Saigon City tour :)

Being alone in a foreign country, I decided to sign up for a city tour. As much as I wanted to explore the city on my own, the weather was really humid and the lack of public transport made things harder for me. Unlike in other countries where I can take the train to explore each stop, in Ho Chi Minh its either WALK and get lost, or take a cab and lose the experience.
I’ll just post some pictures of myself. Another con of traveling alone; there’s no partner to take pictures for you :P


Post Office

Inside the post office

War remnants museum

Independence Palace

Orange Farm @ Swan Valley, Perth WA

Drove down to Swan Valley with the family, I was so looking forward to the Margaret River road trip but it didn’t happen.

It was a rainy day! But the rain was on and off so it wasn’t too bad :)

scorching sun! i could barely keep my eyes open (mom, the photographer, was standing where the sun’s shining)

Asian food in Perth, WA

The chicken curry (which I don’t have a picture of, sadly) was really good! I definitely recommend this eatery for asians in Perth!

This eatery is owned by a friendly Hong Konger, serving a wide selection of asian food, like fried kway teow, hor fun, including some malay food like mee goreng.

Four Seas Bbq & Takeaway. 116 Barrack St, Perth, WA 6000

Mundaring, Perth WA

It was a spontaneous decision to venture into the almost deserted town of Mundaring, armed with the google map on iphone, without a car, we took the public transport; A train to Midland station followed by a bus.

It was a beautiful, quiet little town, nothing like what I expected (since it was said to be a tourism town on the website). Apparently, tourists were a rare sight there. (and the guy who brought us to the Pinnacles the next day was shocked that we went all the way up to Mundaring, he said nobody really goes there!)

The entire Mundaring trail was definitely too much for the folks and I to conquer! We settled for just exploring the town.

Sand Boarding in Perth!

Sand Boarding in Perth, WA @ the Sand Dunes!

this was definitely the highlight of my entire trip to West Australia!
I was initially hesitant to participate in anything “touristy” and wasting money on tours but this was definitely worth every cent! at 135 AUD per person, we took a 2-3 hour drive to the pinnacles before heading to the sand dunes for sand boarding.

I’ll do a separate post on the Pinnacles another day, here’s the video of me sand boarding!

it didn’t look as scary as it would be but as i was climbing up the slope, i was kinda freaking out (for someone so afraid of heights, bear in mind I’m too timid to attempt roller coaster rides!)
surprisingly I could overcome my fears and didn’t need help getting me down :)
i decided to give it another go after my first attempt and i was still freaking out and screaming on the way down!
and my mom encouraged me to go for a third and forth attempt. and it was finally enough for me. (climbing up the slope was extremely energy-consuming and i was breathless by the time i got to the top!)
I had so much fun!

shortly after we arrived in singapore, we heard news of Singaporeans involved in an accident at the exact spot we were at. not so fortunate for them, hope they’re fine now!

dinner at Patsy’s

I’ve never liked veggies especially those leafy ones with stems that take forever to chew on. but Patsy’s foods are soooo damn tasty i finished my veggies!!