For those who live on the other end of Singapore, a long drive away from the Alexandra precinct, like myself, you probably have not been to (or heard of) ARC –Alexandra Retail Centre. To my surprise, the mall is bustling with crowd.

On weekends, activities at the atrium keep the noise level at a constant high –but not excessive to the point of disturbance. We see mostly families with children during weekends, while the working crowd brings life to the mall on weekdays. It’s not surprising to see children’s activities abound; there are enrichment and education centres located within the mall, such as Art Boot Camp, Berries World of Learning School and Cristofori Music School.

Cappuccino ($5.50)

To ardent coffee lovers, I have a piece of good new to share: you have one more place to add to your to-go list –ROOM Serving up cups of organic USDA Certified coffee that also sport the Rainforest Alliance certification, discerning coffee drinkers will be pleased.

Taylors of Harrogate Tea, Blackberry & Elderflower ($5)

Non-coffee drinkers can also sip on quality Taylors of Harrogate teas, imported from the UK.

What attracts me most to this place is the atmosphere. The façade suggests happiness –something beautiful and soothing. The interior immediately gives off a relaxing and comfortable vibe. The owner describes this look as ‘Scandinavian Chic’.

Regulars of ROOM include senior executives, expatriates, ladies-of-leisure, coffee hunters and Internet geeks.

Don’t be shy to make use of their complimentary WiFi and power point sockets. Dwell in its unhurried pace and laid-back setting, and enjoy an aromatic cup of your favourite brew at your own leisure. Continue reading

J’s Restaurant at Purvis Street

Her eyes, gleams with hope and love; her heart of gold, pumps with zeal and affection; the charitable efforts that portray her selfless love for the less privileged, tug on my heartstrings so emotionally.

Joy Mahbubani, Managing Director of J’s Restaurant, is a passionate and determined lady, who has survived the distressingly rocky road of being a single mom, has fought with death when she was taken ill 9 years ago, and has overcome ordeals of hardship and grief that an average Singaporean can hardly fathom. While many restaurateurs are driven by money, Joy derives simple pleasures from giving back to society.

There are no short of dining options along Purvis Street, but this under-the-radar and often-overlooked eatery distinguishes itself with its widely-varied classic Latin American influenced food, inspired by Joy’s travels through South America. Continue reading

21 on Rajah at Days Hotel Singapore, Zhongshan Park

Nestled along the stretch of Balestier Road – where the ample choices of local food allure you with the wafting fragrance exuding through door-less coffee shops – a juxtaposingly ravishing dining option awaits at the comforts of Days Hotel Singapore.

Stroll in to 21 on Rajah, where a soothing sanctuary provides you with the cooling comfort of air conditioning to beat the excessive humidity and heat. Dine leisurely and unhurriedly in the spacious and modish setting that accommodates to large crowds during peak hours, beating the overwhelming masses at the neighbouring sweaty joints.

This restaurant is one-of-its-kind at the Balestier precinct. The number “21” in its appellation represents the 21 Mediterranean countries; its menu is immensely inspired by Mediterranean flavours and local favourites, highlighting the concept of “family communal dining”. Continue reading

STREET 50, Bay Hotel Singapore’s global flavours restaurant

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar at Bay Hotel Singapore presents a global spectrum of flavours – from Italian, French and American to Vietnamese, Indonesian and local – with its own unique twists.

The menu caters to diverse palates of both consumers in Singapore and visitors from across the world, ranging from meats and seafood, Asian selections, gourmet bites to pastas and pizzas. With so many good possible choices, you will have a hard time making a decision on what to order.

Salmon Cutlet

Chef Ricky who helms the kitchen is classically trained in French cuisine, but has also tremendous experience churning out Asian cuisine.

Starters start at $8, pastas range from $12 to $18, mains range from $18 to $22 and Asian selections range from $12 to $24. Continue reading

Perfect Italiano Masterclass with Chef Lino Sauro

Baked rice, mac ‘n’ cheese, lasagna, potato gratin, risotto, cheese bread, grilled cheese sandwich and cheese soufflé are just some of the many things you can do with the versatile range of Perfect Italiano cheeses.

There are three types of Perfect Italiano cheese available in Singapore: Perfect Italiano Mozzarella Cheese, Perfect Italiano Parmesan Cheese and Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese.

Perfect Italiano Mozzarella Cheese is stretchy (really stretchy) in nature, with a mild flavour. It is low in fat (35% less fat than regular mozzarella). Perfect for pizza toppings and ideal for lasagna. It is suitable for vegetarians too.

Perfect Italiano Parmesan Cheese is aged for up to 18 months to guarantee a rich and bold flavour. It is ideal for pastas, salads, risottos and soups. I usually buy it in the traditional block form to grate over pastas whenever needed. You can also sprinkle some over potato wedges with some freshly ground pepper and herbs and bake till crisp. That sounds like comfort food to me!

Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus Cheese is a unique blend of three cheeses –Mozzarella (for stretch), Cheddar (for bold flavour) and Parmesan (for bite). It is ideal for pizza toppings, sauces and hot snacks.

These simple and easy to use Perfect Italiano cooking cheeses can easily be adapted in your everyday cooking.

Couple weeks ago, I attended a Perfect Italiano Masterclass with Italian Chef Lino Sauro at Palate Sensastions. Here are three inventive dishes that Chef Lino has come up with, using Perfect Italiano cheeses –wonton with cheese fondue, cheesy maki sushi roll and deep fried potato with oozy gooey cheese within. Continue reading

MAD –Modern Asian Diner

The Grandstand, formerly known as Turf City, is now home to numerous dining establishments that are generating lots of hype and traffic to the once inaccessible and secluded area. MAD, short for Modern Asian Diner, is no stranger to food and music enthusiasts.

Named after Dick Lee’s Mad Chinaman nickname, this celebrity-fronted diner is a five-way collaboration between reputable Singaporean success stories, including Tung Lok, Bakerzin, Bar Stories and Top Wines. The presence of Dick Lee prevails in the form of quirky Mad Chinaman pop art that adorn the walls, and the groovy choice of music that are personally curated by the legend himself. Continue reading

District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant at The Star Vista

District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant at The Star Vista is The Bonta Group’s latest addition, featuring an open tapas and pinchos bar concept. Loyal fans of the flagship outlet at UE Square will find familiar favourites in the menu, although the menus are slightly different. One of the more distinct differences between the two outlets would be their comparatively independent brunch menu.

I visited the outlet at The Star Vista twice, once for a Sunday brunch, and another on a weekday evening. The vibes are rather contrasting. I will consolidate both dining experiences into a single post. Continue reading

The Stellar Experience

It was a year ago when I last visited Stellar at 1-Altitude… it was one of my best dining experiences ever.

Remarkable food coupled with spectacular views, it is only befitting to name the restaurant Stellar.

This year, I’m back for their new Stellar Experience –it is an inspiring new dining experience that brings creativity and interaction to the table, leaving diners with lasting memories.

The Stellar Experience begins from the very moment you enter the premises. You take a minutes-long lift ride up to the highest point – which is also the highest rooftop bar in Singapore on level 63, known for its unobstructed 360-degree view – to enjoy pre-dinner aperitifs at a specially designated corner of 1-Altitude bar and gallery, on ‘The Edge’.

Watch the sky change colours as the sun begins to set…

The sky then showers the rooftop bar with its glimmering moonlight and shimmering stars. Accompanied by fine libations, you don’t need a reason to propose a toast.

After enjoying a tipple of two, diners proceed to the dining area on level 62, to embark on a gastronomic experience that will be no less magnificent than anticipated.

The new Stellar Experience offers a whole new level of fine dining, allowing diners to design their own 4,5 or 6-course meal from a well thought out tasting menu, with more than 15 exquisite dishes to choose from –comprising newly crafted dishes accompanied by a few Stellar signatures.

The pricings are as follows: $95++ per person for 4 courses, $120++ per person for 5 courses, $140++ per person for 6 courses.
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Hong Kong Wine & Dine Month, 1 to 30 November 2012

The essence of Hong Kong is subtly but surely incorporated into most of our daily lives –for instance, our obsession with dim sum and our addiction to Hong Kong TVB series is of widespread unanimity.

Being a 4-hour flight away from Singapore, many Singaporeans visit Hong Kong on a yearly basis, mostly for the love of food and shopping. Come November, the Wine and Dine Month gives you all the more reason to visit this vibrant city; the month-long festival will showcase a series of events ranging from food, drama, music, business forum and festival sports.

I attended the Hong Kong Festival 2012’s launch event at Wild Rocket, where we sampled a Hong Kong-inspired 7-course meal created by Singapore celebrity chef Willin Low. Galvanised by his trip in September, the menu features an interesting blend of Hong Kong signatures with innovative touches.
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High Society, Marina Bay Sands

What started out as selling music is now dishing out delectable eats, ranging from modernised local delights to European fusion.

That CD-Shop was launched in 1994 and emerged as a leader in introducing the latest music trends to Singapore. In 2005, the company started producing works under its own High Society record label in partnership with the big 4 music labels, namely Universal Music, Sony BMG, Warner and EMI. They’ve won a great deal of accolades ever since.

In 2011, the first High Society restaurant opened in Marina Bay Sands Shoppes, followed by a second restaurant named High Society Mansion at Pacific Plaza, Scotts Road.
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An unconventional Mid-Autumn Festival treat made using Tefal appliances

What does Mid-Autumn Festival mean to you? To many, this festival is generally associated with mooncake, tea, moon gazing, ‘dragon dance’, poetry and a dazzling array of lanterns.

This festive celebration is gradually adapting to our modernising lifestyles –battery-operated lanterns of varying shapes and sizes, buzzing with familiar melodies, are triumphing over the conventional paper lanterns illuminated with candles, and mooncakes are now available in every possible flavour you can think of, over and above the traditionally baked mooncakes.

For me, this year has to be the most rewarding Mid-Autumn Festival thus far, as I’ve tasted more mooncakes than I’ve had in the span of my 24 years of living –thanks to PR companies and independent establishments who recognise my efforts in manifesting their products the best that I can through my blog.

My preferences sway towards snowskin mooncakes, but I have to say some of the traditionally baked mooncakes that I’ve tasted are undoubtedly delightful.

For those who do not fancy traditional mooncakes, here is one very special ‘mooncake’ that metamorphoses traditional mooncakes into something funky –without losing that festive spirit.

Mooncake Milkshake Recipe

Here’s a drinkable version of mooncake that kids will enjoy!
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An exquisite and one-of-a-kind mooncake by Torte

It is just a few more days to the Mid-Autumn Festival! Mooncakes are all the hype and in abundance now –you see them everywhere, from hotel atriums to restaurants; from cafés to independent bakeries; even the homemakers’ kitchens are not spared.

It’s amazing how Mid-Autumn Festival have evolved over the years, from a traditional moon-gazing affair to a feast of varied flavoured mooncakes, and slowly the occasion will turn into a spread of the most avant-garde mooncakes. Modern chefs no longer follow age-old recipes to please the traditionalists; they have to up the ante every year to keep up with the newfangled palates.

Torte’s Yuzu-infused Snowskin with White Lotus and Crème de Marron is one inspirational creation that left the deepest impression.
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‘Fast, Fresh & Simple’ Recipes using Lee Kum Kee products

Lee Kum Kee is no stranger to the Asian home kitchens, and to Westerners who love Asian food.

With over 123 years of history, LKK is a Chinese company that started out in Hong Kong, famous for its huge variety of quality sauces and condiments. Today, you can find LKK products in almost every supermarket worldwide.

When I received the invitation for Lee Kum Kee’s cooking workshop at Cookyn Inc, I RSVP-ed right away.

‘Fast, Fresh & Simple’, a hands-on contemporary cooking workshop, features new ways to cook modern classic dishes using the established brand Lee Kum Kee’s condiments.

Picture taken by Maureen, edited on Instagram

As part of its initiative to encourage bonding with family and friends through cooking and in line with the brand’s tagline of ‘sharing your love through taste’, bloggers get to invite a friend or family member along for this fun and highly-interactive fun workshop at Cookyn Inc’s new cooking studio, followed by lunch at the end of the workshop with more dishes prepared with Lee Kum Kee’s range of products.

In this post, I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes with you.
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