DIO Burger at The Grandstand – “Do It Ourselves”

DIO Burger at The Grandstand blatantly pits itself against neighbouring Omakase Burger, vying for superiority in matters of burgers.

While it’s still too early to determine if DIO Burger will succeed in surpassing Omakase Burger and seize its crowning glory, we do recognise DIO Burger’s tremendous potential.

Differing from its competitor, DIO Burger gives diners vast freedom in customising and assembling their burgers in any way that pleases their palates most.

Begin by choosing a bun –whole grain for a healthier option, brioche for a tinge of sweetness, or lettuce-wrap for a low-carbohydrate option. Patty options include the never-frozen wagyu beef, grilled chuck beef, chicken thigh, pork ribs and pacific fish. Continue reading