KUMO Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant

As I take my first step through the entrance, I was immediately enthralled into a trance of palatial serenity. Contributing to that, are the gentle babble of water that runs from mini simulated cascades, natural elements that correspond to the wild forests of Japan, and the dimly lit milieu posing cosiness amongst sophistication.

KUMO Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant at Icon Village offers an exquisite dining experience. Soaring to great heights like clouds in the sky, its menu is constantly changing and shifting with new textures, tastes and shapes, bringing out the best of each season’s ingredients. “Cloud” translates as “kumo” in Japanese.

Running the show is Executive Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki, who brings his wealth of experience beyond the Japanese shores to share his culinary joys with Singapore.

Let this Kaiseki restaurant take you on a gastronomic journey through progressive courses. If you’re hankering for a surprise, something unpredictable and spontaneous, Omakase dining is a recommended choice for the culinary adventurous, where diners entrust the chef to freely craft a menu based on his reading and judgement on his guests’ tastes and preferences, reflective of the freshest produce available during the season.

Here is a peak of what to expect this spring.

Omakase Kaiseki ($168++ or $198++ with 5 pieces of nigiri sushi)

Assorted seasonal appetiser

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Food Trail at Bugis+ with Omy bloggers

Last weekend, a group of Omy.sg bloggers were invited to a 6-hour-long food trail, covering over 10 dining establishments in Bugis+. With an empty stomach and a voracious appetite, we sampled a wide range of cuisine from American to Chinese, and Korean to Thai, available in the promising mall.

(Hashtag for the event: #BugisPlus; follow me @melicacy on Instagram)

Regrettably, I had an event to cover earlier in the day, hence I missed out on several restaurants. Nevertheless, I’ll be featuring some of the restaurants I’ve visited at Bugis+ during the past few months, in addition to what we’ve sampled during the food trail. Continue reading

Ebisboshi Shotengai

Dear Ebisboshi Shotengai, I have misspelled your name at least 5 times before I finally got it right, and I need to spell it at least 10 more times to be 99% confident I will get it right the n…ext time I attempt to spell it.

Considering majority of Singapore’s population do not speak fluent Japanese – although many of us can effortlessly utter a few simple lines like watashi wa (fill in your name) desu, kawaii ne, ohayo and arigato gazaimasu – a shorter and easier-to-remember name would be a virtue. Catchy names are always arresting.

Difficult-to-remember name aside, fortunately for this establishment the food draws the attention of patrons –even the ones who can’t pronounce its name.

What Ebisboshi Shotengai at Great World City has to offer, is a combination of 3 different Japanese dining establishments –housed under a single concrete roof, complete with their own respective menus.

Each establishment has its own distinctive trait and specialty, decked out in noticeably contrasting layouts and settings that are different from one another.

If you enjoy observing sushi chefs in action, head to Uomasa. This establishment has more than 15 years of history to its name.

For those who’re less proficient in Japanese, ‘Uo’ refers to a seafood village, while ‘Masa’ means good fortune and prosperity.

Salmon Shioyaki ($7.80)

Uomasa serves predominantly seafood, showcasing Sashimi, Sushi, Robatayaki and Izayaki (hence you have a wide selection of alcoholic libations to accompany).
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IKYU is a modern Japanese restaurant located in the Tiong Bahru enclave, pronounced as “E-Q”, and literally translated as “Take A Break” in English.

A respite from the frantic city on an off-the-beaten-path street, its food is what draws the crowd. This 54-seater diner was full house on a weekday evening when I visited.
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(Re-visit) Kohii at One Shenton

Kohii was where I first met Derrick from SgFoodonFoot. I’ve been blogging about food for over a year and a half now, and I’m so glad I got to know so many wonderful people whom I now call friends.

Read my previous review here: https://melicacy.com/?p=3221

Kohii celebrated their first year anniversary in August, which saw the launch of new items and a dinner menu. This calls for a re-visit!

Waldorf Salad with Walnut ($10.50)

One thing I like about Kohii is their range of salad dressings –Soy Vinegrette, Sesame (Goma) and Miso. To me, it is always the dressing that makes or breaks a salad.

The Waldorf Salad is an extremely healthy vegetarian option in the menu that consists of green apples, walnuts and greens, served with a lemon wedge and strips of seaweed.

Cha Soba Tossed with Shoyu ($10.50)

If you’d like to include some healthy carbohydrates in your diet, a healthy vegetarian option would be the Cha Soba.

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RamenPlay @ Nex

The ramen craze has taken Singapore by storm, and has caught on in Malaysia in recent times, with new ramen joints sprouting prevalently islandwide.

In this ultra-critical city, our conception of chain restaurants being less worthy of attention, and deemed to be average, is clearly misconstrued.

I live in close proximity to Nex, and I visit the mall at least twice a week. I’ve walked past RamenPlay numerous times, sometimes curiously peeking into the restaurant, but never stepped foot inside until now.
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Ginza Bairin at Jcube

The number of days I spent in the west side of Singapore amounts to no more than 1% of my life.

I remember the good old days when I actively engaged in leisure ice-skating – probably the only reason why I would travel all the way to the west – but that is now history. With prolonged procrastination, my bones have stiffened; my balance is probably deteriorating with age. (I sound like an old hag.)

The most agile and widely exercised part of my body is my mouth. Predictably, the reason behind my virgin trip to the new mall, Jcube, is all in the name of food. (Now I sound like a fat old hag.)

This new mall, to residents of Jurong, is probably as highly anticipated as Nex is to residents of Serangoon. We (residents of Serangoon) were deprived of the shopping, dining and entertainment experience that bustling malls in the city have to offer –until the sprouting of Nex brought life to our suburb.

There are plenty of dining options in Jcube: Canton Paradise (I’ve been to the 112 Katong outlet, it was goooood!), ThaiExpress (click to see my review), The Manhattan Fish Market, Nana’s Green Tea Café (looks interesting), Nando’s and so many more!

What warrants my attention is Ginza Bairin –a specialty Tonkatsu restaurant with history dating back to 1927 in Tokyo.

I came across the outlet at ION Orchard, and my friend – currently undergoing culinary training with an Italian chef – who raves constantly about their Katsudon being the best in Singapore, has been urging me to try it.

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Latest reviews @ Sparklette: 7 Adam, Chef Daniel’s Kitchen and Fat Cow

7 Adam

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For reservations, book online at Chope for instant confirmation anytime of the day and any day of the week.

Chef Daniel’s Kitchen

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Fat Cow

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Chiso Zanmai, Japanese Buffet Restaurant from Osaka

The Osaka-based Chiso Zanmai Japanese Buffet Restaurant hits our sunny island, with its first outlet outside of Japan, situated at The Central, Clarke Quay.

The buffet spread features over 100 seasonal Japanese items, split into four categories – Sushi and Sashimi, Cold Section, Hot Section, and Desserts – that will exhilarate the buffet aficionados.

What’s more, the buffet is affordably priced –starting from $14.90++ for a weekday lunch, to $29.90++ for a weekend dinner.

The area is huge and spacious, with a whopping capacity of 200 diners.
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