Have a “Pandastic” festive season with Crystal Jade

“Pandastic” Mixed Fruit Cake ($45 for 1KG, 20cm diameter)

Cuteness overload.

Climbing to the top of the tree… oops! I mean climbing to the top of the ‘cutest Christmas cake’ chart this season is… Crystal Jade’s “Pandastic” Mixed Fruit Cake!

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Gloria Jean’s Coffees brings you Christmas tidings

Gloria Jean’s Coffees brings you Christmas tidings with the new Black Forest inspired Christmas beverages. The Christmas Menu is available from 5th November till 31st December 2012.

Blackforest Hot Chocolate ($6.50 for reg, $7 for large)

Cosy up with the hot Black Forest Hot Chocolate on a cold rainy evening. Detect the lingering sweetness of cherry amongst the thick aroma of chocolate with each sip.

This beverage combines chocolate powder and a specially concocted black forest syrup.

Black Forest Chocolate Chiller ($6.80 for reg, $7.50 for large)

We know winter is never going to happen in our tropical region, but the Blackforest Chocolate Chiller will transport you to a snowy Christmas scene.

It is a smooth icy version of the Black Forest Hot Chocolate, with the addition of strawberry puree drizzled over whipped cream.

X’mas Cookies ($6), Gingerbread ($3.50)

If you’re out of gift ideas, pop by any Gloria Jean’s Coffees store for gift vouchers and customised gift packs, assembled based on your requests.

Here’s a sample of a Log Cake Gift Card. Remember to place your order at least 3 working days in advance!

Since we’re at Gloria Jean’s, we also tried some of their cakes and savoury puffs. Continue reading

Celebrate Christmas at ROAST, One Rochester

ROAST at One Rochester has always been a prime spot for cosy gatherings –known for their delectable sharing platters, and the lush foliage that surrounds the precinct.

Its concept is specially designed for group dining and sharing, which ties in well with the festive season of love.

This Christmas, 1-Rochester Group embraces the ethos of Christmas and stays true to the practice of celebrating Christmas on 24th December, bringing you a Christmas Eve menu of traditional Scandinavian delights.

It will be a night of scrumptious feasting with close companions and great conversations…

‘A Scandinavian Christmas’ Communal Menu ($85++ per person)

Apart from Christmas Eve, the menu is also available over the Christmas weekend on 21st and 22nd December. Continue reading


Do you still remember the NYDC outlet outside The Heeren? It was a favourite hangout spot for teenagers back in those days. That was my first memory of NYDC. My friends who used to hang out there rave about the mudpies all the time. Those days will remain as memories though, as NYDC has moved out of the Heeren precinct. If you’re craving for mudpies in the orchard vicinity, head to the nearest outlet at Wheelock Place.

Their very first outlet (and also their flagship outlet) is in –which was launched 17 years ago in 1995. Today, NYDC has six outlets islandwide and has ventured into the international market, with six outlets overseas.

To commemorate its “Super Sweet 17”, it introduces more than 20 new items on the menu.
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Dolcetto by Basilico at Regent Singapore

Dolcetto by Basilico; this gleaming store on the first level of Regent Singapore is embellished with stitched Italian leather detailing, and boasts polished and richly-veined Carrera marble. Dangling above the counters are European blown-glass pendants; surrounding you is an endless array of all-things-Italian –it is possible to feel transported to Italy, from the moment you enter, to the minute you fill the orange leather shopping baskets with your favourite Italian goodies.

This could potentially be Singapore’s own ‘Little Italy’.

Dolcetto is Basilico’s casual counterpart – a gourmet pasticceria – offering Italian coffee, sweet treats, freshly baked goods and specially imported merchandises.

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An unconventional Mid-Autumn Festival treat made using Tefal appliances

What does Mid-Autumn Festival mean to you? To many, this festival is generally associated with mooncake, tea, moon gazing, ‘dragon dance’, poetry and a dazzling array of lanterns.

This festive celebration is gradually adapting to our modernising lifestyles –battery-operated lanterns of varying shapes and sizes, buzzing with familiar melodies, are triumphing over the conventional paper lanterns illuminated with candles, and mooncakes are now available in every possible flavour you can think of, over and above the traditionally baked mooncakes.

For me, this year has to be the most rewarding Mid-Autumn Festival thus far, as I’ve tasted more mooncakes than I’ve had in the span of my 24 years of living –thanks to PR companies and independent establishments who recognise my efforts in manifesting their products the best that I can through my blog.

My preferences sway towards snowskin mooncakes, but I have to say some of the traditionally baked mooncakes that I’ve tasted are undoubtedly delightful.

For those who do not fancy traditional mooncakes, here is one very special ‘mooncake’ that metamorphoses traditional mooncakes into something funky –without losing that festive spirit.

Mooncake Milkshake Recipe

Here’s a drinkable version of mooncake that kids will enjoy!
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An exquisite and one-of-a-kind mooncake by Torte

It is just a few more days to the Mid-Autumn Festival! Mooncakes are all the hype and in abundance now –you see them everywhere, from hotel atriums to restaurants; from cafés to independent bakeries; even the homemakers’ kitchens are not spared.

It’s amazing how Mid-Autumn Festival have evolved over the years, from a traditional moon-gazing affair to a feast of varied flavoured mooncakes, and slowly the occasion will turn into a spread of the most avant-garde mooncakes. Modern chefs no longer follow age-old recipes to please the traditionalists; they have to up the ante every year to keep up with the newfangled palates.

Torte’s Yuzu-infused Snowskin with White Lotus and Crème de Marron is one inspirational creation that left the deepest impression.
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Dole’s Yonanas –healthy dessert maker

I recently came across a dessert maker that I just had to share with you. It is an exciting new product that’s hugely popular in America that has finally made its debut in Singapore.

Do you love ice cream but loathe the adverse effect it has on your waistline? Are you vegan or lactose intolerant, and deprived of the creamy icy goodness that ice cream has to offer? Dole’s Yonanas churns out non-dairy ‘ice cream’ that will satiate your cravings healthily.

The revolutionary dessert maker turns frozen fruits into a creamy, delicious cold dessert –you’re in for a stunning new taste experience.
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Obolo: Cheesecakes & Macarons

I’ve heard sooooo much about Obolo prior to my virgin visit. The whole saga regarding Obolo’s lawsuit (which eventually didn’t happen) against a blogger has garnered lots of attention, and somehow stands as a reminder for bloggers to blog responsibly.

Frankly speaking, that blogger’s not-too-favourable blog post didn’t have any influence on how I would perceive Obolo. Taste is highly subjective. My decision to patronise a place is not easily swayed by a couple of negative reviews. I think she did nothing wrong by voicing her personal views.

Let’s check out their new creations.
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