(Father’s Day 2014) Cedele’s Caramel Sea salt Tiramisu Cake

A strong advocate of healthy eating, Cedele’s products revolve around wholesome, natural and healthy ingredients, containing no preservatives, premixes and trans fat.

This Father’s Day, treat dad to the Caramel Sea salt Tiramisu Cake, priced at $55 per 8-inch cake and $7 per slice. Continue reading

PISCO South American Kitchen and Bar at Resorts World Sentosa

South America ranks as the fourth largest continent, and the fifth largest in population. The culturally diverse country reflects a rich and diverse culinary landscape.

With such an inviting scenario, we warmly welcome the introduction of PISCO South American Kitchen and Bar, located at Resorts World Sentosa. Named after the port of a colonial town in Peru (which is a Quechua word that means “bird”), PISCO South American Kitchen and Bar encompasses a library of South American fare from Peru, Chile, Brazil and other countries of the continent. Continue reading

(Dragon Boat Festival 2014) Toast Box’s limited edition ‘bamboo’ package with mini dumplings

Limited Edition ‘Bamboo’ Package with 8 Mini Dumplings ($21.80/assorted flavours)

This Dragon Boat Festival (Duan Wu Jie), Toast Box’s ‘bamboo’ inspired packaging stands out from the rest, unfortunately the rice dumplings are comparatively underwhelming. Continue reading

(Dragon Boat Festival 2014) Peony Jade presents 3 new creations alongside Cantonese & Peranakan bestsellers

This Dragon Boat Festival (or Dumpling Festival to some), Peony Jade is one of the few establishments with a broad selection of rice dumplings. This year, delighting guests are 3 new creations alongside Cantonese and Peranakan bestsellers. Continue reading

(Dragon Boat Festival 2014) Rice Dumplings from Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung successfully prevails as one of Singapore’s top dining establishments and household name since its introduction. The quality of food remains consistent, as outlets continue sprouting across the island. This Dragon Boat Festival, Din Tai Fung makes for a safe choice to turn to for high quality yet affordable rice dumplings that are bound to gratify.

Din Tai Fung completes the celebration with two flavours – the sweet Red Bean Rice Dumpling and the savoury Rice Dumpling with Flavoured Pork – that are both equally enticing. Continue reading

(Dragon Boat Festival 2014) Rice Dumplings from Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel’s Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel’s Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant pushes the boundaries further this Dragon Boat Festival, presenting the new and outlandish Steamed Beef Knee and Kidney Bean Rice Dumpling that will pique the interest of adventurous eaters. Continue reading

(Dragon Boat Festival 2014) Royal Pavilion debuts its “Lao Gan Tie” Chilli Dumplings

To be honest, I never knew what Dragon Boat Festival was about, except for the fact that it involves the consumption (and to my late grandma, the handcrafting) of rice dumplings. I am slowly but surely touching base with traditions, re-engaging what used to be trivial to me but significant to my grandparents and forefathers.

Dragon Boat Festival marks the day of commemorating the sacrifice of a legendary Chinese poet who drowned himself in Mi Lo River, millenniums ago, to protest against corrupted rulers. Out of respect, rice dumplings were thrown into the river to provide food for the fish and preventing them from feeding on the poet’s body. Since then, Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on the fifth day of very fifth lunar month of the Chinese calendar (which falls on 2nd June this year).

Today, rice dumplings have become a delicacy, available in a myriad of flavours –some of which are inventive and unorthodox creations never seen before, some of which remain true to traditions.

Royal Pavilion debuts its first-ever series of dumplings this Dragon Boat Festival –one of which you must not miss is the “Lao Gan Tie” Mushroom Dried Shrimp Dumpling ($9.80+) made with Royal Pavilion’s famed “Lao Gan Tie” sauce. Continue reading

(Dragon Boat Festival 2014) Premium “Bak Chang” (Rice Dumplings) at Fairmont Singapore’s Szechuan Court Restaurant

A requisite element during Dragon Boat Festival, rice dumplings at Fairmont Singapore’s Szechuan Court Restaurant come in unconventional massive proportions, crammed full of high quality ingredients.

The gargantuan bundles of bamboo leaf-wrapped parcels are available in four different flavours this year, inventively created by Dim Sum Chef Mandy Yeo. Here, timeless traditional classics are combined with contemporary touches. Continue reading

Recipes from Chef Cat Cora’s Cooking Demonstration at Resorts World Sentosa

It was much to fans’ exhilaration when Chef Cat Cora came back to Singapore early last May to see the launch of the new lunch menu at Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora. I happened to be one of that lucky fangirl who got to meet her in person and had an opportunity of attending her cooking demonstration.

I will be sharing two of her recipes in this post, one of which is part of the new 4-course lunch menu at Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora. Continue reading

New lunch menu at Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora, a restaurant nestled within the perimeters of one of the world’s largest aquarium, S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), unites all ardent fans of .

The restaurant also owes its popular to the stunning backdrop of over 100,000 marine animals occupying the Open Ocean Habitat, making it one of the most sought-after dining destinations in Singapore.

Chef Cat Cora took a trip down to Singapore early this May to see the launch of the new 4-course lunch menu. She also shared some of her recipes during intimate cooking demonstrations held at Forest, which I have shared in my other post.

Kingfish Tartare

For starters, diners have the option of either the Kingfish Tartare or the White Onion Soup. My fondness for all things piscatorial made the decision-making process easier, although I secretly wished I could have both. Continue reading

The Cliff at The Singapore Resort & Spa Sentosa plays host to a different Michelin-starred chef each month: Chef Pascal Aussignac from 14 to 18 May 2014

Each month, a different Michelin-starred Chef will be showcasing their culinary finesse at award-winning restaurant The Cliff, nestled within the lush, tranquil premises of The Singapore Resort & Spa Sentosa.

Enter the restaurant through a narrow resplendent walkway bordered by a cascading wall-mounted water feature and glass panels, to find a spacious alfresco haven spotlighting a theatrical show kitchen.

Perched on a cliff overlooking lush foliage and the sea, the view is no short of spectacular.

This May, Chef Pascal Aussignac of award-winning French restaurant Club Gascon in London, brings his French and British influences to our sunny island with a menu that showcases his signature culinary techniques. He will be presenting a 6-course degustation menu from 14 to 17 May at The Cliff, and lead the Sunday Champagne Brunch at The Terrace on 18 May. Continue reading

(Guest Post) Afterglow at Keong Siak Road

Don’t you just love uncovering hidden gems, that sudden rush of euphoria, as if you have just discovered the next best thing? I kind of wish to keep this place a secret, but I believe it does deserve the publicity. Hidden away amidst hipster cafes and bars, this unassuming shop is located opposite the famous Tong Heng eatery.

Afterglow is among the growing number of healthy eateries that have been popping up everywhere; however what sets it apart is its specialisation in raw food. The menu, comprising 6 sections, all embody the establishment’s belief in bringing the Farm to Table experience to customers with strong insistence on fresh ingredients. Although the recurring theme is raw, grains and soups are cooked. Continue reading

MAGGI 2-Min Extra Spicy Curry Noodles

MAGGI introduces the new, bigger and spicier MAGGI 2-Min Extra Spicy Curry Noodles. Providing a more satisfying tummy-filler, there’s a visible difference in portion size compared to the regular MAGGI 2-min noodles.

A simple addition of fresh vegetables and meat completes the meal. Here, I’ve added hardboiled egg, vegetables, meatball, crabstick and fishcake. Each packet of noodle comes with a sealed pack of deep-fried shallot bits for the finishing touch.

For a richer soup base, add less water than the recommended when cooking.

The spice level is just right for me. Any spicier I might need a fire extinguisher. Try it and let me know what you think!

MAGGI 2-Min Extra Spicy Curry Noodles are available at all leading supermarkets including Cold Storage, FairPrice, Giant, Sheng Shiong and Prime, at $3.45 for 5 packets of 103g.

(Mother’s Day Special) Velvety Mom-ents Cake from Swensen’s

Velvety Mom-ents ($49)

This Mother’s Day, pamper mom Swensen’s new Velvety Mom-ents cake that’s fashioned in the shape of a heart – the universal symbol of love – and blanketed in a passionate red hue.

The gorgeous cluster of fondant flowers and marbled white chocolate emulate the spectacle of a dazzling bed of flowers. The cross section of the cake reveals thick layers of red velvet sponge cake sandwiching vanilla ice cream.

This has got to be my favourite ice cream cake creation from Swensen’s thus far.

The Velvety Mom-ents cake is vailable at all Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets from 25th April 2014 while stocks last.

Visit swensens.com.sg for the list of outlets.