbug’ rebukes with a sharp glare. The glare that conveys “Do not touch the cake until I am done taking pictures.” She then proceeds to slicing a piece of cake, for another round of photo taking.

Who can resist?

Perhaps only those amongst the minority of the human race, with relentless willpower, can prolong the restraint.
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Dolcetto by Basilico at Regent Singapore

Dolcetto by Basilico; this gleaming store on the first level of Regent Singapore is embellished with stitched Italian leather detailing, and boasts polished and richly-veined Carrera marble. Dangling above the counters are European blown-glass pendants; surrounding you is an endless array of all-things-Italian –it is possible to feel transported to Italy, from the moment you enter, to the minute you fill the orange leather shopping baskets with your favourite Italian goodies.

This could potentially be Singapore’s own ‘Little Italy’.

Dolcetto is Basilico’s casual counterpart – a gourmet pasticceria – offering Italian coffee, sweet treats, freshly baked goods and specially imported merchandises.

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Menu highlights of BreadTalk’s latest concept –Generation4

BreadTalk is rolling out their latest concept, Generation 4, with the launch of inventive products and new store facades. The modernised chic interiors and novel recipes are set to revitalise the bakery & confectionary landscape.

BreadTalk combines rustic charm with contemporary appeal in its revised menu, with over 50 new creations. In the Euro bread series, European breads are incorporated with a variety of Asian flavours, such as drunken longan, black sesame, spinach and sweet potato.

Here are some of the highlights:

Sweet Potato Pot ($1.80)
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