Ming Ren Restaurant -Genting Highlands

Spending a couple days in Genting makes a great gastronomic vacation. Check out my review of Genting Palace Restaurant here: https://melicacy.com/?p=3856

Lunch was at Ming Ren Restaurant –our first meal in Genting. I did a little research prior to the trip; positives reviews and high ratings summed up my search, thus making this my most anticipated meal!

The interior is decidedly oriental with a classy vibe.

Ming Ren was named “The Best Restaurant” by Malaysia Tatler in 2010.

The restaurant serves up authentic Xinjiang cuisine with a unique blend of Cantonese culinary methods.
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Genting Palace Restaurant 云华宫

Occupying an expansive area on the second floor of the luxurious Maxims Genting Hotel, Genting Palace Restaurant serves up exquisite Cantonese cuisine in a palatial setting.

The majestic red-hued dining room seats a massive number of 700 diners, with a great deal of space between each table. There are 10 private dining rooms hidden out of sight, perfect for cosy dinner gatherings and company functions.
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Arriving in Bali, Ubud; Petanu River Villa

I booked a return flight to Bali for $252, flying with Air Asia – inclusive of tax and 15kg check-in baggage for each trip – just one week before embarkment. I’ve come across fares as low as $150 inclusive of tax so do keep a lookout for sales fares and book early in advance.

Arriving in Bali

Upon landing, hot and humid weather greeted us.

Wet season begins November to March, while the flow is reserved from April to October.

Our aircraft was unable to park at the terminal for disembarkation (this situation depends on the arrival times and airlines, and this is usually the case for budget airlines), thus we were herded onto a bus that took us to the terminal.

It was a pretty short ride. How nice of them not to make us walk.

I’ve heard so much about Bali being a wonderful exotic holiday retreat, where temples and shrines are aplenty, but I never expected the airport to sport the architecture of a temple.

That totally sets the tone for our vacation and stimulated our anticipation.

The arrival hall isn’t huge, so finding your way around will not be a problem.
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Bali, Ubud; a heartwarming experience; an unplanned adventure

Hi all. Bali was where I spent 4 days in.

8th-11th May 2012.

I went to a quieter town in Bali –Ubud. Unlike the busier towns – Kuta and Seminyak – Ubud offers an extra dose of spirituality and tranquillity.

Ubud was where I encountered countless of friendly locals; where I handed out candies to children in their courtyards; where I learnt authentic Balinese cuisine in a local kitchen; where I pulled out a stool and ate from a roadside stall; where I haggled for lower prices at local markets; where I hitched a ride on a local’s motorcycle; where I step foot, for the first time in my life, into a rice paddy field; where I stood by the riverside, observing how the locals fish; where an unplanned vacation turns out to be more than an adventure.

Bali is safe for tourists. Having travelled to other countries where pickpockets and scams are a main concern, Balinese have established a positive set of attitudes that will reap returning tourists.
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WTF. Ready, Get Set, Scoot outta here!

In case you were about to bash me for being crude, WTF stands for Watch The Fare.

Scoot is a playful brand that dares to step out of the norm, the conventional and the insipid.

Its maiden flight to Sydney is set for 4 June 2012, and tickets are selling like hotcakes!

Its appealing cheap fares warrant the attention of budget travellers –the unsettling backpackers, the cautious spenders, the non-working students, and the young-at-heart retirees.
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Canning Vale Market, Perth WA

Canning Vale Market is a Sunday market in Perth, Western Australia.

As the sun rises, stall vendors drive into the large open space and set up pop-up stalls displaying a huge range of items from second hand goods, plants, homemade jams, fresh produce and more. You have to wake up early to catch all the action, because the market opens at 7am, and wrap up at 1pm.

The market is easily accessible by public transportation. Armed with an iPhone, I followed google map’s directions: I took a train, followed by a bus – constantly alert lest I miss my stop – and walked approximately 5 minutes to the destination; plus an additional couple of minutes spent asking for directions.

Those with a penchant for vintage products, Canning Vale will bring you glad tidings with second-hand stalls aplenty: you can find used clothing, electrical products, books and toys to name a few. The market is clean and huge, and saying it’s huge is an understatement. Spend the entire morning cutting through the clutter and you may find something you fancy.

Note: this is an image-heavy post!
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Mekong Delta

The living conditions in Mekong Delta;

The locals cook, bathe, wash and drink from this river..

This is where they… do their business; big and small.
and there are actually ducks living in this little pond. WHICH they’ll probably end up in our food chain.

While I was snapping photos of this little boy from afar, he saw me and ran closer, smiling at me.

I couldn’t help but offer him some candies. I think I made his day, like he made mine.

Nomming in Saigon

Ventured into the streets near ChoLon market, on the other side of the bus station. Took a bus from District 1, Ben Thanh, walking distance from my hotel, and the bus journey being about 30 mins.

Found many street food vendors there! I rarely see any of those near the district I’m staying at :( Vietnam should have more street food! I miss the streetfood in Bangkok; they were everywhere! In Ho Chi Minh City, I have to scour streets after streets in search for street food, and I’m usually disappointed and end up having fast food.

For 22,000 VND (SGD 1.40), you can have a large drumstick on top of fragrant rice, with a sprinkle of crushed peanuts.

the nicely seasoned rice has a texture somewhat like of sticky glutinous rice but I can’t bet my life on it, and the lady doesn’t speak English so I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

I would’ve loved some of that burnt rice crust but I didn’t get any :P

I don’t know if it’s a traditional Vietnamese dish but it certainly is unique enough not to find it anywhere else in the world (or so I think); I’ve never seen Chicken rice interpreted in this manner.

the drumstick is no where near miniature and in no way skimpy; it’s large, tender and juicy!

Not exactly a huge fan of Chicken Rice, or rice in general, but I’m glad I tried this dish, it’s one of the best street foods i’ve tasted during my stay in Ho Chi Minh City :)

I don’t know if she’s always gonna station there because the street food vendors always shift around. Hope to see her again!

Saigon City tour :)

Being alone in a foreign country, I decided to sign up for a city tour. As much as I wanted to explore the city on my own, the weather was really humid and the lack of public transport made things harder for me. Unlike in other countries where I can take the train to explore each stop, in Ho Chi Minh its either WALK and get lost, or take a cab and lose the experience.
I’ll just post some pictures of myself. Another con of traveling alone; there’s no partner to take pictures for you :P


Post Office

Inside the post office

War remnants museum

Independence Palace